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Hi everybody it’s Elisa here so today I’m answering another typical question I get and It’s about like when somebody is at the normal weight range They think this is their healthy weight for their body Then why in recovery they keep on gaining weight? And they often think that this is because of the food because they’re eating too much But actually I want to say if you are truly at the healthy weight and your body is healthy Then you should be able to eat to your full hunger the full hunger and satisfaction and have no more Starvation symptoms, eating disorder symptoms, and then you would maintain your weight eating whatever you want whenever you want however much you want and And your weight should be stable, but if you are gaining weight eating to your full hunger Then your body needs it, and it’s not about the food But it’s what is the hormonal and metabolic state of your body, and this is the this is the reason because if you come from past of restriction, dieting, eating disorders your body is not hormonally and metabolically in a healthy environment So yeah like if you eat the food and your body is not in a healthy state of course it wants to store more weight because your hunger cues are higher your metabolism is suppressed so So yeah, but does it mean that you should not eat then? Because you keep on weight gaining weight No, actually if you keep on eating to your full hunger and satisfaction AND you never ever ever diet, restrict, compensate, ever ever again then actually your body will restore your normal metabolism your normal hunger cues it will restore the like the hormonally and metabolically healthy environment for your body and then you are able to eat to your full hunger and satisfaction and maintain your weight, your set point weight So yeah, this is the basic thing. And also when somebody has gained weight Let’s say to their healthy weight range or whatever And they have done it with restriction. Let’s say they ate 2,000 calories and they gained all the weight back eating 2,000 calories, but their hunger is still You know so big they still have the “binges” and their metabolism is not healed so they think That since they restored the healthy weight eating less calories so for them The moment to eat to full hunger has passed because they don’t need to gain any more weight I don’t know if it makes sense But this is like what I hear all the time and people think like it’s too late for me to eat to my full hunger because I technically have restored my weight, so I shouldn’t eat more but actually no recovery is not about the weight or having like “a normal weight range” It’s also about you need to restore your metabolism, you need to restore your hunger your hormones and everything and for that it doesn’t matter what’s your weight, you still need to eat to your full hunger and For example I was normal weight throughout my eating disorder and even recovery and I ate the minimum calories you know the 2500 to 3000 calories and plus that extreme hunger and because my body also needed to restore the health and the metabolic and the hormonal environment of my body and I was normal weight And I still, I had to eat my food hunger and satisfaction the mental hunger the emotional hunger And the food thoughts and everything so it doesn’t matter what’s your weight you still need to your full hunger like no matter what and and yeah, and then your body will restore, and then you are able to maintain your setpoint weight by eating however much you want and never worry about You know the weight fluctuations, or you won’t just keep on gaining gaining gaining, so so yeah so I really hope it makes sense and Thank you for watching and see you next time! bye!

38 thoughts on “Why Do I Gain Weight If I’m Normal Weight? Gaining on 2000 calories.

  1. This video was made for me! i've restored my weight on 2000 cals – battling extreme hunger today so this is very timely! thanks Elisa xx

  2. I'd like to ask others what eating disorders or malnourishment has done to their hair and have their hair returned to how it used to be. My hair was thin to begin with (ponytail about the thickness of three pencils) but it was really shiny and in good shape. Now after 5-8 years of being malnourished I have lost 50 to 60 percent of my hair and what's left has no shine, no color and is the texture is dry and extremely fine like spiderweb. I can't wear it down but I can't wear it up either because of how thin the bun or ponytail is. I have considered shaving it all off because it makes me look like a sickly old person. I am in my early thirties and really wondering if my hair will ever regain any moisture or shine or body.

  3. Hello Elisa! excellent video! you talk about restoring the metabolism in 3000 calories, but currently I experience "extreme mental hunger" and like between 4500 to 5000 calories per day without any restriction and mostly "unhealthy" food you think is correct and that it will help my metabolism, I still need to win a little weight but the idea of ​​eating too much does not leave me alone

  4. I have this same issue but how do I eat more? Ever since the "extreme hunger" stopped I don't get hungry anymore

  5. Thank you for this video. I have done exactly this, gained weight on not enough calories. That is because of anxiety, food phobias, and absence of hunger and appetite, not because of fear of weight gain. I'm in what's officially considered healthy weight range but no yet in my body's natural weight.

    I find it really disturbing to see how the dieting and fitness cultures are everywhere. Even people who never become underweight still control their bodies and diets constantly. Not everyone but I'd say the majority of people do that.

