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What’s going on, guys. Sean Nalewanyj here,
I wanted to get a little more personal today, do a different type of video and explain the
reason why I choose to stay natural and why I personally don’t and never have taking
steroids. Now, I’ll separate this into two questions, which are why I don’t use them
now and why I didn’t use them in the past, because they’re actually two different reasons.
So, the reason I don’t use them now is really simple, and that’s just that I honestly
have no desire at all to carry anymore muscle or to be any bigger than I already am. I’ve
been doing this fitness thing for a very long time now. I went through my bodybuilding phase
back in the day where I literally want to be as huge and strong as possible, and I was
basically obsessed with it. That last probably about eight years, which I’ll talk about
shortly, but at this point my mindset has changed a lot toward it. And I definitely
prefer a more practical, sort of athletic look, so, a decent amount of muscle but not
too much and a decent amount of–or a decent level of leanness but also not too much. So
at this stage I’m honestly not preoccupied with the idea having, you know, a crazy physique.
I train because I enjoy it, and because it makes me feel good. I definitely like being
in good shape physically and I do want to look good, but my life does not revolved around
fitness. I have other priorities now and working out and eating properly is really just something
that I do but I don’t really think too much about, because it’s just such an automatic,
ingrained habit for me. And once you develop the habit and you’re happy with where you
are, the whole thing pretty much becomes almost effortless. So I don’t use steroids now
for the very simple reason that I have no reason whatsoever to use them. I wouldn’t
even want the results they would give me. Now, the second part of the question is why
I didn’t use the steroids in the past, even though I did want to be as muscular as possible.
So, the simplest answer I could give is that I didn’t use steroids because I was afraid
of the psychological effects that they would probably have on me. So for the first, maybe
like five years of training, I didn’t even consider the idea of steroids because I was
really young at the time, I was making consistent gains and so it just didn’t occur to me.
But once I hit, maybe 20 years old, by that point I had pretty much already come close
to maxing out my genetic potential for carrying muscle naturally. I was maybe 195 pounds at
that point. I’m 170 now. And I was working at a supplement store with all competitive
bodybuilders who are all using gear, and the idea of possibly using it did cross my mind.
I don’t think I ever really, truly considered doing it. And the main reason, again, was
psychological. It wasn’t so much the possible health effects, that was part of it, but it
was mostly just that I was afraid of the body image issues that it would probably create.
And I was afraid that if I was started using steroids, I wouldn’t be able to stop. If
you’re really heavily into bodybuilding and fitness for aesthetic purposes, especially
if you compete, then you’re already highly preoccupied with the physical appearance of
your body. You know, you’re constantly analyzing you body fat levels, how big your muscles
are, you symmetry, how your physique compared to other people, how it compares to how you
looked in the past. And in my experience going to the extreme with it, it just creates kind
of a neurotic situation that takes away from your overall mental wellbeing. Not for everybody,
but that’s just been my experience. And the big challenge with it is that just like
with anything in life, you always get accustomed to whatever level you achieved with something.
So whether it’s with making money, material possessions, social status, your dating life,
you always get used to a particular level and then it stops bringing you satisfaction.
And our brains are wired up this way, to keep us striving for things. And in the case of
bodybuilding, you’ll always find yourself looking to the people with the physiques that
are at the next level above you and you’ll use that as your new standard. And this cycle
will just goes on and on. So when you first start out at the gym, you just want to be
in decent healthy shape. And then you achieved that and you think, “Well, it’d be nice
to carry more muscle.” So you go ahead and you train hard. You put on maybe ten pounds
of muscle. And then you’d think, “Well, this looks good but I’m still not that muscular.
That guy over there is way bigger. I need to put on, say ten more pounds.” So you
do that, and then it’s, “Alright, I’m not look bad but I’m still kind of small,
let’s add another ten pounds.” So you do that, then it’s, “Well, yeah, I’m
pretty big but I’m so fat. So I need to lean down.” So then you’ll lose, say 15
pounds of fat, but then you’ll feel like you’ve lost size and you’re too small,
so now you want to maintain that level of leanness but get even bigger. So then you
go add more size, but now you feel fat again, so you do another cutting phase. And this
whole thing’s just goes on and on and on. Whatever level you get to, becomes the new
normal and then you start to feel unhappy with that level and you want more. So this
was the issue that I saw with steroids and it’s why I was, basically afraid of taking
them. I just felt that if I was to use steroids, I’d pack on all this new muscle, I’d be
huge and shredded in a very short time and just feel like monster. And if I experienced
that once, how would I ever be able to go back to my natural physique? I’d have to
keep pushing the envelope further and further to stay satisfied. And then eventually when
I stopped using them, it would mess me up mentally to, basically watch my body deflate,
and that maybe I’d always be dissatisfied with my physique after that. And then coupling
that with the fact that I had no plans of competing, and that I already have a very
analytical, sort of perfectionist attitude in general, it just all in all felt like a
really risky path to go down. So that basically it. I didn’t use steroids because I felt
that it was psychologically dangerous, and it wasn’t worth it, and I think this applies
to a lot of other people as well. So, if you’re someone who is considering steroids use, don’t
just think about the physical health side but also think about the mental side. I have
no moral issues to all the steroids used, as long as people don’t lie about it to
sell things. I’m fully in favor of the fact that people should be able to do whatever
they want with their bodies. And surely there are people out there who do just fine using
them, but the psychological side shouldn’t be overlooked because I think it can be very
dangerous for some people depending on their personality type. So steroids use is a decision
that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I think that for most people, unless you have aspirations
of competing at a high level and bodybuilding is a central prime focus in your life, then
staying natural is the smarter long term route to take. That’s just my opinion, but for
the average person I definitely think that steroid use probably ends up doing more harm
than good in the long run. So that’s all I wanted to say on that. Thanks for watching
guys. The official website is You can follow me on social media here. The
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Talk to you guys again soon.

