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Aaron and CEO of Redcon1 and i’m here today to talk to you about protein not just Isotope, our whey protein, but whey protein in general. Seems like there’s a lot of confusion on the market between what is whey? I see lot of people say One hundred percent pure whey protein so is this a hundred percent pure whey protein? Is the one you’re currently taking, the one you’ve heard about? The truth is that none of them are really a hundred percent sure whey sure we’re okay with that they all have carbs and some have a little lactose a lot of lactose except for when it’s a hundred percent pure whey protein they’re usually meaning that there’s no other forms of protein like milk protein or egg protein or anything else in it and it’s just whey proteins that that’s one thing is kinda like when you hear that people are like all they get a little confused the thing I really want to talk to you guys about was types of whey protein cheaper whey protein is called whey protein concentrate, the whey protein concentrate is totally fine it has that it had a lot of good healthy parts to it but also has a lot of lactose has fat and carbs so much more fat and carbs and that’s just part of the whey protein concentrate which doesn’t mean its bad but It does mean it’s harder to digest its slower to digest, just in my opinion doesn’t taste as good as the mix as well and it’s not good for building muscle so in comes whey protein isolate which I hold in my hand right here isotope which is higher quality it’s considerably more expensive don’t just mean to you as a consumer I mean to me the supplement company are the manufacturer it’s more expensive in general because you’re actually breaking down, you’re isolating the part of the whey protein that build muscle and removing the lactose the carbon the fat you’ll notice isotope for example has very low only half a gram of fat and only three grams of carbohydrates per scoop and 25 grams of protein per scoop that means it truly is mostly protein very little anything else and that’s because Its Isolate, now to get into a little bit more specifics, is this is mostly a fault it’s a whey protein, protein that is actually filtered ultra filtered cold process micro and ultra filtered whey protein isolate so what that means is how the protein is filtered down and basically what we have in Isotope mostly until they’re mostly we have an isotope is the absolute highest grade of protein so your body digests it, you don’t have any stomach upset it mixes very well it tastes great and the reason being is that we got the best we paid for the best, you guys got the best, and we don’t even make it the most in terms of cost now we’re not the only people with this technology this is the highest newest technology in protein manufacturing a bunch of other companies do i like to think that we are the best but protein is truly a commodity so you know it’s really coming down to once you get through the technology the taste and the texture and everything and we make sure that this is something that I’m proud of and that everybody here is proud of Dallas McCarver is training for the Arnold Classic right now actually take that you believe in nine scoops a day during his diet advice and took and i can tell you had any lactose in sensitivity or you had any kind of stomach issues taking nine scoops any approaching out there unless the very highest quality would be difficult so now you guys know a little bit more about whey protein what makes isotope special and you’re not looking prices to what kind of protein you should be looking for so if you want fast quick digesting protein that’s good for muscle games and goes right to the muscle check out ice until the red car

9 thoughts on “Which whey protein is better?

  1. god dammit when will an eu reseller come out?

    so many guys want to buy your stuff but US is too far away and shipping is expensive

  2. I have a question I am taking isotope and mre as a post workout because I workout late and don’t eat afterwords is isotope good enough or should I stack them

  3. As a lactose intolerant i can confirm none lactose free label protein is ..lactose free
    Redcon1 dont sugarcoat that fact and Isotope with bit of digestive enzymes for lactose and milk
    as a post has been a game changer for me.
    I love honesty and redcon never failed me on that department.

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