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good day friends good to see you today
we are going to talk about whey protein and as to how it can help you reach your
fat loss goals in this tutorial we are going to touch upon the following key
aspects of whey understanding what whey protein actually is what are the
different types of whey protein powder available why it works so well for fat
loss a lot of people think that whey protein is only for bodybuilder or
superjacked figures not true whey protein is actually a tremendous tool
for those looking to lose weight now whey protein is the liquid part of man
that gets separated when cheese is made if you have ever open a yogurt container
and you see a watery substance at the top this is whey protein the liquid
substance is then turned into a powdery form to create the whey protein powder
just in case you’re wondering this process also got 95% of lactose so if
you’re allergic to lactose or if you’re lactose intolerant you really have
nothing to worry about now there are three different types of whey protein
whey concentrate whey isolate and whey hydrolyze. Whey Concentrate it’s about 70
to 80 percent protein with some milk sugar and fat isolate is 90 percent
protein and has less sugar and fat Hydrolysate it also known as hydrolyzed
whey has virtually zero sugar and fat and is also mixed with enzymes or faster
digestion into the bloodstream so you might be wondering does the type of
protein really matters not really the minor difference between them is not
enough to cause you any concern stress leave that sort of worry to your overall
diet strategy and exercise routine now understanding why whey protein works so
well for fat loss they’re basically three compelling reasons reason number
one it keeps you full protein can cut down sugar cravings by as much as 60%
it’s easy as long as you have blend a bottle in hand all you need to is add
water reason number three it preserves lean muscle tissue when dropping weight
this ensures that when you do lose weight majority of it is fat going
forward we would talk a lot about proteins on this channel and this this
is just a shot list of reasons why fat of it is here to help you lose fat gain
muscles and more reward stay healthier like never before
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