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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today I want to talk to you about creatine,
and no, not about whether or not creatine is actually a good supplement. By now you
should understand that it is probably one of the most well-researched, science backed
supplements that you can take. Both for its safety and its efficacy. The interesting thing though, is there’s a
lot of different forms of creatine that cause a lot of confusion, and people really want
to know “what is the best form of creatine to take?” So I wanted to cover that, especially
considering the fact that in our ATHLEAN-RX supplement line we do not use standard creatine
monohydrate. That’s for some very good reasons, I think.
So I wanted to at least give you guys the clarity on that. In terms of our RX1, we have
a form of creatine called creatine hydrochloride, and in our post workout, RX2, we have kre
alkaline. Now, both of these, as opposed to a creatine monohydrate, are bonded forms of
creatine. Some molecule is bound to get creatine to
cause an effect. To cause a change, versus the regular creatine monohydrate. In the creating
hydrochloride, the hydrochloride is a bond and what it does is it actually lowers the
pH of that substance. So the creatine now becomes a lower, more acidic compound. That’s a good thing because what it does,
actually, is it increases the absorbability and its ability to be absorbed in your intestines,
and also to be mixed well. You’ll notice when you mix creatine monohydrate a lot of times,
it sinks right to the bottom and it looks like sand on the bottom. That’s sort of a micro chasm of what actually
winds up happening in a lot of people when they take creating monohydrate. That same
sediment winds up making its way into your intestines and trying to be absorbed – calling
in more water to help with that absorption – which winds up bloating you and giving
you that bloated feeling, if you’ve ever experience that with regular creatine monohydrate. With the creatine hydrochloride, because you’re
doing that and you’re increasing the ability to absorb more of it, you’re actually able
to take a lower dose, so it has a second benefit to you. You don’t have to load with 20g
anymore, and you don’t have to maintain dosages of 5g or more. You can do it with a lot less. About 2g of a creating hydrochloride is going
to be equivalent to about 4g of creatine monohydrate. That’s another benefit. The third benefit
is, you’re not getting as much breakdown into something called creatinine, which is a byproduct
that you don’t want to accumulate in your body, but happens because of the ingestion
of creatine. Now the same thing happens here in our post
workout where we have kre alkaline, which is another bonded form of creatine. Again,
for the very same benefits. The reason why we use that, you’re now getting basically
4g and 4g, based on their increased conversion value. So a total of 8g between the two, and
we’re dividing it in pre workout and post workout. There’s a lot of science that will argue for
both times to take creatine. You could get it pre workout to benefit and increase your
performance during the workout, and then other studies would argue that it’s better to take
after your training to help replenish that. The idea is, as long as you’re getting this
steady maintenance in here, again, with less conversion to creatinine; you’re doing a good
thing for your body in performance without having the bad. One thing I’ll say here is, when people start
looking at the research of whether or not the bonded form of creatine is better than
creatine monohydrate, you have to understand this one, main point. They’re looking for
increased power, increased strength. They’re looking at the wrong metrics. Nobody ever
said that these are going to give you more power generating benefits than a regular creatine
monohydrate. It’s going to give you the same benefits of
a creatine monohydrate in terms of performance, but with all those added benefits I just told
you about, the need to not have to cycle on and off – some people will say you want
to cycle because of the buildup of creatinine on and off of creatine monohydrate. You don’t
have to do that here. You’re getting all those benefits, the same level of benefit in performance,
without having to have that. So throw away all those studies that are looking
for it to be better than that, in terms of performance. Look at it to be the same in
terms of performance, but without those other effects. So guys, I hope you’ve found this
to be a little bit enlightening in terms of what it actually does. There’s a whole hell
of a lot of other differences and forms of creatine. Many, many, many other forms. People doing
all new research all the time, bonding different molecules to creatine to see what kind of
effect it has. We’re going to let the research talk and speak for itself as time plays out.
For now, by far, these are what I prefer. I think I get much better effects from it
for my training and those that used our products. I would recommend that if you’re looking for
a way to benefit and maximize your benefits of creatine. If you’re looking for our ATHLEANRX
supplement, guys, you know where to find them. They’re over at In the meantime,
I want to try to continue to put the education back into supplementation. It’s not just about
taking something blindly. It’s about learning why you’re taking it before
you do. I hope that our channel can do that. Let me know what other things you want me
to try to cover here in future videos on supplements and I’ll do my best to do that. All right, guys. I’ll be back here again in
just a few days.

100 thoughts on “Which Form of Creatine is Best (NOT MONOHYDRATE!)

