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what is going on you beautiful people
today we’re gonna be talking about why celebrities train Brazilian Jujitsu so
much now before we start this video I’m just gonna read down a list of a bunch
of celebrities that you guys probably know that do train Brazilian Jujitsu so
we got jenna Marbles we got Vin Diesel we got Ashton Kutcher
we got Demi Lovato Russell Brand Ed O’Neill Keanu Reeves and even Nicolas
Cage Nicolas Cage actually was a longtime student under Royce Gracie
himself so did you two actually consist of a bunch of sweeps hold submissions
locks and blocks everything and it’s just a bunch of grappling it’s probably
the most I think it’s one of the most beautiful grappling arts in my opinion
and that’s because of a lot of things one of the main reasons I believe that
celebrities trained Brazilian jiu-jitsu is because of the stress aspect right
and martial arts in general helped with that right so people would join a
martial art like a UFC gym for example haha it’s like no people would join like
any martial art like a boxing gym Taekwondo gym with the intention of
obviously learning martial art right but they also want to relieve some sort of
stress right and Brazilian jiu-jitsu obviously is part of that brazilian
jiu-jitsu is a martial art and it will help relieve stress but I believe the
reason that people choose Brazilian jiu-jitsu specifically is because of the
ego aspect right Brazilian jiu-jitsu is like an ego check right so you can walk
in and be one of the biggest dudes in there you could be Vin Diesel for
example or like Dwayne Johnson you can be a huge dude and you walk into a
Brazilian jiu-jitsu gym thinking you could take on everybody just cuz you’re
massive right and then the little guy the tiniest guy in the gym the black
belt that’s like that’s like two feet tall not really but he’ll choke you out
and put you in arm bars and ankle locks that you’ve never even seen you’re like
oh shit this is real like I need to learn this stuff I think that’s why a
lot of celebrities do learn it because it’s an ego check when you’re at that
point where you want to be the best and you’re already getting all this feedback
from so many people thinking that you are amazing and everything and then
suddenly this like random dude that’s like half your size is able to take you
on of course you’re gonna want to learn whatever he’s doing you know one more
reason that I believe celebrities train martial arts is because they travel a
lot right and one thing that’s beautiful about jujitsu is that it’s universal
right you can go to a jujitsu gym here in America right and you go to a jujitsu
gym in Brazil just to Jiu Jitsu it’s gonna be the same regardless what school
you’re in and that’s what’s beautiful about it regardless of the culture
you get to stay as is jiu-jitsu and it’s universal and I believe these are the
reasons that celebrities train Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a beautiful beautiful
grappling art and if you guys have forgot another hit that like button make
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