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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi everybody, welcome to our webinar
about our ARGI+. There are so many fantastic benefits of this product and I have to
tell you it’s probably one of my favorites I’m really excited
to share with you today. So let’s get started,
just close this here we go and before we talk about our ARGI+ you
really need to discuss the importance of Heart Health. There are so many things that are tied
to our cardiovascular health and in The United States cardiovascular disease is
the number one cause of death in women and stroke which is also related to
cardiovascular health is the number three cause of death in that
cardiovascular disease over all accounts for one in every three deaths in The United States
and more than 2,200 American’s die of cardiovascular
diseases every day, that’s one death every 39 seconds. Our busy lifestyles are contributing to
people not getting enough exercise having too much stress eating diets full
of highly processed foods that are deficient and essential nutrients. The good news is that there are many
ways to support your heart health studies have shown that those who are
active for at least 30 minutes a day 4 to 5 times a week are healthier,
happier and more productive. An active doesn’t necessarily mean you’re spending
all of your time at the gym, you can do little things like taking the stairs at work
or enjoying a bike ride with your family. you just need to get moving in addition
to eating Whole Foods and a variety of fruits and vegetables can provide your
body with the need vitamins and minerals help you feel fuller longer and boost
your energy and sleep is so important without proper sleep the body doesn’t
function at its full capacity making you feel stressed too sluggish and unproductive.
With 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night you can help reset your body and
your mind and prepare for your day. There’s other things like
eliminating smoking, reducing sugar intake, eliminating healthy fats in your diet and those things can all have a
significant impact on your cardiovascular health and of course a
great way to fill gaps left by processed foods in our diet and unhealthy choices
is nutritional support from vitamins and supplements that can provide the
nutrients that your body is missing. So now that we’ve talked about
cardiovascular health I want to talk a little bit about the circulatory system.
The circulatory system in your body is largely responsible for what we are
referring to as your cardiovascular health and the circulatory system is
made up of your heart, lungs, arteries, blood vessels and veins. This series of systems is responsible
for nourishing the organs transporting nutrients and oxygen throughout the body
and eliminating waste a couple examples of how that actually works in your body
as food is digested blood flows through the intestinal capillaries picks up
nutrients such as glucose, vitamins minerals and then delivers them to the
body tissues through the blood. As blood flows through the lungs carbon dioxide
is eliminated oxygen is picked up the carbon dioxide is then expelled from the
body through the lungs and the oxygen is taken to the tissues by the blood and
one more example in the kidneys waste materials from the body tissues are
filtered out from the blood as it flows through the kidneys, so as you can see these are just a few
of the really important ways that the circulatory system helps
to support the body. Now I think we all know that the most
important component of the circulatory system is the heart. The heart beats a
thousand times and pumps 2,500 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood
vessels each day every single day. This means that all those things we just
talked about a minute ago blood carrying nutrients through the body, transporting oxygen and supporting waste
elimination are all made possible by the heart. so now that we’ve discussed and showed
the significance of your cardiovascular health and how important
it is to your body, how does our ARGI+ help the heart
and the cardiovascular system? ARGI+ several key ingredients in
antioxidant blend that helps to fight free radical damage and for anyone who
doesn’t know I think we talked a lot about free radical damage with rubber
products and vitamins and supplements as a whole there’s a whole scientific explanation
that i won’t go into in this webinar but essentially free radicals are caused by
the environmental factors that we are exposed to every day, I’m exposure to x-rays, ozone, cigarette
smoke, air pollutants, industrial chemicals, things like that that caused
great stress to the body and create free radical cells now adding antioxidants
into our diet through fruits vegetables and supplementation can help to
stabilize these free radicals and prevent them from causing as much damage
as they do. This is why super foods like Acai and other antioxidants have
gained so much popularity over the last several years. ARGI+ also contains vitamin compliment
complex to provide you with additional nutrients that your body needs and
finally and most importantly ARGI+ contains five grams of pure Arginine. Arginine plays a very very important role in the body and it’s a key ingredient in ARGI+ and obviously where ARGI+ also gets its name. Arginine plays important role in cell division the body’s ability to heal immune
