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our what is going on guys today as you
saw by the title we’re talking about weed does weed help when you are
fighting does it help as an athlete in general and why do fire smoke so much
we’re gonna get into all that today but before we do get into this video
obviously have to mention that weed is not legal in a lot of states and
countries so that being said I do not condone the use of any illegal
substances alright got that I haven’t made a video in a while so it’s hard to
look at the lens so right now I’m looking off this way
everyone so all so please ignore that so first things first let’s talk about what
we’d actually is right so wheat has THC and CBD forget about the CBD right now
I’m gonna be done with the THC right in your body of something already called
the endocannabinoid receptors right and these endocannabinoids receptors
something that connects to them right so that can either be THC or that could be
endocannabinoids themselves right so they both connect these endocannabinoids
so the endocannabinoids or the THC bind the cannabinoid receptors and that’s
what creates all those weird quote-unquote hi feelings right some
athletes believe that smoking that J right before they go for a run or pump
some iron that it actually helps lower their anxiety levels that helps them
just in the gym or whatever they’re doing right now there’s a lot of
Fighters that do smoke weed maybe as being a really obvious one he’s been
caught he’s been charged for it you know I had cataracts when I walked
in the door I think I’m cured right now as joe rogan he’s a really big advocate
he actually smoked a blunt with Elon Musk so that was great if you guys
haven’t seen that there’s a short clip tobacco okay so it’s like plot tobacco
pot never had that yeah I think I tried one once probably can’t because
stockholders right I mean it’s legal right it’s all illegal
okay how does it work do people get upset at you if you do
certain things a backhoe and marijuana in there that’s all it is does the
combination of tobacco and marijuana is wonderful first turned on to it by
Charlie Murphy and then reignited by Dave Chappelle okay Plus whiskey haha
exactly perfect balances it out alcohol is a drug that’s been grandfathered in
well it’s not just a drug it’s a term that weed makes you more intuitive
yourself right and Joe Rogan mentioned this before but when you’re in a fight
or specifically like when you’re rolling right like for Brazilian Jujitsu you’re
just like in this weird state obviously in a fight – it’s not like it just feels
different that mental state feels completely different than like any other
aspect of life right I don’t know if that makes any sense unless you’re a
fighter yourself but like being in a fight or like rolling for jujitsu just
feels like a completely different mindset like a completely different
state of mind and when you’re actually like then you’re just doing different
daily stuff like when you’re just living life it’s just a different mindset right
so that different minds that combined with like the focus of smoking weed and
the ego debt not really ego death but it’s like a ego medicine right like you
know must mention this one it was like lowering your it’s like an ego medicine
it like lowers your your ego right a lowered ego from the weed and the UH and
just the different state of mind in general from the jujitsu just go great
together it just make you more loose and you’re just kind of going with a flow
right and I mean I’m not I’m not say I can do it I’m just saying but I like a
lot of jiu-jitsu guys can do jujitsu place actually in LA is called
high rollers and their eyes balls the whole time they’re doing Brazilian
jiu-jitsu they got competitions they all get high before and then they then they
go they roll and they compete and then whoever wins gets like a pound of weed
or something like something crazy this is a completely separate reason at first
I was talking about why fighters smoke like while they’re actually training
right but now we’re talking about after so after it’s kind of obvious right so
they’re done with the training people get punched in the face a lot when
they’re fighting if you didn’t already know I comment sense you get punched in
the face and it hurts so when you smoke a lot of times it can help a little bit
with that pain so that’s why some people smoke after right that’s why some people
smoke a lot in general so both of these combined that’s why guys if you were
wondering so make of it as you will you just don’t want to just go and do
something you don’t know what you’re doing right you want to be careful you
want to be smart and you want to be safe some people go by as some people don’t
go by it so the end of the day it’s up to you
OBS didn’t enjoy this video like I said I do not condone the use of any illegal
substances whatsoever with that being said make sure you guys drop a like if
you did enjoy subscribe if you have not already peace

78 thoughts on “Why Do MMA Fighters Smoke Weed?!? | Does Marijuana Help In The Gym

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