  1. Correct. Only 20% of mono gets digested. It's crap. The bonded forms of creatine average about 90%.

  2. “It’s going to give you the same as Creatine Monohydrate in terms of performance”… just listen to Jeff instead of being keyboard warriors and slaying him. He’s just saying it’s easier absorbed, which is is scientifically proven to be. 59x more to be precise.

  3. I don't know what is so difficult to understand. According to Jeff, they both produce strength and growth only hcl doesn't give you bloat because it absorbs so good. It's truly that simple

  4. I did notice bloating and elimination problems never thinking it was the creatine. Very uncomfortable. Never loaded , just taking 5 grams a day. Jerry Brainum , whom I follow never mentioned these GI problems.

  5. Creatine hydrochloride is very acidic like hydrochloride acid…if you take it as a powdered drink you will rapidly melt the enamel off your teeth. With the pill version unless you take lots of water you may get acid reflux, indigestion. Chronically acid loading could be potentially harmful if it causes a metabolic acidosis. Also the benefit of lowered creatinine levels in the blood isn’t a benefit even if true because the creatinine doesn’t matter. And you can measure true kidney function using cyststin C which is unaffected by creatine. Personally I found micronised creatine monogydrate and no side-effects, worked better and has 10x more research to back it up.

  6. He’s got a valid point about the monohydrate. My L-Creatinine level’s shot up like crazy (1.55; normal upper limit is 1.2) when I was taking creatine monohydrate. My doctor asked me to stopped and the levels returned to normal (1.15), resulting in much less strain on the kidneys.

  7. Standard creatine monohydrate is just as good as any of the other "designer" creatines and much less money. Not according to me……according to research. I can understand you trying to say that your product contains the best creatine but in reality, there is little proven difference.

  8. I’ve been taking both and they’re both equally effective. Less bloating than the monohydrate but also cost a lot more

  9. tired both, mono and Hcl , personaly hcl works ALOT better, it mixes with 100% clarity no sediment left over so more of it is being absorbed into the body, where as mono, you only really abosrb maybe 30-50% of it and does NOT make you feel bloated, Hcl for me is soo much better, with results as well , now

    with that being said, alot of people assume if they take " protein, creatine " and don't work out it will still work, you can use the "best supplements" in the world but if your not dieting correctly and training and recoverying properly you will make 0% difference,

    it's simple guys, if you wanna see good results quickly, just make sure your diet is spot on and your training properly, yes having protein shakes and taking creatine DO help, but your general diet and nutrition is the most important thing there is.

    " p,s don't all be dicks if you don't like this message then fine but don't become a keyboard warrior"

    " also, i do know what i'm talking about as i own my own fitness company specialising in supplements "

    but that being said, try prove me wrong i'm open for a chat about peoples views, i personally don't stock or sell or use mono my self only HCL

  10. It's what Jeff believes in to be better, but personally I will still take Monohydrate cuz I'm too broke for the (allegedly) superior forms 😅

  11. You may be right Jeff no.doubt, but monohydrate at this point in time is easily the most researched of them.all and is shown to work and work well. On top of that it's also the cheapest

  12. Yes I dont think that the other forms are really better. The studies show otherwise. whether there is an h20 or an hcl bas are abundant in your stomach and it dissociates freely. HCl I think is heavier which means less creatine per dosage i would think.

  13. Jeff Cav., considering taking creatine but concerned with water retention and losing definition. Do you take creatine and still able to keep your super ripped physique? I assume so but just wanted to confirm. Thanks for all the content on youtube as well as your membership site. Love the ab shuffle, especially "are you going to workout" prompt.

  14. I workout at 7 am. Is it better to take Kre-Alkylyn when I wake up 20 minutes prior to the workout, after the hour workout or the night before the workout to let my body absorb it best?

  15. I’ve tried both and definitely see better results and perform better with creatine HCL, and I got it at an affordable price. I also combine it with betaine anhydrous. Excellent stack from my experience.

  16. Whoa. This is the only Athlean X vid I've seen with the intro volume at the same (non eardrum busting) level as Jeff's voice audio.

  17. Weird I couldn't find this video yesterday when searching for it but it pops up as recommended today. Oh well, at least I got to see it.

  18. I'ma let y'all finish, but Jeff Cavalier has the best videos on YouTube regarding fitness/ hypertrophy and strength training.

  19. So I looked up what he is saying on google scholar and found some slides from a researcher at my local college (I'm trained in neuroscience there). Apparently, he is actually correct. Here is the link to the slides for everyone's knowledge. . Make sure to scroll down to look at the creatine solubility slides. I'll be returning my creatine monohydrate and going for creatine HCL for sure. It is the most soluble.

