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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Whey Protein Isolate Fattening? Hi, how are you? Sign up for our channel and turn on notifications. Consumed in the world of bodybuilding, whey
protein is used to aid growth muscle, since it provides a good amount of
of proteins. There is whey concentrate, hydrolyzed, blend
protein and whey isolates. It’s hard to choose the best whey to win.
muscle mass, people become indecisive, and when they listen to what they say
that whey protein alone becomes fatter, difficult to even decide. So does whey protein alone fatten? Usually one dose has more or less
120 calories, and if the person consumes 2 times to-day, will add 240 calories to diet,
which for those who practice bodybuilding is a high value. If by adding fruits or oats to the mixture,
can reach 250 calories per dose, which gives 500 calories per day, and then the value
gets high. To say whey protein alone is fattening is
a myth, since allied to the practice of exercises, there is no significant calorie accumulation. Share this information. Watch our other videos. See you

8 thoughts on “Whey Protein Isolado Engorda? Sim ou não? Tomar Whey Engorda ou Emagrece? #ganharmassa

  1. O que você acha do Whey Isolado?/ Deixa um comentário e não esqueça do linke hein?! ❤ — "Quem Tem Diabetes Pode Comer Banana?" Assista! — "Fazer Musculação Emagrece?" Veja!

  2. Muito bom! Eu quero ganhar massa e perder o famoso pneuzinho, tirou minha dúvida. Vou continuar na dieta, no whey e nos exercícios.

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