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What I want to talk about during this
Workouts For Older Men Live is about your potential. Or some guys think of their
lack of potential because of their age. Hello. Hello. Hello guys! Welcome to this
live broadcast. Welcome to Workouts For Older Men Live.
I am Skip La Cour. I am so glad you are here today joining me. If you are new to
joining Workouts For Older Men Live, I bring you
the information, the inspiration, the accountability being your virtual
training partner. Your friend. Your coach. If you’re a little bit older, you have a busy,
productive life, the strategies that are effective and efficient and they make
the most use as your willpower, focus, energy and time so that you can continue
to take care of that family and business that you have so much invested in. But
you can still look great. Here I’m at 57 years old. I’m a former 6-time National
Champion drug-free bodybuilder, coach. I coach men all around the world, all
different ages. All different levels of motivation and fitness goals. So,
over my 30 years living it, breathing it, writing about it, teaching about it. I can
surely help you if you’re a little bit older with a busy, productive life. Work
it into your busy schedule. There’s a lot of ways to get from point A to point B,
to your goals. And we want to use all the options possible that are unique to you.
What I want to talk about during this Workouts For Older Men Live is about your
potential. Or some guys think of their lack of potential because of their age.
And it’s usually a lot of extremes. Now I’ve had men as young as 35, 38 years old
feeling that they’re old. They can’t eat as much as they used to. Their
metabolisms slow down. They don’t believe they have the ability to build muscle,
lose that body fat. Especially around the last 20 pounds or so.
So there’s one extreme. That it’s just over. You know “Why am I even working out?”
All right, “Why am I even watching what I eat? There’s only so much
I can do at this age.” And then it sometimes goes to the other extreme
where men are older than they say “Age is just a number.” And they have this belief and
I mean, I love this attitude, that you’re limitless.
You’re only limited by your imagination if you’re willing to work hard. All right,
but we do have some limitations and just believing that you can do the same old
things that you did when you’re younger and you’re gonna just continue to grow
all this muscle and lose this body that doing the same things that you’ve done
before, that may not be true either. It’s probably somewhere in the middle.
Depending on who you are and what you’ve done in the past. Before you start
blaming your genetics or a lot of guys you know, they I believe that they’ve
maxed out on their genetics. And I’ll tell you, I’ve been helping out so many
men just like you for so many years going through the journey and I’m seeing
certain things. You know like, you know maybe they got that extra 20 pounds of
fat. All right, let me just say this to you, if there’s one thing, a message I
want you to take out of our connection here today is if you are admittedly
20 pounds overweight, you got that stubborn body fat. Right, you have no idea
what you can look like at this age. Right, when you strip the fat. Body parts will
be coming out of nowhere. Body parts that you thought were lagging will all of a
sudden be a lot better than you ever thought when you learn the
strategies. And it’s not just sometimes just eating less food or staying away
from the junk food. If you want to look better, and I know a lot of you guys
already look better than most men your age. But you want to look closer to me, in
that top 5%. You’re gonna have to do more than just the basics. More than just try
hard. You’re gonna have to know a few more things and I want to help you with that.
Right, but if you think you’re at your genetic potential or there’s nothing
more that you can do because of your age and your twenty pounds overweight
admittedly, you have not reached your potential. You have not, there’s more out
there for you. All right, okay, hey we’ve got to do the best
with what we have. No matter what age we are.
Right, and but we got to believe that the game is winnable. I want to help you
believe that the game is winnable with the training strategies, eating strategies,
how to put it all together and systems that work for you. Not too much so it
disrupts your personal life, your business life, your family life and it’s
not sustainable. Right, I know that you get some of the extreme fitness
strategies that way from the the fitness experts all over the Internet.
I want to show you that happy blend. All right, there’s a certain amount of
standards you’re gonna have to live up to. No doubt about that.
All right, but it’s finding what you need to do. And that’s what I want to help you do.
Right, so that genetic potential, what you’re limited to because of your age, if you
are that 20 pounds overweight, let’s figure out how to help you lose that so
we can just see how good you can be. Look, we’re in here anyway, you want to know if
everything you’re doing once you have that certainty and confidence when
you’re walking around the gym that you know what you’re doing. So much certainty,
so much confidence, you’re walking around the gym with that swagger that the
younger guys are coming you. With your confidence and saying, “Hey what are you
doing here?” “Hey, what are you doing?” Right, the younger guys admire your work
ethic and your sense of confidence and knowledge in the gym. And the older guys
who’ve been training like 20 years, maybe you’re just rather new to it, they
just assume that you’ve been training just as long as they have. I want to give
you that sense of certainty and confidence. I want you to be able to look
in the mirror, this is my goal for the guys who I work with. I want to tell you
about my 12-week Fitness transformation journey. I’m just having the second
graduating class go through here in a couple of weeks. What I promise is that
when they look in the mirror, imagine this, imagine looking in the mirror, now I
don’t care if you’re 20 pounds overweight, 30 pounds, 40 pounds.
I don’t care if you really need to build that muscle because you’re new to the
gym. Imagine what it would feel like to look in the mirror every morning, you’re
doing all this work, and feel 100% certain that again no matter what you
look like now, you knew the steps to take. Not so much confusion, frustration,
and overwhelm. You knew what to do, now it’s just a matter of doing it. That is
control. That’s what we need in all areas over life. No matter if we have
challenges, things are going great, or somewhere in between. It’s having that
sense of control, that sense of confidence that we know what to do
if we worked hard and applied ourselves. I want to give that to you. When it comes
to your health, your fitness, your workouts, you’re eating, putting it all
together. All right, so let me tell you real quickly about my 12-week Fitness
Transformation Journey. Three one-on-one coaching sessions with me. We’ll talk about
this with your unique situation when it comes to training. Ending all that
confusion, frustration and overwhelm. Get you on a training program that works
with your schedule. Right, can you do it with your amount of time? We can figure
out a schedule. Same thing with nutrition. So many things
out there. A lot of men aren’t even applying themselves. Right, I want to help
you break through. You don’t need to know a lot of that stuff. Right, we need to be doing
to the basics that work. So you can actually address this important area and
actually follow through. Put you on a meal plan. A diet as you might want to say.
Whatever it is you need. Not just for now, but the steps in the future. Right, so
the training, the eating, the systems, how to work it all in. Everything that
you need to do but you know, throwing out the excess. But you’ll have that in your
three one-hour phone sessions with me. We do it on three consecutive weeks. All
right, and yeah that’s what we’ll do. The calls recorded so you can learn from
over and over again. Then we join the rest of the group for 12 weeks of group
coaching calls. And those calls are recorded too you can have them forever.
We break it down like I said when you’re done you’ll have that absolute certainty
that you know what to do, it’s just a matter of doing it. So click that link that I
posted down below, Fill out that
questionnaire. Fill it out thoroughly. I’ll call you. I’ll text you. Set up 10 or
15 minutes. I want to know about you and your situation. I want to see if it’s a
good fit for you. You decide if it’s a good fit. Anyway, we’ll think about
it later. You’ll make a decision if we go on this journey. All right, so that’s
gonna do it for today. Thank you for joining me for Workouts For Older Men Live. Hey, when we’re a little bit older, we’ve got to take on the day. We got more
time behind us then we do it in front of us. We’ve got to make every single day count.
Live with that sense of urgency. Let’s live with that sense of urgency
today. Have a great day. Have an outstanding day. Have an awesome day.
Think big! And think BIGGER than getting bigger.

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  2. Thanks for boost. M 41 and recoving from chest injury. Happened with my in gym.

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