Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Why do bodybuilders eat so much rice? You’d
think that rice isn’t very healthy for you. White rice has a lot of carbohydrates. However,
brown rice is a cheap, complex carbohydrate. And it has a lot of fiber. And it doesn’t
taste very good. It does if you mix it with fruit, vegetables,
meat and other flavors. No one should eat brown rice by itself. Though I’ve seen a lot of brown rice based
granola bars and cereal bars. Another reason is popular is because it is
gluten free and safe for those allergic to wheat. Is rice easier to cook? Can even a body builder
do it? It’s easier to eat, since you don’t have
to chew. Rice takes longer to cook than wheat and pasta, but you can put it in a rice cooker
and leave it to go train. While you have to babysit spaghetti while
it cooks. And pasta is usually made from white flour,
which has few materials. Conversely, brown rice is loaded with nutrients and cheaper
than white rice in most cases. And white rice has a high glycemic index. It’s worse than sugar in that regard, whereas
brown rice fills you up. And body builders don’t want to waste time cooking and eating
when they can be training. Yet sumo wrestlers load up on rice too. That’s
not a model you want to follow. Sumo wrestlers eat a lot and then immediately
take a nap, while body builders eat and then go burn some calories. And not all body builders
eat rice. They eat protein bars instead. Many of which contain brown rice as one of
their ingredients. So even guys who won’t touch a rice dish end up eating some rice. Along with soy isolate protein and peanut
butter and other sources of protein. And girls will put anything on their skin
and hair in the name of beauty. In fact, they’ll even put kiwi slices on their eyes, and douse
themselves with shampoo containing ingredients, best served in fruit salad in the quest for
perfection. Fine, I’ll stop bashing you for eating rice.

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