  6. One more comment! I'd like to tell everyone who have hunger signals to please celebrate it! One thing that can start to shift the mindset about food is gratitude. Maybe before eating say thank you (personally I'm not religious and this doesn't have to be a prayer) and think about where the food came from, all the people who worked to contribute to the fact that the food is now in front of you, where it was growing, what a miracle of nature it is. And I don't mean this in a guilt trip kind of way, I understand it can feel like that for some people but this was for someone who might find a new helpful point of view from this 🙂

  7. Thank you! I have started to gain weight with minimum (2500) and I am still hungry and exercising and restricting. I was terrified, that I can not eat more if I just gain and gain! But if I understood right: I have to eat even more than my minimum and not restrict and not exercise (even walks) and my body will get balanced as my mind too?

  8. Hi, great video! I have a question for you. I´m in recovery from bulimia, and the 4 first months I ate about 2000 kcal a day. It made me gain alot of weight, but I still feel alot of my starvation symptoms (cold, fatigue, thinking about food constantly). I have now decided to embrace my hunger, and eat according to the MinnieMaud guidelines (minimum of 3000 kcal for me). Thing is, since I started I´ve been feeling super full and really nauseus almost everyday. Even though I´m full I´m experiencing ALOT of cravings, mostly for unhealthy food like candy, chips, pizza, cheese sandwitches, ice cream etc. I know it´s good to eat according to your cravings, but if I followed my cravings completely I would eat soo unhealthy. I wonder, should I try to eat more of my calories from "healthy, nutritious food" or should I eat what I crave? I have been malnurished for so long so I really want to nurish my body, and living off of candy and ice cream doesn´t sound like a very nutriosus diet haha….

  9. Have you actually ever heard of anybody who overshot like crazy (me by about 17kilos) and still eating to their full satisfaction lost that recovery weight? I've been searching for the answer for quite a while and I have only found slim young girls who regained their set point weight and stopped there. No trace of those who become really overweight in their recovery and who actually lost weight doing over 2000 calories per day. Also Elisa, looking at your "what I ate in a day" videos I doubt you eat more than 2000.

  10. I bet this is why I failed to recover with residential treatment. I was constantly starving with the meal plan they had me on, but they didn't increase it because I didn't have to weight restore (I am bulimic, average weight). Granted, I would have freaked out if they made me eat more when I didn't "need to" gain weight, and probably would have discharged. Uhhhgg I just can't win, stupid ED causes problems however I try to fight it.

  11. great video! thanks elisa. your videos helped me overcome my 12 years of disordered eating. eating at my normal hunger cues was very difficult for me. maybe one of the hardest things i had to do. but i got rid of all my mirrors, scales, tape measure, etc. and just started living life. i started learning new things, meeting new friends, traveling, enjoying life, enjoying food, enjoying my pet, and time just flew by. it took about 9 months to 1 year until my body started functioning properly, and my weight completely redistributed. i still don't know how much i weigh, but i don't have body dysmorphia anymore and i can look in the mirror and respond in a healthy way. i'm not obsessed with food and exercise anymore. if i can overcome this all-consuming disease, everybody can. xo

  12. I love your videos! YOU ARE SO HRLPFUL!! If ive gained some on 3000 but still hungry is it ok to eat more???💗💗thank u😆

  13. I found your channel just a few days ago and I love it ❤️. I have been really confused for months ago, the truth is that two years ago I got to my lowest weight (38 kg and my height was 152 cm and I was 16 years old), i didn't know I had anorexia, I just knew that my weight wasn't good for me so I started to eat more, but still doing exercise 5 days a week but with less cardio, just 15 minutes and weights. But since I started to eat more I started to feel a lot of pain in my stomach, gas , bloating, indigestion, acid reflux… At the end of 2016 I was weighing 45 kg and now I weigh 46.6 and even though I had increase the amount I eat (2500-2800 cal)don't gain more weight. Four weeks ago I got to know with my mom that I had anorexia and I don't know if I'm recovered, I have gone to 4 doctors and none of them seemed to know what I have, I still have a lot of stomach pain, gas and constipation, and I have had a lot of exams and everything is fine with me. I have to say that when I started to feel bad my doctor told me to follow the low FODMAP diet which I followed for a year, but I still had the same, now I eat everything, back in that time I used to have a lot of thoughts of food, now not too much, because if I think of it I just eat it. I don't know if my IBS is related to anorexia, I have never gotten my period too, I don't know if the way I'm eating is the correct one or if I really have IBS. I hope you help me, you have been something really helpful for me. Keep going! You deserve more followers, I wish you the best 💕. (Forgive my English please, I'm from Latin America)

  14. I’ve been over weight restored for over a year now, and, although I am by no means “fat”, I am also much larger than my body type typically was and I can tell I’m carrying extra fat. I feel like I’m eating TOO freely now, and I’m not weighing myself but I do feel like I’m slowly getting larger…. any advice?

