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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hello friends welcome back in your fitness channel how to fit Consuming enough protein is one of the requirements
to build muscle but consuming too much can develop some of the known whey protein side effects. A normal person requires something like 0.5 grams of
protein per pound of his or her body weight. A person that is trying to build muscle requires more,
around 1 g per pound. Professional bodybuilders can
take even 2 g per pound. Taking whey protein supplements can help you consume the amount of protein that you need to achieve your goal
of building muscle mass, but don’t be a fool thinking that
the more protein you take in the more muscle you build. As for everything, too much is never healthy. if you want to avoid
bad surprises after a prolonged use. You always
have to keep an eye on moderation Even if something is very important for your body too much
of it will most likely be harmful as well you can watch our other video on whey protein like what is whey protein ,how to make home made porotein powder Although whey protein is a pretty safe supplement, like any abuse too much of it is going to develop some unpleasant side effects dont ignore them Excessive use of whey protein can cause kidney stone problems Because there is more amounts of protein in it Because of this, it can cause kidneys stones Although it is still not certified That having high protein intake can lead to kidney stones But this thing is certified That if the problem of kedney stone is already there then it is worse than the consumption of whey
protein Might be possible In such a situation, by consuming more fiber and water, this problem can be solved Lactose intolerance is one of the most common whey protein side effects many people exprianced with this porble after taking whey protein If you are one of those, your best bet is to go with whey protein isolate because it contains
only 1% of lactose, which is very low compared to the typical 5-6% or regular whey protein. This is probably related to the lactose intolerance, even though some that are not
intolerant still experience side effects like diarrhea and flatulence. It’s very common to develop increased intestinal gas during a whey protein cycle. Don’t be surprised if you hit the bathroom much more frequently than you used to I experienced big improvements when I started taking whey protein shakes with water rather than milk, especially near bedtime. This is one of the whey protein side effects that I have personally experienced. Not only with proteins, weight gainers as well. Bloating, enlarged stomach, belly that sticks out even if you’re not fat Call it what you want, but that’s the side effect, The good news is, it only takes a short time off whey protein shakes or weight gainer shakes to go back to normal. Some are scared to take whey protein supplements because they’ve heard stories about whey
protein baldness side effects. Do you agree with what you just watch in this video Have you ever experienced any of these side effects, or others that I haven’t mentioned? Drop a comment and let me know! i hope you like this video do not forget to subscribe the channel comment your question and suggestion thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “whey protein side effects | whey प्रोटीन के साइड effect

  1. Bhai mera age 19+…main Abhi Abhi gym Jana Suru kiya…mera height 5fit 6inc…toda bohot fit Hun..😀….oar Abhi mai padai kar Raha Hun…kya mai Abhi koyi protein la sakta..??

  2. I am join a gym 1 week ago to gain weight so today I am starting a protein nitro whay so I want to know that this protein powder do no side effects to me?

  3. bhai mai koi sabhi supplement use krta hu par koi fark nhi padta sir mai bahot pareshan hu koi acha treatment btye…..

  4. Guys Whey protein se koi side effects nahi hota hai…Whey Protein Isolate consume karo… Half scoop in morning with milk and Post workout 1 scoop with water …that's it…Get your balance requirement of proteins from chicken, mutton and eggs…remember guys if you are working out,your requirement is 1 gram per pound of body weight
    There is NOOOOOO side effect of whey protein isolate,Only those people will get kidney problems who already had kidney issues from the beginning
    Also drink lots of water whenever u r taking any supplement whether whey protein or casein or multi vitamins
    whey protein is the purest form of protein from dairy sources, so bindaas use karne ka, do not fall for rumours or what bullshit people tell u…India me sab gyaan dete hai, kisi ko kuch nahi pata hota…always listen to experts like Guru Mann or Gaurav Taneja.
    Also make sure to use products like Optimum Nutrition Whey protein or My Protein, Avoid using indian brands…foreign brands r expensive but guys u cannot compromise with ur health.remember Whey protein ka side effect tab hoga if u use fake supplement, so buy Original foreign brand whey protein isolate

  5. agr hum gym jaa rhe h or whey protein le rhe h or kuch mhino baad hmne gym or protein dono chod diye to uske side effects h kya????

