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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s going on guys John Vienna’s here a lot of you guys been asking about this topic and I finally decided to make a video about this it wasn’t an easy video to make it was an easy video to figure out how to talk about this the reason I’m making this video is because you know I get everyone who you know talks down to veganism to vegans because I was the same way I fucking hated the shit out of veganism vegans and the whole idea behind the diet so let me start about two years ago when I first heard about veganism my brother just decided to turn vegan go plant-based and man was I pissed off you know we’ve always been you know eating barbecues and his favorite food was you know rump steak and Brazilian barbecues and a lot of stuff and you know him telling me that he was going plant-based it was pretty much the worst thing for me that he could tell me I mean I would prefer to tell him that he you know started shooting up heroin or something he was that bad you know I hated the fact that you know he was trying to this weird guy who you know was about taking the animals being healthy and fuck I was giving him so much shit I was criticizing him hating on him making fun of him in front of other people and you know just talking bad about him to other family members you know saying how disappointed I was how disgusting this whole thing is what a retard for doing this shit what the fuck is he doing trying to tell me that you know I’m doing the wrong thing by eating animals what the fuck animals were put here for a reason right yet to eat them I’m a bodybuilder I’m fitness guy I’m gonna eat me that I don’t give a shit what you say and it’s the way it will always be so get the fuck out of here so that was my opinion for a very long time you know I fucking despise the whole idea fuckin despised vegans everyone and the fact that he became a vegan didn’t make it easier for me to understand it it didn’t make it easy at all I fucking hate it even more because I didn’t know what the fuck it was before now that he is doing it you know there was a disappointment in my I was like what the fuck is this shit but after six months or so you know he was trying to explain as well as he could you know with an open mind and trying to explain the health benefits of it which was the reason why he started in the first place and he showed me research documentaries and I I’ve always had an open mind but for some reason for this shit and I was really close and narrow minded for only this thing because people don’t really tackle you know things well makes that personal to you and the whole world does the same thing everyone does the same thing so why is it bad so after showing me the health benefits and stuff like that I was like okay fine you know me can be bad for you especially processed meat because cancer bla bla bla but you know I don’t really care about health yeah I want to be healthy but I want to be like an extremist for me it was like a religion extremists that goes suicide bombing and stuff like that but after a while you know after a year I you know I did my own research and I was just getting more and more interested in it you know okay maybe I’ll just try to cut down the meat for my diet a little bit just to see if I can still build the same amount of muscle and get the same benefit so for about a year I cut out a lot of meat I wasn’t eating much I mean I was eating in restaurants and subway a lot of Subway as you guys old followers know but for from that not much meat at all compared to other bodybuilders so I quickly learned that it doesn’t really matter you know protein is overrated and you don’t really need as much protein as people tell you so as I was eating less less meat outside to research other side of things the ethical side which I didn’t give a shaving give a shit about animals you know I love my dog and I love horses I’ll pet horses when I see them and stuff but you know if you get me a pork sausage I’ll still eat it so those are disconnection there but anyways I started watching videos and getting informed how the animals were treated and fuck man that shit messed with my head like a lot and you know it’s still kind of it’s not traumatizing but it was really shocking to me the way you know the milk industry treats their animals you know taking the cats away from their mom you know it’s a business people want to increase the profits so that’s just a way that has to be done and it’s fucking son and the way to kill the animals really shocked me and the way they treated them in the barns you know no one’s ever there to look no one’s there to take care of them so the workers can pretty much play around and whatever the fuck they want I was convinced that you know it’s not right why is it right just because everyone else does it and it’s always been that way doesn’t mean the slavery was right just because I’ve been doing it for thousands of years in Egypt and stuff like that you know and it takes an open mind to you know make the change and realize that that’s why almost no one does it so for me that was pretty bad you know the ethics and stuff like that poor animals whatever but then I realized that environmental and the impact it has on the world and humans in general the amount of water needed for a single little burger 660 gallons for one little burger seriously guys and there’s so many thirsty people in the world seriously what the fuck we didn’t give you all the freshwater to animals when we can be saving our own race instead of