  15. Hi Elisa, thank you for all these videos. I’m so grateful for you. Last week I realised that I have been in quasi-recovery for a while now. I’ve been following all your advice since. I have been eating whatever, whenever & however much I want. I’m relaxing. And I’m so happy to say that I’ve already been feeling so free already. This week I have eaten food without even realising that I have eaten food. I mean, just like I used to eat when I was younger. Eating literally whatever I want but without giving it any thought. Thank you for all your help ❤️ I hope to keep going like this but I’ve heard a lot of people say that 100% recovery isn’t possible and you will always have a little ED voice inside your head. This thought still scares me sometimes – that I won’t be able to FULLY recover. Do you believe that FULL recovery is possible? Once again, thank you for everything❤️

  16. hey elisa, thanks for the video but i have a question: ive been eating 2000kcal everyday and i gained weight. Im at a normal weight now but still dont have my period and my hunger cues are all over the place. I don't want to increase because im still gaining a lot eating 2000kcal. Im restricting a little now because i dont want to gain anymore, i like myself the way i am. What am i supposed to do?? everyone in recovery is eating so much and not gaining…why am i not like that?? i cant eat more because i think its a binge (i am bulimic and anorexic) and it scares me to death. I want to eat more and not gain anymore!!

  17. another thing, you say to eat whatever and whenever you want but if i do that, i binge and i purge! i always have to control myself

  18. Btw Elisa, you have made videos about stopping exercise. Can you also talk about this lover-level movement. I mean fear of resting, sitting and sleeping. Formal exercise like running is easy to stop, but by stopping for example going to gym, urge to move other ways increase. It is still hard for me to just relax. I do light walks (for hours), clean the house (all the time I have free time), and other "normal" activities because I afraid to do nothing! I know that I wont gain and become a whale if I sit down and watch a movie with my friends or travel by train to another city. But I fuss compulsively all the time. 🙁

  19. I'm recovered, I feel full after meals, my hair is not falling out, I have my period, my nails are growing, I'm always worm, I feel amazing!!! My hormones are still not 100% in balance, but they will be. I eat lots of food without restriction, lots of bread, peanut butter, pasta, potatos, beans, tahini, avocados, veggies, oatsss…what ever my body wants. I feel like I'm not gaining more weight and think I'm starting to lose some… I'm so happy. Thanks for your videos!!!

  20. i’m curious if your set point weight can change through life? if so how? and if not why is it normal to gain and lose weight through aging

  21. Hi Elisa. I've been following you since i start my recovery. My lowest weight ( 1 month ago) was 30kg. I developed bulimia because i can't stop everytime i eat, i can't stop!
    Now i'm 42kg, yes i gained a lot just in a month… And i'm compelitely depressed, i even can't look myself at the mirror everytime i take a shower, and it hurts when i touch myself. I don't see how can i stop binge eating, i allowed myself to eat once, without purge, and guess what? I didn't stop. Now i came back to restriction.. Because i was happier before than i'm now. Please someone, or the Elisa herself could answer a question? The question is: Will i be binge eater forever? What happened to me is normal? Also i failed, because as i said i developed bulimia. But, imagine that i wouldn't fail.. would i gained this much too?
    Also, you are a very intelligent person, and i love you. Your videos, every single of them, are very important to me when i'm very upset <3 thank you for your help 🙂

  22. love your videos as always dear! I wanted to get your thoughts on something, i find this may be just a part of the eating disorder itself – to aspire to be vegan but then being really hard on myself if i am not perfectly so and mess up. for example i might have a chai and the drink contains milk powder or honey. or i might have coffee creamer, it says lactose-free but it still has milkl ingredients. is that ok? i try my best but if i do have minimal dairy it doesn't make me a bad person!

  23. Hey. Please help.
    I am recovering for 8 months.
    My BMI is 19. I do not feel full, I think about food, I'm nervous.
    I do not know what to do. I eat a lot of bread and I'm never full. I am asking for advice.

