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The preaching of protein, that’s pretty
much what PictureFit has been all about for a few years now. And no doubt you’ll always have me touting
protein’s importance for virtually all types of fitness goals. If you wanna get stronger, build muscle, or
even burn fat, having more protein is almost always a good idea. But, as some of you can profess, it might
be tough to get all of our protein just from the food we eat. That’s where the good ol protein supplements
come into play. One of the only handful of fitness supplements
that I deem worthy of your money. And if you ask around, most will tell you
the right “whey” to supplement protein is with WHEY protein, a protein source naturally
found in milk. However, once you do dive into the world of
whey protein supplements, you might bump into one common issue:
Which whey protein should you choose: whey concentrate or whey isolate? In this video, we’re gonna break down the
differences between these two types of whey and see which whey YOU should lean. But before we do that, I wanna give a quick
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awesome, go ahead and take 10% off on me with the code PFIT10. Thank you. Alright, first let’s talk about whey concentrate. Whey concentrate, as you might guess, is made
by “concentrating” the milk proteins in whey. After processing steps like microfiltration,
whey concentrate will typically yield 80% protein by weight with the other 20% consisting
of milk sugars, fats, and flavoring ingredients. Double chocolate is my personal favorite. But the most important thing to take note
here is one of the milk sugars, the infamous lactose. Then, there is whey isolate, which ISOLATES
the milk proteins even further through processes like ion exchange filtration and ultrafiltration. This leads to a spicy yield of 90% or greater
protein by weight, higher than concentrate’s 80%. The extra filtration also removes virtually
all the fat, but more importantly, it gets rid of most if not all of the remaining lactose. Other than that, there’s really no other
significant difference between whey concentrate and whey isolate. Both share the same amino acid profile and
both have extremely high levels of absorption and digestibility. Both have the same immunoglobulins and lactoferrins
that are good for general health. In terms of fitness, both whey protein variants,
and protein in general, can aid in exercise recovery with no data showing one being better
than the other. In terms of body composition, well, unfortunately,
we don’t have much research comparing the two directly to one another. What we do have is plenty of data looking
at each separately and comparing them to isocaloric controls. And when it comes to this, again, both seem
to get the job done just as good as the other. In essence, they are still what they are,
protein. Total protein intake, be it from whey concentrate,
isolate, or just whole foods, is what matters most. Now, a systematic review just released this
year, 2019, did find that, after investigating 8 different whey protein studies, for fat
loss, whey concentrate actually had an upper hand. But, the researchers did make it clear that
these studies had a very high risk of bias due to low methodological quality. Simply, they were saying that these studies
might have unintentionally implemented experimental practices that would have jeopardized objective
results. So, we should take the findings of greater
fat loss from whey concentrate with a very big grain of salt. Now to answer the question: Which whey, concentrate
or isolate, should YOU take? When we take everything into consideration,
whey concentrate makes the most sense for most people. It provides virtually the same fitness benefits
as isolate, both in recovery and muscle growth, while having a potentially greater benefit
in fat loss, keyword POTENTIALLY. But most importantly, it’s usually less
expensive. Now, there are still cases where whey isolate
makes more sense. Remember, whey isolate has little to no lactose,
which is perfect for those dealing with any degree of lactose intolerance. Whey isolate also has more protein per serving. For those, especially athletes, that need
to meticulously account for every gram of protein in their supplements, then whey isolate
is the better choice. Just be aware that you will have to spend
a bit of a premium for these small differences. For everyone else, again, concentrate should
work just fine. Let me know what you think about whey concentrate
and isolate. Is there one that you personally prefer? Shoot your answer in the comments. If you enjoyed this video, please give it
a whey big thumbs up and share it with your concentrate loving friends. Subscribe for more fitness videos. As always, thank you for watching, and GET

100 thoughts on “Whey Protein Concentrate vs Isolate | Which WHEY is Better?

  1. I switch back and forth between Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard, Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro, and Animal Whey. That's all. 😊

  2. I started drinking beef protein. Much easier on my stomach. And chocolate tastes like chocolate (can’t taste the beef)!

  3. 3:29 "Whey Concentrate with a very big grain of salt"

    So you're saying that we will get more GAINZ if we heavily salt our protein powder?

    Makes sense I'll believe you blindly.

  4. "It depends"
    Never tells us a clear answer. You make it more complicated to understand. Not every body has PHD dude!

