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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Is Consumption of whey Protein seriously Safe Is whey protein cause kidney damage whey protein contains steroids Whey protein is not milk by product hi guys what’s up, Welcome back my name is rahul and today we clear all the doubts regarding whey protein can i use whey protein? is whey protein safe? is whey protein contains any harmful drugs? is whey protein made from milk? everything should be clear watch the entire video till end. Protein is 2 types 1st one is Whey Protein 2nd one is casein protein Whey Protein is Fast Digesting Protein which helps in immediate Fueling But on the other hand casein protein is slow digesting protein casein protein is taken before sleeping during sleep your body needs protein because for overall muscle and body growth if you didn’t feed protein while you are sleeping, your body will use your muscle protein overnight Today we only talk about only Whey Protein!!


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