producing hamburgers for McDonald’s for the rich or Western civilization’s that really mess with my head and not only that but the amount of food using the US as an example and it’s the same are on the whole world it’s insane how much food it goes to meat production and the amount of food and land and everything that is used to make a little piece of meat it’s insane guys and when I realized there was enough food to feed 12 to 15 billion people on a plant-based diet you know instead of getting all the corn to the animals we give the corn to humans we could save all the starving children in Africa who the fuck would be against that you know saving your own race so why the fucking mind against saving starving children and Africans starving people all around the world just because I want a hamburger you know does this make sense why is why is it anyone you know agreeing to this what the fuck is going on here so that really the world is pretty fucked up guys but not only that as you guys know I’m Brazilian when I learned that all the the whole rainforest is being cut down and I already knew about this by didn’t wife I was just you know for toilet paper something at 80 something percent was used for raising cattle killing off the wildlife and the rainforest which is pretty much the lungs of the world now it’s not slowing down it’s just increasing because the demand of meat is increasing I think you’ll piss everyone off if they actually knew what was going on but not only that the pollution the pollution that it’s causing the world you know people say oh it’s all about you know transportation airplane to the traffic you know gasoline you know that’s pretty bad but turns out the meat industry is it responsible for you know 18% or some studies you show 51% of the total greenhouse emissions and unfiltered waste all those cows shitting all over the place you know where do you think all that shit goes so that that was a really eye-opening moment for me and it made me just reconsider everything that I believed in I saw the Sun people that want to ignore they’re too lazy to do anything about it but you know that’s not a good enough reason for me you know I’m all about being the best version of myself and I wouldn’t be able to live myself knowing the truth and not doing anything about it and on top of that at the same time finding out that one of the strongest men were vegan all stuff and just plenty of vegan bodybuilder examples and I was like fuck it man I’m this is what I want to do wanna be a fitness athlete and I know now that I can achieve the same results on this diet and with all the environmental and ethical reasons there was no excuse and the point of making this video guys is because I came from a place of hatred towards this topic towards veganism towards plant-based diets I understand where people are coming from you know I was the same way I was the exact same way as every troll commenting on my videos right now talking down to me and talking about how shady and stupid I am I was the same guy I would think the same thing of myself a year ago so I understand what is coming from but it’s all about perspective you got to open your mind you gotta search for the truth you only trust the corporation’s who are corrupt as fuck influencing studies influencing our society hiding the truth away from us you know you’ll never find out the truth you got to do your own research because my talks corruption will always be there and we have to do our own work to find the truth and I don’t know about you guys but for me I want to do everything I can to change the world and make the world a better and fair place on all humans to you know be able to survive and not starve to death I want animals not to suffer and be enslaved so for you guys very skeptical just know that I was the same way I feel you I know you’re coming from just trying to put the anger down for a second start stop judging and just try to do your own research and you’ll be amazed what you’ll find but if you don’t want to do it and you want to live in denial that’s fine as well that’s up to you that’s your choice we just say that they want to do it because they don’t give a fuck they don’t give a fuck about anything that’s fine you know that’s your choice and you don’t give a shit about the world and of if you and animals and shit like that that’s that’s up to you so do whatever you want just don’t make excuses that need production and all stuff is good for the world and for the health and animals that argument is something that you’ll never win I’m not trying to force anything on you guys I’m just trying to inform and give you guys some perspective do your own research three films I recommend if you’re interested in this one for health reasons is for cover knives and if you guys who don’t really care as much about health like me there’s an environmental side of things called cowspiracy and then there is an ethical one called the Earthlings you can find them online to make sure to watch it if you’re searching for the truth and don’t forget to click the like button if you enjoy this video it helps a channel a bunch spread the message guys this is really important to me this is what I’m doing this for I want to help as many people as I can you know open their mind and see what’s possible see that it’s possible to build a lot of muscle and be a bodybuilder a fitness model or fitness athlete and still do your best to make the world a better place so share this with your friends guys it’s really important anyways thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you soon peace out