  24. Hi Elisa, im struggling so much at the moment and I just don’t know what to do 😰
    In January I thought I was almost recovered but then- the big backflash with relapse and co. Currently I’m going trough so much different phases and feelings that I just can’t anymore.. there are hours- sometimes days where I don’t think about all that obsessive s***t, but then I see myself in the mirror and it’s horrible..
    than eating time.. and try to eat what I really want only for ending up eating a few bites of it and start eating sweet stuff like chocolate even if I don’t know if I want this right now.. is it normal that I dont know what I really want and just eat sweets cause I think I have to? I’m so confused, every time when I get hungry I just want a bite of EVERYTHING, I can’t decide what my craving really is
    Do you think I’m on a good way when at some moments a day I forget all the ED thoughts?

  25. Hey
    I have a question which is very important for me: I come from Anorexia and I am in Quasi Recovery for 1 1/2 years now. I eat about 2000 kcals. I had a phase where I made myself sick but now I don't do this anymore. My question is: Do the Minnie Maud Guidelines still fit to me? Am I still 'allowed' to recover with Minnie Maud? I would appreciate it so much if you would answer me 😢

  26. Please, someone help/give advice?

    I'm 5 ft tall, female. I lost weight from over 200lbs, down to 90lbs, through disordered eating.

    I decided to 'recover' by myself, and experienced extreme hunger up to about 130lbs (overweight), at which point the extreme hunger disappeared, but without that to drive me to keep eating, I started to ignore normal hunger signals too in favour of restricting and started to relapse, but not fully. I sought help at this stage, got refered to an ED clinic, and was diagnosed with atypical anorexia nervosa.

    Unfortunately, I was put on a LONG waiting list for treatment, and during that time I have completely relapsed. I am eating more than I did 'the first time round', but still restricting to under 800 calories most days (but more when my partner, who knows about my ED now, is around which is about 2 days a week). In the last couple of months, I have lost weight again to 110lbs. So right now I am smack bang in the middle of a 'healthy weight' for my height.

    I am thinking about food all the time, feeling poorly, obsessed with losing weight, destructive habits to avoid eating, isolating myself etc. All the usual symptoms. But I just don't know if I am in a position to 'eat what I want, when I want' in my situation? Sometimes I wonder if I am actually sick… and eating what I want when I want is just me being greedy, because of how fat I was before the eating disorder.

    I just don't know what to do. I really want to recover for good (if I AM still sick), but I don't know if I should be eating to my hunger in my individual situation at all.

  27. Hi Elisa! I just want to say I love your channel. I also just bought your book! I can’t put it down, it’s so helpful and interesting. Amazing job! Could you do a video of fatigue and tiredness during recovery? I’m currently going through it now and ppl close to me don’t understand

  28. Hello. I actually have a problem. I started recovery at very low weight (I had been maintaining this very low weight for 4 years). I slowly increased and gained on 2000-2300 on average. And weight gain stopped. I'm now at the lower end of "healthy BMI" (pre anorexia I was 21), I pretty much eat what I want, but it always ends up at around 2000 kcal. I dont have my period, but I just dont feel like eating more. I have never in my life experienced extreme hunger despite the fact that I was severely underweight for 4 years. I don't have it now either. I'm not obsessed about food. I'm obsessed that my metabolism won't heal as there is always "eat minimum 2500". What should I do? Should I forcefeed myself or wait?

  29. I guess it depends on "what you want".. 😉 and one's idea of "however much", too! I find having the food groups helpful.

  30. Hi Elisa, I've been searching for recovery resources specific to older, menopausal and post-menopausal women–what they can expect in recovery and how minimum caloric guidelines pertain to them, especially at an age when loss of estrogen is naturally lowering metabolism. Most of the guidelines and literature assume a younger audience. Any references or direction you may be able to share would be much appreciated. Thank you so much for your generosity, for all you do to inspire and reassure and motivate.

  31. What happens if you're not even eating the normal amount (struggling to stick to my meal plan) but gained weight? It makes me feel like I can't justify committing to my meal plan because my weight will soar

  32. This is so hard for me because I've been normal weight the whole time even though I have lost a lot. Also I have binge eating background so Iäm super afraid that if I allow myself total freedom to eat anything and as much as I want, that I will just binge and I will never be able to eat like a normal person. I don't know if I've ever had a completely healthy relationship with food it always goes bad some way.

  33. Im really confused right now. Ive had extreme hunger for about 2 months, but it is starting to go away because ive felt kind of grossed out by food the last couple days. I feel physically hungry a decent amount and i still always think about food. But im not craving anything and still feel kind of grossed out around food. I dont know what to do

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