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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hello guys and welcome to my channel
Jon Sheppard fitness Im alone in the gym so I thought I’d do a video of what’s in my gym bag a lot of people who what always want to ask what do you take with
you what do you take in YouTube back you know why do you take a tube back you
know why do you take a bag to the gym to work out why what is in it
so today I’m going to be showing you what I have to take to the gym in my
back and if you actually need it everything I take to the gym I need or
use I’m in the disabled toilet it’s like one o’clock in the morning so
nobody it’s fine I mean here because I was going to do it in the changing
room so didn’t absolutely listen to the music in the background don’t want to
get copyrighted or anything like that so there’s a seat here and I’m gonna show
you what if I actually have in my bag for the gym
I have two bags I do have a backpack one and if I’ve got their food books at one
when I pop food and I’m up with so things I have in my bag
there’s things I have in my bag why now does some person have to call
upstairs and start choking around at all sounds like King Kong’s outside finish
mate good he’s finished first of all I have bottle I bought off the water and
for my intial workouts when I’m working out and then I have a post shake where
I’ve seized protein so I’m getting a protein it straight up to the gym just
in case I’m not anywhere near food or getting home you know in the matter of
like an out because I always think it’s important that you get some sort protein
and you know bit of carved in you straighten up sit you know because your
body needs it next I have a dip you can hear that next I have a dip belt if you don’t know
what dip belt is it’s it’s used to go on a dip machine if you’re wanting to build
more more so after you can do body weight or are a bit more advanced
suggest you use one of these if you want to build muscle a bit more you know did
sit and all your body weight is now getting easy you can use your party dips
and also pull-ups you know chin-ups because sometimes your older body is not
heavy enough so then you can put some plates up and get some more weight on it
next thing my logbook this is my logbook to all the weights I’ve just got this
for the post because I needed a new one as you can see this is my workout today
and it’s a good thing you’d need one of these don’t just go to the gym and just
do something because what end up doing is you’re like overwork yourself or you
might do less sets in your set when you’ve got a raging and a routine that
is where you will build a lot more muscle and you’ll actually gain strength
or more reps or you know all set and you’ll always have it there to look back
on I have my looked away old one last week and I swear first started and then
log in and it’s amazing now I was benching a 60 kg you know for 12 and you
know that was like working said leader shows that when you log stuff down
you got something to push it you always go to the same way and that’s what you
don’t want to do don’t want to go to the gym and just do the same way same things
and we’ve seen because you won’t progress next thing
and this is quite new for me it is headphones right
I’ve not saw both a person who likes headphones you know like I’m in fact
ones in my ears and your news from hearing save me you know did want to buy
wireless ones because I used to always vlog on my phone and I thought it
interrupting you know and doing the videos but I did since I’ve been using
headphones it cuts out with dodgy music if you’re in a commercial gym like this
and it makes you more focused if you’ve got some heavy rock right I’ll put my
actual playlist from Spotify right down on the screen now if you want some good
music to get you working trust me that if you like rock you’ve got some help
with songs on there and you know you get your sex to it so headphones are a must next Soviet elsewhere after you’ve been
to the gym I haven’t got a towel I knew if you will have a shower when I get
home but if I’m going to work I’ll have a towel with me and I have something
else to wear the reason is if you’re working out you’re going to be swept it
and you do not want to be going home sweaty unless you live up-what for five
minutes away and you basically will sweat and your pores will open up and
the sweater will go with you cause and that’s how you get acne on your back if
it’s a big thing I used to do it all the time and since I’ve been changing or
showering straight after the gym my back has got so much better because I’m
cleaning I’m not letting then I’m not letting the dirty sweat I’m not letting
a sweat getting make me feel fit and you know try and cause some trouble on the
back next thing is wrist straps right these are obviously if you’re starting
to lift heavy weights all you’ve got weak wrists these are what you need you
basically wrap them around like so and there you have it they tighten your
wrists so your wrists can’t bend that way all that way you know as sometimes
when you lift a heavy weight your risk will though I never used to use these
but since I’ve been using these I haven’t had wrist pains in my wrists and
because I’m now starting to lift lot heavier weights and it could affect you
you know it makes you stronger and it makes you rich stronger and you know
we’ve got thirty also also because I left by
straps hat because I left my old straps at the gym and I’m flying them now I
have to buy some new ones these are the straps when you’re lifting heavy weights
if you have a good grip I might send you to do the definition and you’re getting
to them a heavy sets and your grip is now you know not good enough
this is what you use you use these the strap around the bar and then that’s
around your wrist so it takes out all the wrist action I mean it picks out all
the risk it takes out all the it takes out all that the grip action and also
for a lot of people don’t realize that when you’re working out on certain moves
especially poor moves so we’re going to be back you’re gripping tight and you’re
using a lot of your forearm to actually hold that weight you know to pull it
down and this cancels out all that out because you really should only use your
hands as hooks and pull down you shouldn’t actually need to tense any of
this up to pull something down because then you’re using more muscles you’re
going to get thick tea and neutrally what happens is they go before your
action back so get some of them if you haven’t got any of it next which is
those similar to that is chalk this is a liquid chalk can get it from Amazon it’s
about a quick if you trying to improve your grip and what the coffee you’re
losing grip because of sweaty hands this book is a miracle worker trust me I
remember when I started using it and I could deadlift a hunger an eighty with
no straps I couldn’t do that before without no chalk you know my best and
using truck with hundred ninety-five and it is not no slippage at all that’s the
word of the day slippage and that’s it basically that’s all I have in my back
that said if I can’t work or I’m doing something out there I will make sure I
have something to eat but of course the day I’ll be going to
help track time to eat and I always say if you have a protein shake make sure
you got something with you to have after that you work out it could be a protein
bar cookie you know even if it’s like some chicken and just eat it on the way
back just forget something in your body you
know to get all that back to get to your protein levels back home because you’re
probably levels do go down when you’re working out anyway hope you enjoyed this
little bag vlog or and now you’ve seen what’s in my bag so I don’t need to do
it again and I will see you next time with another video you


  1. I have a gym bucket! Seriously. Ever seen it in my videos? It's an upturned orange B&Q bucket, it's where I keep all my gear. So…. what's in my bucket? Lifting belt, dip belt and now…. liquid chalk! Cheers man, hope you get out of there safely before Kong gets you

  2. I guess I would have a lot of the same stuff but since I workout here at home, I don't have a gym bag right now

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