100 thoughts on “Why a Vegan HATER turned into a VEGAN Bodybuilder

  1. Hi. You really gave some pretty nice info that i havent think of. Like the polution of the planet, like the water used to raise cows and animals that will later be slaugheted, etc.
    I'm a vegetarian for 5 days now. I will not eat meat again. I will later try to become a vegan.

    The only argument that meat-eaters say and i cant counter at the moment is "do you know how many people will starve to death if you stop all the meat products ? There are countries around the world that their economy cannot support veganism and the biggest source of food is pork or chicken, what about them?" and the other argument i'm not sure what to answer is "if you see a cat in the streets, chasing a bird, will you stop her from capturing the prey and let her feed or would you stop the cat and let her starve and die ? and what about lions and zebras ? dont they suffer when lions eat them alive ?" I know the first part of my answer is that "at least, we humans, we have the choice to dont kill the animals and eat them and we are also not made to eat meat in general, but when it comes to what i should do when i see a carnivore attacking his prey, i really dont know what is wrong and what is right. I mean we need carnivores, we cant go against nature. So it's a pretty violent world for sure.

  2. Thank you for this video. I have been through the same as you, I was the one getting the rare steaks at restaurants, hated on vegetables and fruit and hating on vegans. Oh boy but now im so thankful that i did my research i educated myself and turned vegan. It is sometimes hard because I have a carnivore family who arent supportive and they try to convert me back to non-vegan as much as they can. Thank you for this honest video once again

  3. I am very thankful that you went vegan. I was not able to watch the torture scenes of the animals contained in this video, I never get along with this, but I am already vegan for a long time anyway, so it's not necessary to watch these scenes.
    Just found you on YouTube. I am a vegan German physiotherapist (thus English is not my mother tongue as you already might have realized 😉 ) and my boyfriend is a fitness trainer. I still hope he will go vegan 🙂 Hopefully watching your videos will help both of us, him and me! 🙂

  4. I really want to make the transition to veganism. I'm currently cutting from 12.5%bf to about 9% before i start bulking again. I want this to be a clean bulk that happens over years. I want to bulk as a vegan. I am 168 lbs at 6ft tall. I can NEVER get my protein past 140 no matter how i plan my meals on a vegan diet. Every website under the sun, EVEN VEGAN ONES tell me i need to eat my bodyweight in grams of protein to put on muscle…but when i pass 145g protein with vegan foods my calories go through the roof. my BMR is 1860. how the fuck do i get enough protein on a vegan diet while maintaining a healthy caloric budget? God forbid i try to do this while CUTTING. This is literally the ONLY thing stopping me from becoming a vegan TODAY.


  5. I'm just not sure how anyone can have so much hate for vegans…This video could have done with less swearing. That cool that you changed your ways though 🙂

  6. sad but true ..animale meat is not good for the human system .even though how good it can taste …but how fresh and clean you feel just after a few weeks with no meat …i think it is is much like quit smoking

  7. Fab video. You're a great inspiration for the youth of today! Setting a good example is the best way and sharing your own story. Keep it up, I've really been enjoying your videos.

  8. I'm so glad you made this video. I really loved that you are straight forward about they way you, you used to look at vegansim I'm so glad

  9. I really was interested in what you had to say but at the beginning I had to turn you off because your profanity wasn't necessary.

  10. Im now trying vegetarian diet . But please tell me someone , how to overcome feeling , that something is missing to my body ? Or just it takes some time to adapt ? Thank you for your time.

  11. Hey man im gonna have an argumentative speech that people should turn vegan. Who stated the fact that it takes 600 gallons for one burger? Because it's a strong argument, thanks 🙂

  12. awesome video. you summarized everything so well! i shared to my facebook and hope i can also help by sharing your video

  13. "be the change that you want to see in the world"
    that's why, as of today, I'm making the transformation from meat eater to vegan. Thanks a lot!

