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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up? This is Sean Nalewanyj, of
And in today’s video lesson, I want to talk about the issue of whey protein powder versus
casein protein powder. Which one is better for muscle growth and why? Now, most bodybuilders
who are following a standard muscle building diet that involves about a gram of protein
per pound of body weight are going to be making use of protein powders. It’s a very convenient
way to get some high quality protein in your diet and the streamlines that you’re not,
you know, consuming four or five, six meals a day all from whole foods. So, two of the
most common protein powders that you come across are whey protein and casein protein.
Now, the traditional advice that you’re going to hear on this topic revolves around the
absorption rates of each source of protein. Most people are going to tell you, whey protein
is a fast-acting protein, and so, it should be consumed at times when you need, you know,
a quick source of protein, such as first thing in the morning or post-workout. Whereas, casein
is a slow-absorbing protein, and so, you want to stick to that during times when you want
a prolonged release of amino acids, such as right before bed. Now, the reality behind
this is that, yes, some proteins are absorbed more quickly than others. But in reality,
all protein sources are essentially slow-digesting proteins. Most people really underestimate
the speed of the process of digestion and absorption. It’s not this rapid process that
happens very quickly. It’s a very complex process that takes place from the time you
put that protein in your mouth, until the time that it’s actually absorbed by your cells.
Egg protein for example is absorbed at a rate of about 3grams per hour. So that means, if
you were to consume, you know, just 20grams of cooked egg protein, it would take around
seven hours until that protein was fully utilized by your body. Now, there’s no one absolute
figure, but if you look at the research that has been done on whey protein absorption,
the generally accepted figure is that whey protein is absorbed at a rate of about 8grams
to 10grams per hour. Now, that’s if you’re consuming the protein on its own in isolation.
When you consume the protein in combination with other nutrients like other proteins,
carbs and fats, then the digestion rate decreases even further. So, the bottom line is if you’re
following a standard bodybuilding diet, you know, worrying about specific protein digestion
rate is actually pretty much a non-issue, you know. Again, whey protein, if it’s being
consumed at 8grams to 10grams per hour, and then even slower when you consume it with
other proteins, if you’re eating, you know, every three to four or five hours throughout
the day, which is what most people are doing, you know, you’re always going to have a readily
available source of amino acids. So, if the absorption rate of the protein is largely
irrelevant, then, you know, really what it all comes down to is just the basic quality
of whey versus casein. And when you look at, you know, in terms of overall quality, there’s
really — there’s really no contest. Whey completely dominates casein in every category,
just like whey actually dominates any whole food protein source that you can think of.
So, there’s really two main issues when it comes to assessing the quality of any individual
protein. The first is the biological value. And the second is the amino acid profile.
So when we’re talking about biological value, what we’re ultimately referring to is how
much of that protein source is actually utilized by your body. So, if consume 30grams of protein
from source A, how many of those grams are actually broken down and absorbed by your
body? The plain fact is that whey protein has the highest biological value of any protein
source you can possibly consume. It’s significantly higher than casein. And when you actually
look at casein individually, casein has a lower biological value than a lot of other
protein sources, including, you know, a lot of basic whole food protein sources like beef,
milk and eggs for example. So, in terms of biological value, whey is the clear winner
in that — in that case. And when we’re talking about amino acid profile, basically proteins
are made up of individual components called, “Amino acids.” And some of those amino acids
are more valuable than others when it comes to supporting muscle growth and recovery.
There’s about 22 individual amino acids, eight of which are essential, which means that your
body can’t produce them on its own. And again, whey protein wins in this category as well.
Whey protein actually has the best amino acid profile, not just in comparison to casein,
but in comparison to any whole food protein source that you can consume. And this is largely
due to its high branched-chain amino acid content, which are the amino acids L-Leucine,
L-Valine and L-Isoleucine, particularly L-Leucine which is considered the most anabolic amino
acid there is. A typical, you know, 30gram serving of whey protein isolate, will generally
deliver about 4grams to 5grams of branched-chain amino acid, which is going to help you, you
know, support muscle growth and recovery more effectively than other protein sources. So,
that’s really all there is to it, you know. Again, digestion rate is irrelevant. And given
that the digestion rate is irrelevant, all you really left with is to look at the individual
quality of the protein source itself. And whey protein is a much higher quality source
of protein than casein is. Better biological value, better amino acid profile, not to mention
that whey protein is also a better tasting, mix is easier and it’s a lot more flexible.
I don’t know if you’re ever tried a pure casein powder, but you’ll notice that it’s very,
very thick, and it’s very difficult to combine other things with it like, you know, a food,
oatmeal or whatever else you’re putting in your shakes. If you’re trying to make a pure
casein smoothie, you know, good luck, it’s — it’s pretty hard to do without turning
it into like a really thick kind of sludge almost. Whereas, whey protein is a lot more
flexible in that — in that respect. If you’re looking for a top quality protein powder to
include in your muscle building diet, make sure to check out IsoM3, that’s the whey protein
that we make here at Elite Impact Labs. You know, again, we don’t bother with casein powders.
We don’t even bother with, you know, the four-stage sustained release protein powders that you
hear about. This is just hype. There’s, you know, sometimes you see proteins that give
you whey, and casein, and egg, and milk protein and it seems like a, you know, like a good
idea. But again, in reality because digestion rate is relevant, all you want to focus on
is getting the highest quality protein you can possibly get. And whey protein is the
highest quality you can get. So, in terms of protein powder, that’s what you want to
focus on. IsoM3 is derived from 100% micro-filtered, ultra-filtered whey protein isolate. There’s
only 1gram of carbs, no fat, low sodium, no cholesterol, no lactose, and naturally sweetened
with stevia. So that’s a really high quality of protein. You can check that out by clicking
the link in description bar. So, thanks for watching this video lesson. Make sure to subscribe
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giveaways every Sunday night. Thanks for watching this video lesson, and I’ll talk to you again

81 thoughts on “Whey Vs. Casein: The Facts

  1. I wish your IsoM3 was not sweetened with stevia or anything for that matter. I don't really like the taste of stevia. Besides, when I use whey, I combined it with things that are already sweet, like fruit/juice. Sometimes just I don't want my meal replacements drinks to be sweet.

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    They people are so dumb, they believe what people tell them and very easily coerced. They used to tell me, oh but your body can only digest 30g of protein at once…how are you able to maintain all your muscle and all that. Think about it if protein digests at 8-10 g an hour (truth) and I eat 170 grams of protein in 1 meal…do the math.

  4. you are doing the right thing…you should consume the majority of your food after your workout, and you only need to eat once or twice a day. i do the same thing, right after my workout i eat a big high protein meal with moderate carbs. the results have been amazing, im cut fat and still gain muscle,

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  29. But casein protein helps fight muscle degradation, which is better for building muscle in the long run isn't it? And slower digestion rates do matter especially if you're cutting or trying to lose weight because they stay in your system longer and you don't get hungry as fast as if you were to take whey. I will say though that whey protein is much better for bulking because it gives you a quicker source of protein that digests faster and makes you hungry faster so you can eat your next meal. In my opinion, protein brands that blend both casein and whey into their powder are the best, because you not only get the short term effects of whey, but also the long term effects of casein.

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