  5. Great vid! However, watch Athlean x vid abt this topic as he explains more in detail and many points you have missed between Concentrate, Isolate, and Hydrolysate

  6. You always post a video on whatever topic I am currently trying to discover. Are you using my search history to pick videos?

  7. What if you only get your protein through chicken breast? Like, 90% or more of my protein… It's just easy that way

    Is this bad?

  8. I’m not lactose intolerant at all. I drink milk a lot and eat cheese no problem but when it comes to protein it always seems when I buy concentrate I get really bad protein farts so I made the switch to isolate and the problem seems to be alleviated

  9. You forgot people with cholesterol disorders, that's another potential reason to pick whey isolate. I wouldn't expect to find many of them amongst athletes and fitness enthusiasts, but that could be important for some of those who are just trying to lose weight. If you eat a lot of whey powder (and once again it seems more likely for people trying to lose weight, as whey is an easy way to keep calories down without sacrificing proteins) this could easily sum up into a large amount of cholesterol.

    And I think there are also a few people with some specific food intolerances which justify a need for hydrolysed isolates, not just isolate, but I don't remember the specifics and that's going to be very rare.

    As a third and final remark: we can notice than for those who cannot eat whey concentrate (because of lactose, cholesterol or whatever), vegetal proteins could also be an option. Nowadays there are some decent products, probably still not as interesting as whey isolate but which could be much cheaper.

  10. PictureFit: Get your protein!
    Could you make a video about the relationship between Carb digestion with protein digestion
    I use whey concentrate, pure, BCAA 5g

  11. Just a question. You talk about in a lot of videos about re-body composition and how you will talk about it in the future. Will a video about re-body composition actually come one day? 😀 Im really intressted in that topic you see 😀

  12. Whey protein because the process eliminates the sugar (lactose), or at least almost all the sugar is eliminated in the process

  13. I LITERALLY said to myself just this past weekend coming from a Supplement store that I have to research the different between the different types of Protein Powders, and you release a video. This isn't the first time something like this happened on this channel. The first time I laughed…. now I'm scared. lol

  14. Whey concentrate, for me whey isolated is waste of money. Focus on real food is a must, supplements can't help if your diet sucks.

  15. Doses? And how did research come up with the strange "grams per pound" recommendation? Two different scales of units make for an odd reaction

  16. I typically use concentrate for budget reasons. However my stomach tends to get messed up if I drink too many shakes in a day of concentrate. i.e more than two. Sometimes even two messes me up. That does not occur with isolate. I have also noticed really really cheap budget brands of concentrate really messes my stomach up depending on the brand. I’ll still use concentrate though since my money is a bit limited.

  17. they don't remove all the lactose from isolate. But they do add lactase to it sometimes, so lactose-intolerant people can eat it.

  18. Sooo I've always wondered if someone would gain the same strength and growth doing the same workouts and consuming the same amount of grams of protein from normal food compared to someone cosuming all their protein thru whey protein.

  19. I take super advance whey protien by body fortress. I have been taking it for years. It has a blend of concentrated and isolated protien.. Its only $16.98 for 2lb or you can get combo 2 for $30 with linited flavor chossing or the 5lb chocolate or vanilla for $ can buy it at Wal-Mart or Wal-Mart online…i made a funny commerical about it check it my profile.

  20. Whey Isolate isn't that much more than concentrate anymore. They are almost the same price at this point. Little reason to consume extra fat and calories in concentrate at this point unless maybe you're bulking.

  21. I always thought that whey isolate digested faster than whey concentrate, did anyone else think that or just me? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  22. Hey PictureFit, I want to consume less animal products because of the environmental impact of animals and their well-being. What plant-based protein powder is best according to you? I've tried rice protein, but it tastes like ****. Or should I just focus on protein-rich foods?

  23. I only get Whey Isolate because it's always on sale at Costco and I'm happy to know it works just as well ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  24. Whey isolate, all the way. Although, I did get a good deal on 5lbs of ON gold standard whey. Works fine, too. 💪😎🇺🇸

  25. Whey concentrate has more …fat , sugar , carbs and calories yet aids in losing fat better ??? I would like to see the scientific data proving such a claim …

  26. I would argue that isolate is a little bit better if you're trying to not gain size and bulk. And concentrate is better if you're bulking and wanting to put on mass. Only a subtle difference but if you're a serious trainer and you buy a 5kg of whey and it's 80 percent protein then 500 grams of that is carbs and sugar. So worth noting.

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