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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys it’s Philip welcome back to the
channel I’m finally back in Wellington New Zealand currently staying with my
friends trying to find an apartment and get settled down but my friend’s room is
gonna have to do for today so the question I’m answering today is this
protein powder are necessary and is it something worth investing your money in
when most of you think of the words supplement you probably think of protein
powder protein powder is synonymous with building muscle losing fat it’s the most
popular supplement out there however protein powder isn’t really a
supplement it’s more of a food but it’s just called the supplement so we’re
gonna call it a supplement because that makes things easy
so within every health sore supplement store protein powder is gonna be
everywhere and that’s because it sells so well people seem to have this idea
that protein powder is going to give you results but as many of you know if
you’re not going to the gym and you start consuming protein powder
you’re not automatically going to build muscle because of that all protein
powder is is an efficient way to get and more protein in your diet without many
calories typically one scoop of protein powder is gonna is gonna have 25 grams
of protein on average maybe a bit less maybe a bit more and it’s gonna deliver
that protein with only a hundred and fifty calories or so give or take and
that’s why it’s so effective for fat loss because you can meet your protein
requirements retain on to your muscle while you’re losing fat and at the same
time still have more room for food to eat however protein powder isn’t
necessary and you don’t need to be drinking protein shakes all the time
even if you’re lifting heavy weights here’s the reason why your results are
going to be primarily dictated by the total amount of calories you consume as
well as the total amount of protein you consume carbs and fat are also important
but it’s mainly about your calories and your protein let’s say you have 2500
calories for the day and 170 grams of protein that you’re trying to meet
you’re going to get the exact same results whether you meet these
requirements through unhealthy foods you know protein shakes it doesn’t really
matter where you’re getting the sources from yes of course it matters to
choose natural foods to get more nutrients and vitamins micronutrients of
course that’s important but in general for body composition it doesn’t really
matter where your food is coming from as long as you’re hitting the required
numbers that you’re trying to meet so that’s the point if you’re consuming
enough protein from real food sources like chicken egg peas chickpeas whatever
sources of protein as long as you’re hitting the number you’re trying to meet
then protein powder isn’t gonna give you any sort of magical result the reason
why it’s handy is because sometimes depending on your protein intake
especially if it’s high it’s difficult to meet that requirement just from food
and it’s really easy to just simply have two scoops of protein and get 50 grams
of protein instead of having to eat a big steak which has twice three times as
many more calories and takes much longer to prepare and consume so that’s why
protein powder is useful there isn’t anything inherently magic
about it you’re gonna see many claims about certain types of protein powders
being more rapidly absorbed in the body for example whey protein is absorbs
quicker into the body right hence why it’s usually advocated to be consumed
after workout while Castine protein is slower digesting which is why the
classic bodybuilding recommendations say that you should consume it before bed to
keep amino acid levels raised and to prevent a catabolic state however this
does not really matter as long as you’re getting protein from plant and animal
based sources you’re going to be getting enough amino acids protein timing
doesn’t really matter that much absorption rate doesn’t really matter
that much the majority of the research shows that as long as you’re consuming
the amount you’re trying to eat right and you’re following the other basic
principles like a calorie deficit or surplus strength training progressive
overload these are the factors which are gonna determine 99 percent of your
results so focus on getting your protein from real food as your first priority
and don’t go out and buy protein powder because you want to gain more muscle by
it if you want if you have spare money and then if you don’t meet your
requirements or some on some days if you’re in a rush
that’s when it makes sense to consume some so that’s it for the video just
basically a breakdown on why personally I don’t really consume protein powder
and why I don’t recommend it for the majority of people food is your best bet
and you should just be focusing on that as your first priority the only times
where it’s really gonna be useful to have protein powder as if you’re in a
big rush one day you don’t get enough from food you’re vegan or vegetarian
because it’s more difficult to get as much protein all you just have a super
super high protein requirement because that’s simply what works best for you
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I’ll see you guys in the next video

14 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Use Protein Powder And Why You Don’t Need To Either

  1. Mmm I'm very fond of the Herbalife products, but I'll have them as a treat rather than a daily post workout necessity these days. Saving money lol

  2. I was a big protein powder user in the past, since I started keto and introduced more meat in my diet, I have no need for it to grow muscle in the gym 💪

  3. Wow this is crazy, I was just talking to a kidney doctor yesterday at the gym. He mentioned that drinking a lot of protein powder isn’t even good for your kidneys and isn’t that beneficial for muscle growth

  4. Thank you for the lesson on common sense. It's called a supplement for a reason not whole food as it is used to supplement your diet if you fall short on the macros. Eat a healthy, whole foods and if you do not meet your requirements then you supplement with whey etc., the clue is in the name. What's your next video entitled? Water and why it's wet?

  5. of course no one needs protein powder, depending on what you eat normally.
    i use it for convenience, same with soylent.
    It's also cheaper per amount protein compared to most other food/supplements in case I don't reach my target.

  6. Do you switch between diets or u follow one diet.. i reduced my with keto but i discontinued it.. what diet i can follow or only IF can make lean like you.. i am commenting this without seeing the video.. i hope you reply

  7. First of all the number 1 country on bucket list is new Zealand.
    second of all I totally agree that you don't need protein, I've never had any supplement in my life. The only ones I actually used so far are the following: Spirulina, Chlorella, Reishi, Mucuna pruriens, black seed oil, fish oil and Magnesium. All this was on the warrior diet (20/4) eating window and doing body building combined with sauna, cold baths (8°c) and the Wim Hof method. Shit is working pretty well.

  8. I can't stand the cloyingly sweet taste of protein powder. Also I get extremely hungry after drinking it. just find supplements in general are so suspect

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