Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Maori owned, Maori driven,
New Zealand made. That’s the idea behind
a Maori enterprise making fitness
and health supplements. As Hania Douglas discovered, their products have proven
popular with Maori, but the company’s founder
has also set goals further afield. In South Auckland, Billy Tangaere is making his dreams
for Maori health come true. This descendant of the East Coast
researched and created this product. The aim of the product
is to energise a person through a whole day’s activities. But Tangaere
is looking further afield. The sky is the limit. Hania Douglas, Te Karere.

2 thoughts on “Whey awesome Māori protein product taking the world by storm

  1. LoL "our people', come on , thats racist! We are one people… Coconuts do not grow in NZ, so It may be mixed up and packaged in NZ but its not a Maori product… stop pushing the race card,people have had enough… We are one people! No one is pure anything anymore…

  2. 'We are one people'!! where did you get that notion from…There are many products in stores throughout NZ that don't belong to the peoples that produce it?? It all boils down to Money..Cut throating the opposition, pushing the race card to the kerb… We are a more a segregated that's racist! Now, that's a clever response…

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