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Hi I’m Bridget I’m gonna show you how to make a delicious new vanilla
IsaLean shake. For best results we recommend using the IsaBlender. Most people like a thick creamy
texture. Here’s how to do it! First, in a measuring
cup, add 2 ounces of ice. If you have crushed ice it’s even better. Then add water- 8 ounces. Pour this mixture into the IsaBlender. It will fill to slightly less than half full. If you prefer a thicker shake, add more ice and less water. If you want a thinner shake do the opposite, add less ice and more water. The important thing is always to use a total of 8 ounces of water and ice. It’s best to put the ice and water in first then add 2 level scoops of IsaLean shake. Give it a quick shake Mix for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes till thick and creamy. If you don’t have an IsaLean Blender
you can follow the same process using other full size blenders. Just remember to use the total of 8 ounces of ice and water. Pour in a cup then taste mmm that creamy vanilla taste- it’s the
best way to start your day and get into a healthy lifestyle. Another good option for a quick shake if you don’t have a blender handy is to use
the Isagenix Shaker. Like we do with the IcaBlender, first add
2 ounces of ice Then, add water to the 8 ounce mark. This will fill the shaker to the S in Isagenix on the Shaker. Make sure to add 2 level scoops of your IsaLean mix. Put on the lid Mix for about 15-20 seconds Pour in a cup Then taste- Mmm! Very good vanilla taste Great for after working out or taking to work! Thanks for watching. We trust these ideas will increase your success and enjoyment of our IsaLean Shakes.

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