  14. I have nothing against people going vegan, but I don't believe that one person going vegan or a small minority of people affect the grand scheme of things. Won't the animals die anyways, one person going vegan won't change that. Yes, I know there are health benefits to going vegan, but there are also benefits of lean meats like fish and chicken and eggs, Just my opinion no negative feelings. 🙂

  15. oh my god that footage of those animals you showed was absolutely disgusting!!!!!!!!!! I had to look away it was heart breaking

  16. This is exactly what m brother is like! sadly he is still in this fase! He doesn't get it at all and he is suuuper negative and constantly makes jokes! I wanna send him this video but he'll say you're on steroids!

  17. Dude,I am also a Brazilian,so I am willing to ask you something,can I use your video on my channel?I want to make an translation for portuguese and upload on my channel,I would love to make an translation just on your video here,but I don't think that brazilians would see,because the title that is in english…
    You are the greatest inspiration for me,I am always watching your videos,I rarely use this channel of my,but this videos of yours really worth the effort….
    This would be my way to fight for veganism,behind the scenes hahah
    If it is not okay,don't worry…I still your fan 🙂 Peace out

  18. I'm currently a non-vegan but interested in how bodybuilders can thrive on a vegan diet. How many years did you train before you decided to go vegan? Had you built up most of your current physique as an omnivore?

  19. I subbed. This video sums it up pretty much. Maybe you can talk about the health-realted-topics in an other video. I guess more meat eaters would be interested in this 🙂 great video!

  20. This is a real eye-opener. Two weeks ago I never thought I would even concider going vegan, and was joking about meat and stuff. Then I decided to just try it for a week like a challenge. Now I can't see myself going back after watching videos and doing a bit of research. And realizing that this planet can't survive if we all continue doing what we've been doing. And all the other reasons for not eating meat. Revolution man! Keep it up. Watching every vid.

  21. My journey to veganism was very similar to yours. I was so smug in decision to eat animals until I opened up my heart and mind long enough to realize the environmental and ethical facts that my stubborn meat consumption had blinded me to for years. Ultimately I realized that to continue to eat animals meant going against my own strong feelings about responsible stewardship towards nature and all of it's citizens. From that point on I could (literally) no longer stomach eating meat. Thank you for sharing your story and showing that people and ideas can evolve over time.

  22. That's pretty crazy how badly you thought of your brother for something simple as begin Vegan. You talked badly about him and even despised him for it. I can't imagine if it was something serious.

  23. I was totally the same haha. I told a girl I'd slap her with meat in her sleep.. It was pretty disgusting lol.. Really hate what I did haha. At least I grew up to be a man who defend the innocents.

  24. Whatever culture, religion and background your coming from, Veganism connects you to the reality, truth, suddenly you start feeling immense pain and agony for most innocent creatures on earth, it connects you with nature and the open the door to see the dark side of humans, but at the same time it gives you the hope and courage to fight the greatest injustice and oppression caused by our fellow humans

  25. I WENT VEGAN BECAUSE OF THIS VIDEO. Obviously there was my own research and influences, but this video made it all click and is what it took for me to make the decision. I've been vegan for almost 9 months now! If anyone is interested, my story is on my channel. It's titled "This Changed My Life Forever…" You're awesome Jon! Thank you so much for your influence and representing this lifestyle!!

  26. Why a vegan HATER turned into a vegan GAINER

    thank me later..(if he changes the title which i doubt)

    kill me plz .

