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Hey, what’s up guys? Sean Nalewanyj, of
here. And today, I want to talk a little bit about whey protein timing. Now, when it comes
to high quality protein, whey is at the very top of the list. It delivers the most powerful
amino acid profile of any protein source in the planet along with the highest overall
bioavailability. When you take into account the convenience factor and the low cost per
serving, including whey protein in your diet is pretty much a no brainer. But when is the
best time to take whey protein in order to maximize its effects? Well, you’ll hear a
lot of recommendations on this such as first thing in the morning, before your workout,
in a post-workout shake or before bed. The truth is that, all in all, the specific timing
of your whey protein consumption is probably not going to make a huge difference to your
bottom line muscle building results. Most trainees get way too hung up on minor, insignificant
details and end up losing sight of the big picture. Nutrient absorption is an incredibly
slow process. And as long as you’re consistently hitting your protein, carb and fat needs each
day, the precise way that you map out your diet in terms of timing and frequency is far
less important than most people think. Whether you’re consuming three meals per day with
your whey protein in the morning or five meals a day with your whey at night or eight meals
a day with your whey at every meal, it’s likely not going to have a huge impact either way.
That said, if you do want to be as precise as possible, then there are two time periods
where whey protein will probably give you the biggest bang for your buck. The first
would be to use whey as a pre-workout protein source within a couple hours of your training
session. And there are a few reasons for this. The first is that whey is very high in branched-chain
amino acids, L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine. And these are the primary amino acids that
are oxidized during weight training. Secondly, there is some evidence to suggest that whey
protein increases fat burning when used as a pre-workout protein source. Reason number
three, whey protein is light on the stomach. And it provides a good source of pre-workout
protein without causing bloating or upset stomach while you train. And the second time
period would be to use whey as a post-workout protein source. Now, a common misconception
is the idea that you must consume a post-workout shake immediately after your training session
is over to maximize muscle recovery and growth. The important thing to keep in mind here is
that as long as you consumed a pre-workout meal within a couple hours of training, those
same nutrients are still being broken down and absorbed even after your workout is over.
And for that reason, there is no need to consume protein immediately following your weight
training session. That said, I would still recommend that you aim to get in a high quality
meal within about one to two hours of finishing your workout in order to provide your body
with valuable nutrients during this time. You do ultimately want to elevate insulin
levels to prevent muscle breakdown, and you do want to provide your body with some amino
acids in order to support protein synthesis. Now, whey is going to be the optimal choice
at this time, again, due to its strong amino acid profile, particularly its high branched-chain
amino acid content, and its overall bioavailability. In addition, if you’re like me, and you find
that you don’t have much of an appetite following training sessions, then a liquid shake is
a great option at this time. So, the bottom line when it comes to the question of whey
protein timing is this: Yes, whey is the highest quality protein source available. And yes,
I do think that anyone who wants to maximize their gains should be using it. However, the
specific timing of your whey protein consumption will likely not make a huge difference to
your bottom line muscle building results. That said, if you do want to get every muscle
building edge possible, then have a whey protein shake about 1.5 to 2 hours prior to your workout,
followed by another one within about one to two hours of completing your workout. And
that’s really all there is to it. If you do want to get your hands on some of the purest,
highest quality whey protein isolate available, I would highly recommend checking out our
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100 thoughts on “When To Take Whey Protein

  1. So i got a question I'm 14 And I've lost 30 pounds i Usto weight 200 pounds max now I weight 174 And i wanna know if i start taking protein am i gonna gain weight? And how w many times and when do i have to And I'm already pretty big for my age i can Dead lift 230 But please answer my question??

  2. I trust a doctor more then this guy lol athlean x is a physiotherapist more trustworthy knows more about physiology and anatomy .

  3. I watched others video most of them said to take the shake B4 20 to 30 min B4 workout and u said B4 couple of hours so what do you think?
    and btw your video is so damn gd and thx for all the information about the whey protein.

  4. @Sean Nalewanyj , Your videos are more informative than any other guy on youtube, thanks for getting straight to the point without bullshitting just for views, YOU DA MAN!!!

  5. I have whey protein power and most of my freidns that have weight training say take it after I get done with weights. I don't know if I should take it after.

  6. Anyone ever try Whey protein in the coffee, with some coconut oil when you first wake up, works like a wonder.

  7. Sean, hey! would it be nice this way: morning – Proteín blend containing whey, milk, caseín, egg and soy. post workout – whey isolate or hydrolyzed. night time : egg albúmen or casein. what you think?

  8. Alright, I would like to think I'm an athlete I have been doing rugby for a number of years and always have been lifting. (Causally/ 2 times a week). But I recently moved and can gym everyday after school. Would taking my protein before the gym (after school) then hitting the gym and following the gym eating dinner be the best option? But on the weekends I enjoy humongous earlier…. (Like 10-11am)
    Advice, opinions? Thank you!

  9. Actually, whey isolate has a time release of 8-10g/hour. Im pretty sure most people only have one scoop at a time so that's only about three hours for most people where you'll have available protein.

  10. actually I have one doubt whey protein is good for our body.. or not good.. any side effects this product.. please help me my dear friends..

  11. Im 14 and I'm thinking about taking whey protein before and after cross country practice is this a good idea?

  12. I put 1 scoop of gold standard protein in a big shaker,then i drink half of it (pre) workout and the other half (post) workout is it right ?

  13. if all my english teachers would speak english like u, I would have in all my tests an A instead of a D!!! very clear pronunciation!!!

  14. i get hungry every after workout. you mean it would be good if ill take a meal 1 -2 hours after workout? cant do that, my knees are shaking.. anyway thanks for the info.

  15. Sean, informative video but can you do something about the sound quality. It's got a lot of echo and is sore on the ears.

  16. Good well balanced summary answer to the question. The below comments kinda reveal their limited attention span and intell!!!

  17. This is a very clear explanation thank you. The relative un-importance of the timing explains why every separate bodybuilder seems to have differing opinions about when to take it. I'd wager for most people whatever works for them is the "best" way.

  18. would EAA be better than Whey for pre-work since the amino' s in whey needs to be broken down vs. the EAA are already broken down.

  19. Guys dont listen to this mango for 5 minutes, you take your protein after the gym if possible straight after you finish your workout, in changing room lmao or on the way back home. dont take it before or while as this does no purpose.

  20. What about swapping my breakfast OR lunch with a WHEY protein shake (mixed with yoghurt, fruit, peanut butter) when I go to the gym at 3pm after work?

  21. Good info, Sean! I’m gonna try having a protein shake before and after my workouts this week and see how I feel. Like you, I’ve heard it’s best after, before, etc. I guess it also depends on what works for your body as well, right? Thanks!

  22. I’ve Gaines 4 pounds in a week which for me is extremely good bc I have a very high metabolism. Now I need to add weight lifting with my rice a day drink

  23. Whey protein BEFORE and AFTER is ideal. Gets the BCAA into the muscles more efficiently, and reduces risk of going into a catabolic state.

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