  20. For mixing and stomach irritation it might matter, but most studies I've seen show the regular CMH being as effective as any other–and more expensive–type.

  21. HCL and KRE alkalyn’s lower ph are negated by stomach acid and are turned into the basic Creatine molecule.

  22. I love his videos, but when it comes to supplements, he aggressively promotes his products, this creates misconceptions in my head and it kinda becomes not so trustworthy

  23. so i looked over to your website jeff, tell me if I'm getting this right. This post workout XLR8 is protein powder and a creatin supplement all in one? Or like creatin with the added benefit of 30g protein per serving?

  24. Yes exactly, now let's talk about price difference shall we? There will always be something better than something else but obviously for a much higher price. Creatine monohydrate is the most efficient ballance wise (what you get for the price you pay)

  25. Love Jeff. Quick tip though if you do use Monohydrate, mix your creatine in slightly warm water and it will dissolve much more effectively than in cold water. I’ve been doing this, without bloating for about 4 years. I cycle creatine, not because it’s necessary, I just found better results that way.

  26. Monohydrate is literally the best form. So if this dude says it's not monohydrate, he loses all credibility he gained from me.

  27. This is my first time hearing of Creatine HCl, sounds amazing! I do have a background in biochemistry (M.S.), nutrition and personal training. Many pharmaceutical products are bound to HCl for quick disassociation once put in water. This really makes sense to me! Explains why it mixes better too. It's basically disaccociating the Cl ion from the creatine molecule.

  28. Be careful with this video … this guy is anti science … this hcl creatine is a derived and its not studied … using this shit can be dqngerous

  29. how about u all try all the different forms of creatine then see what works for you! its not difficult is it .krealakyln makes me sleepy and gives me cramps.monohydrate gives me bloating .hcl for me is working okay so ill stick with that for now.

  30. I've read that those who exercise in extreme heat should not use creatine and I do hot yoga 4-6 days a week so I've never dared to experiment with it.

  31. I wish I saw this video three years ago , regular creatine causes so much pain and bloating to me but I knew it is beneficial so I had to go with it , with hcl honestly there is no side effect what’s so ever , 🙏🏽

  32. Alot of people swear by creatine monohydrate because it is very cheap and studies have proven it to be effective. For me, it made me bloated as you've stated here & I was chugging an insane amount of water each day, granted I was working out very hard which is dehydrating in itself, but with the creatine monohydrate on top of that I began to feel ill after awhile.

  33. I'm with Will Brink on this subject, mix your monohydrate in a hot drink like tea or coffee and it dissolves much better.

  34. Oh dear….

    He has just sold out. My undergraduate degree was a literature review on creatine and its various forms…. He is making an issue to solve an issue.

    You dont have to cycle off..
    Creatinine levels increase as a direct result of creatine consumption regardless of any compound its bonded to.

    It sinks to the bottom of your stomach like it does in water!!!! Wft… this is laughable.

    The pH level makes no difference on absorbition or bioavailability and btw people you dont want to be taking caffeine with your creatine. Caffeine reduces and blunts its absorbtion.

    You want to take it with. Any high glycemic carbohydrate or exogenous insulin. Not that it makes a huge difference. Once you reach saturatiob of 180m/mol in freeze dry muscle cells you can maintain on 2-3g per day 4g if you dont eat much beef, pork or salmon.

    You dont need to by micronised or crepure. Micronised just meansa more fine grind and crepure is a branded con.

    Just but dirt cheap bulk powder supply creatine monohydrate and take a teaspoon a day. Its insanly cheap.

  35. This is the exact same reasoning Jim Stoppani uses for having 2 grams of creatine HCL in his pre and post. Makes a lot of sense. I absolutely love Jeff and Jim. They both have sound science backing up everything they do!

  36. Guys, don’t listen to this pseudoscience. Jeff, I have looked up to you for exercise guidance and consistency, and enjoyed your exercise related videos. I am now very disappointed to hear this crap distributed to thousands of your followers to promote your supplements. C’mon, really? Show me the science of the benefit of creatine HCl over monohydrate. There is NONE. I am an MD and very much into fitness and exercise. Jeff, this is garbage and promotional, and you know it. Pull it for your own credibility and piece of mind. You know this is wrong.

  37. Just like to say for the people in the UK to try Boost from a company called Too shaped, it's the best pre workout I have taken, full of only proven ingredients in the right dosage.

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