  6. sir mera weight 49kg hai and age 18 hai or pehle ye btao ki muje ye whey protein lena chiye ya nahi or agar lena chiye to kitna lena chiye or dusri baat agar m ye baad m lena chhod du to isse ko side effect to nahi hoga plz give complete answer of my question

  7. Fuck off bro if you don't known about the thing then don't misdirect people(gand mara bosadike)👌👈

  8. sar mai sapliment lena chahata hu lekin mai gym nahi jata hu per hard wark jaroor karta hu mai 25yers ka hu aur mery weight 50 kareeb hai aur mujhe piles bhi hai to kya mai le sakta hu

  9. Chutia genuine whey protein ka side effects nhi hai duplicate sae bhut problem hoti hai jo tuu bhonk rhaa wah sabh fake protein k karan hai…

  10. Aur hairs k lia sabsay important protein hee hota hai
    Aur tuu bhonk rhaa hai k protein sae hair loss hota kyaaa bdaa wala unpadh chutia hai tuu

  11. For all those people who are saying iska koi side effect nahi hota. Bhaiyo and beheno agar requirement se zyada lo to harr cheez problem deti h. Even water. Agar ek short period of time me hadd se zyada paani pi liya to water intoxication aka over hydration ho sakta h which can be fatal. So please supplements lene se pehle kisi gastronomic doctor ko consult karo. Atleast ek General doctor se baat karo. And one more thing never take creatine or any supplement which is slow digesting or contains performance enhancing substance.

  12. Bro me Pahle muscleblaze whey protein rich milk chocolate liya tab koi problem nhi hui but Ab muscleblaze blend le rha hu to pet dard gas or loose motion hoti he nd thode time me theek ho Jati he Iska koi solution he kya

  13. face ko khrab kr deta hai or liver or kidni ke leye bhot bura hai i hate supplement mere 20000 rup wast huye hai kuch month me or tabyat bhi thek nhi hai

  14. Chu.. may 3 years say use kar rahi hu mujha kuch vi nahi hua muscle bhi grow hua hay but workout a66i se karna prega or orginal choose kre to fir kuch vi nahi hoga mera exprience hay bc 😑

  15. whey protein has no side effect because it is made of yogurt water which is floating in curd when it is freezed

  16. Arre bhai whey protine milk se liya tha maine raat ko baar toilet aaya tha ye kidni के कारण तो नहीं हो rha hai batao

  17. stop, you dumb ass don't mislead the people, its myth that whey protein will have side effects , its made out of milk its natural protein, how you will get protein from different sources like chicken ,eggs, broccoli, milk, sweet potato , similar its the same , but you will get mix all of them in a single shot . …stop folling people for sake of your views , i will report your video , and i will ask my frnds to report it

  18. Vai mera age 26 ka hai lekin abhi tak body ka growth itna nehi hua patla hu bohot toh whey protein khane se ho jayega ya mass gainer khana parega?

  19. Hello sir maine aj hi tera amino mass liya h kya weight gain hoga plz btaye iska koi bada side effect to nhi h aur mujhe pils ki problem bhi h bhook bilkul nhi lagti ap kuch btaye plz bro i am whait details me btaye mujhe prusnely

  20. Meri ragar kam ho gayi whey protein se jo pehle thi waisi ab nhi hai size be pehle jaisa nhi rha jaisa pehle tha jo mere suru se tha

  21. Are yaar kyo apani ma chudawa rahe ho side effect ab tu ek kaam kar apani ma bahan chudawaane ka bhi side effect itane hi achchhe dhang se bata ok our subcribe karenge tera channel

  22. Mere ko whey protein lene ke bad nind bhaut aa rhai he or sir dard ho rha he me Astis protein yes karta he

  23. sar ke baall tut ne lagte hai jab koi bhi sappliment ya protine lete hai to pls hair par video banye pls

  24. Mai to 3 years se whey protein le raha hoon koi side effects nhi hai guys
    Agar duplicate whey raha to side effects ho sakti hai mera weight 95 tha avi mera weight 75 hai continues exercise aur whey protein le raha hoon kahin koi dikkat nhi

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