function and the proper release of hormones. Arginine is a semi-essential
amino acid you’ve heard of essential amino acids and non-essential, semi-
essential basically means that it is essential to the bodies processes
depending on the health and the developmental stage of
the person taking it. and twenty to forty percent of the
proteins that we consume in our diet are broken down into amino acids. One of
these amino acids is Arginine which we just talked about and it is naturally
produced in the body through this reactions Argi+ is then converted in the
body into nitric oxide. Now it’s in a little bit sciency for a
minute but I hope it will make a lot of sense and help you understand why
ARGI+ is such a fantastic product, so nitric oxide which is created from the
Argentine reaction in the body works to relax smooth muscle to widen your blood
vessels especially in the lungs it supports circulation and vasodilation
which is the dilation of your blood vessels which decreases
your blood pressure. Essentially it opens the pathways for
blood to move more efficiently throughout your body and supports all
the process of the cardiovascular system that we just talked about. Many of you may be familiar
with Dr. Murad who won a Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1998 for
his research in nitric oxide I know he did several videos in support
with Steve Hatchet and that’s a couple of years ago. He really spoken a lot
about nitric oxide and the impact it has on the body. Dr. Murad was involved in the
development of our ARGI+, so when we say that our ARGI+ is backed by Nobel prize-winning
research we really mean it, but not only that the benefits of nitric
oxide have been researched and demonstrated in many different studies
in the scientific community a few of which you can see on the screen here so
this is a very well trusted and tested and reaction that happens in the body. So because of its powerful combination
of Arginine antioxidants and vitamins ARGI+ supports the cardiovascular system,
brain health and cognition, can help fight free radical damage, supports the
musculoskeletal system and may support immune function because of the Arginine
to nitric oxide reaction in the body and the increased efficiency of blood moving
throughout the body ARGI+ may also provide feelings of
prolonged energy and may have if it’s have taken before a workout. So now that we’ve talked a lot today
about how your body is made up of cells tissues and vital organs that
all function together picture this series of systems in
your body like roads on a map there are small country roads highways
interstate and everything in between and that Forever we call this the
Nutrients Superhighway we’ve talked a lot about the nutrients
superhighway as it relates to Vital5. Many of you know that our ARGI+ is an
important part of Vital5 and works with the other products in Vital5 to
support the nutrient super highway and there are three major ways in which
Vital5 supports the nutrients superhighway absorption, circulation and
fortification of which our ARGI+ is a valuable part. The first part of the nutrients superhighway
that Vital5 supports is absorption. Absorption is going to refer
to the bioavailability of nutrients or how much of a food or supplement is
absorbed into the body the greater the absorption is the
greater the benefit to your body. Vital5 supports absorption in two
ways Forever Aloe Vera Gel and the Forever Aloe Vera Drinks nourish the digestive
tract to support healthy digestion and waste elimination and Forever Active Probiotic
which provides the body with 1 billion units of six different strains
of healthy bacteria which supports healthy digestion other body processes. Next up is circulation so once you’ve optimized the absorption
of nutrients with the last two products the next step is supporting
cardiovascular health in circulation to deliver vitamins and minerals to the
cells and organs they support so all of those processes that we just
talked about within the cardiovascular system. Forever Arctic Sea provides
essential omega-3 fatty acids to support the cardiovascular system and as we just
talked about our ARGI+ contains a powerful blend of L-Arginine and antioxidants
designed to increase nitric oxide production in the body which promotes
circulation, increases efficiency and delivering nutrients throughout your body. The final step of the nutrients
superhighway is fortification and Forever Daily is the product that we
have that absolutely supports that with over 55 nutrients including
essential vitamins and minerals Forever Daily effectively delivers new excuse me needed nutrients to your cells tissues
and organs to fill gaps left by poor diet and reduced vitamin and mineral
content in the foods that we so fortification would be represented by
the vehicle traveling on the nutrients super highway in that map that
we just talked about I hope that you’ve learned today in our
quick webinar but really effective information about how powerful ARGI+ is,
how it works within the body and helps to support your cardiovascular health. I also hope you’ve learned ARGI+ work
synergistically with other products and Vital5 to support the nutrient super
highway and help you look and feel better.

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