  27. I am a meat eater, yes. But that is how I was brought up and it reflects my passions. I love to hunt, I love to fish. And I eat the food that I hunt and fish. The animals that get to live full lives in the wild. But I don't eat any processed meat from anywhere except for what I obtain myself. No meat from the store. No meat from restaurants or fast food places. I know that some people don't have respect for hunting and fishing. But I can live with the fact that I know I don't support the slaughterhouses and therefore, don't buy meat that comes from them

  28. Phenomenal! Thank you! It's amazing to think about the moment when the light bulb finally goes on and transforms or converts you to veganism. If it weren't for a very cute redhead, I may still be the close-minded, hard-headed meat eating prick I was 7 years ago. I always think that if I can go vegan, anyone can. Spread the good word! Thank you!

  29. Never seen you before mate, just randomly came across this but you're doing the right thing for many good reasons. Thanks for spreading the message :>

  30. Same here. Never gave a shit about animals until I got educated that meat is unhealthy(this did not motivate me to go vegan still). "Earthlings" has changed my point of view. After I knew that meat was not necessary for humans and how animals were threatened I quite meat and dairy almost over night.

  31. thank you for the video brother. you show me reasons I am turning vegan to do the nun amen ra regimen. I wish more people would question everything like me reduce reuse recycle.

  32. Thank you so much for this testimony Jon! I'm trying to inspire people to turn vegan by example, and this video will help me to convince the curious. Keep it up! You're doing amazing! Peace!

  33. I don't get it, why do people get SO UPSET when someone chooses to not eat animals/animal products?? I jus told two people i want to eat vegan, and already one is fucking attacking me and thinks its wrong to be vegan. Say's that a chicken should be happy she lives cause without us it would not have a live? wtf?

  34. That is why all the major organizations that feed the hungry are vegan. Not because they want to be, but because growing plants is the cheapest and easiest way to feed people.

  35. If you give food to ppl in Africa they will reproduce and will need even more food. They become dependend on your help and you are making the problem even bigger than it was at the beginning. Water doesn't dissapear from earth when you give it to animals, so I find this argumentation strange and based on emotions.

  36. Proud off been in yuor race, warrior human , i´m like you. and i suscribe. Go for the best version !

  37. Much respect, brother!

    I have to admit this statement sounds very alien: "I'm an athlete, but I don't care about health."

    How does one become a better athlete, if not by becoming healthier? Isn't the ability to perform based on the health of the organism?

    In any case, not here to nitpick, just expressing appreciation.

  38. can't watch it till the end, …made me sick bad… what a sick world we live in.. what a sick people…the way they hurt animals..i just cant watch it.. not will be interested in meat anymore…

  39. I'm not a vegan but you've definitely convinced me to reduce my meat intake. I was always convinced you need tons of animal protein to build muscle and that carbs will make you fat. I'll definitely be eating a much more plant based diet partly based on your advice and videos. I realized as long as I get plenty of carbs I don't need nearly as much protein to build muscle or feel full after a meal.

  40. All those people hurting animals in the clips you showed, I swear to God, I don't ever wish evil on anybody, but I came really close to wishing someone would do the same to them. How can those people treat those innocent creatures with such cruelty? I cried. I am a vegan and my reasons to be a vegan are mixed: I don't want to eat my beloved animals, and I want to lead a healthy life and care for the planet. I had stayed away from these graphic scenes because they're really disturbing to me, but you reminded me of how important this is, not just as a nutritional choice, but also as a way to clean our souls of so much gratuitous bloodshed.

  41. Actually you are wrong, Egyptians didn't accept slavery, you are telling tales from Bible, and the Bible is not a fact, anyway, vegans are the best, F*** the rest.

  42. Yeah exactly. All about getting informed. I took a health class last year that took a holistic approach. Suggested some of these same documentaries. Really brings things to light. Since then I slowly started transitioning my diet. 3 months ago to present day of leaving this comment we have been implementing an all plant based diet. The overall results and feeling is like nothing else we have experienced. So hats off to you man, getting informed and making an informed decision to go plant based. It's all about Maintaining health and prolonging our time here on this earth. 🤙

  43. God, it hurts to see it all happen again. The moment I watched that man step on that fox's head, I wanted to attack him.

    This. This is why I fight.

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