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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s up YouTube. so when exactly should you
be taking your protein shake as soon as you wake up middle of day
before you go to bed after your workout well while protein uptake is
fast-tracked immediately after your workout the window for muscle protein
synthesis stays open for roughly 24 hours which means that you should be
taking protein throughout your entire day and that’s not just with shakes take
your protein shakes is good just want to be getting the majority of your protein
through your food fish chicken with lean beef and then when you do take your
protein shake you are to utilize your protein shake as a supplement that’s why
it’s called a protein supplement you are supplementing what you didn’t get
throughout the day so if you can obtain all your protein throughout the day with
just food then you don’t need a protein shake the only reason people normally
take protein shakes is because they are supplementing what they did not get
throughout the day so right after you get done working out go ahead and take
your protein shake and send that protein straight to the muscle as you should
know when you’re lifting the weights you’re causing microscopic tears to the
muscle tissue they need to rebuild and repair and that’s where you take the
protein shake send that protein directly to the muscle to start the preparing
process to make them gains how much protein should you get well everybody
says something different about that however a little bit more protein is
better than not enough protein so I just stick to the regular rule of one gram of
protein per pound of body weight so if you weigh 200 pounds consume 200 grams
of protein which that is not hard to hit at all even if you are on a budget there
is a ton of ways to get all your protein tuna it’s cheap as hell if you can’t
seem to hit your protein mark throughout the day if you’re using something like
MyFitnessPal I’ve actually recommended that at before I’ll leave a link for
that down in the description below if you can’t seem to reach your protein
mark for the day then that’s when you would take your supplement or if you
just choose to not have that much protein from foods throughout the day
then you know you take a supplement but don’t get all your protein only from
supplements make sure you guys are getting your food because there’s
nothing like actual food it’s the absolute best there’s no
protein shake no protein supplement out there it’s gonna be better than actual
food so you can take it right when you wake up you can take it right after your
lunch you can take it right before you go to
bed you can take it pretty much whenever you feel like taking it usually the way
that I’ll do it I’ll take it maybe in the morning I’ll take it in between
meals at times but the majority of the time when I make sure that I take it is
usually right after a workout I just feel like you know when that protein
synthesis is at its max right after you get done working out you should just go
ahead and send that protein to the muscle making gains hey don’t forget to
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pretty soon for another video I’m making gains

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