100 thoughts on “Why I Personally Don’t Take Steroids

  1. This video was on point. Humans are NEVER satisfied. Steroids are not worth the negative effects.. Well it depends on the person's goals but eh

  2. Sean , I have a question
    Ive been training about two years and was able to get excellent results, but now I am sick of performing chest and bicep , back and triceps , legs and shoulders , I would like to make one day only dedicated to bicep triceps, back another day , another one for chest and finally one of shoulder and legs.
    My question is, when you are training chest and back, there are many side muscles that act also therefore its correct to combine these big muscles with the smallers , but I've seen many people who do a day dedicated only arms and other days dedicated to the biggest muscles, those this make any sense?

  3. Taking steroids is like fucking a hooker. You'll get what you want, but deep inside your heart you won't be proud of it . That's what stops me doing any of those things πŸ˜‰

  4. Nice! This kind of video is very welcome. To me, another major psychological issue would be related to the strong well being felt when using it, that most of the people in the world don't get 100% of their days.

  5. I absolutely identify myself with you! Thanks for sharing your time and opinion with us!
    Very smart of you!

  6. I don't take it because 90% who take it have fucked up hairlines and do things to try to cover it like wear and hat, or grow their hair extra long, or shave it completely bald. I take pride in my hairline and hope to carry it into old age lol… I'm serious.

  7. Sean my opinion on steroids are that they suck, i used test prop and the pain 24 hours after the injection its impossible to describe, the pain i felt was for 4 days, i couldnt even walk lol

  8. you guys ever see that guy at the gym with the mutant arms and regular everything else. smh

  9. hey Sean I have a ? I've been on a cut for about 1 year I've lost weight I'm cut everywhere …but my abs …is that normal and does it take time for them to come in

  10. lol.. i just started going to golds gym. went to a 24 hour for years. sooooooo many dudes on gear at golds it is ridiculous!

  11. The point you make about wanting to keep getting bigger is VERY legitimate.
    I have been 'on' for 3 years now, cruising on 250mg test a week, and blasting up to 3 grams of combined gear a week. (Started out blasting 500mg test with 200mg Deca, worked my way up)
    I have accepted that I will never be 'big enough' in my own mind, but have decided to let general health determine how big I get. Right now I'm at 277lbs at 11%bf at 6'4", and I feel like leaning out to about 8% at around 260-265lbs would be perfect as far as maintaining health and having muscularity I'd personally catagorise to be fairly elite. Of course I have accepted the reality of 'healthy' steroid use, which is staying on FOR LIFE, but that's really no big deal as I'm 30 now anyway, and it's actually a fairly healthy thing to do (TRT).
    But YOUNG PEOPLE OUT THERE: Don't just start using gear!!!! It's a drug! The drugs itself aren't addictive, but the results are, and they diminish SOOO fast that before you know it, you are spending 600-900 dollars for a 10 week blast, just to gain another 7-10lbs of muscle…..just consider all of these things before you even consider if steroids are what you need to achieve the result you want.

  12. apsolutely true said . steroids do effect on body but more on psychlogicaly on mind . . well said sean n u hv taken rite step to stay natural . . i will deffinately share this video so that new generation can understand the logic behind steroid for just good physic .

  13. Not gonna lie… I thought you were on that juice before looking at your old pics ^ Guess you are really that masculine lol Thanks for being natty πŸ˜€ Keep up the good work!

  14. You literally have the absolute best fitness channel on YouTube no bullshit it is actually the best you deserve way more views and subscribers then you have

  15. Can you research and answer this question briefly for me? Because I did my research but couldn't find the answer. 1. Why high testosterone level lower sperm count instead of increasing it? Why steroids cause heart problems?

  16. Hey Sean, can you make a video on how to fix protruding shoulder blades, I think it's called winged scapula.

  17. You are an inspiration Sean, I train and lift weights almost for the exact same reason- athletic, healthy, lean and other personal reasons. The experience of building muscle can be such an addiction that it can take a toll on the way you look and feel about your 'physical' self- especially in this day and age of the fitness industry where, seemingly, there's a predisposition that bigger is better.

  18. Really fantastic video, the psychological aspect I think is the most important thing to consider when talking about steroids.

  19. A lad in work takes them and hes actually really honest about them so i asked him and he told me hes balls actually go inside for like a week or so and he had the pop hes bollocks with hes finger when hes shagging and that just put me off. I bounce around on me scrotum like a space hopper and i wonna keep it that way don't want no mincey baby bollocks i like them swinging away like wrecking ball when im shagging

  20. The psychological issues are the main deterrent for me. The health issues are also a concern. I just rather play it safe and work towards my genetic potential. I've also worked on overcoming my insecurities and have come to the realization that my body deserves better. I'm amazed at the results I've obtained with a healthy diet and progression on my lifts. It has taken years though.

  21. Oh btw, would you consider making a video or to about the actual safety/risks of taking steroids? Some general info on it, if you got the knowledge.

  22. Good vid man, when I first started training there was heaps of guys at that gym that were on it, I was never really interested in what I couldn't maintain long term so didn't take them. Glad I didn't as I'm 40 this year so would be getting into the danger zone, & like you say I'm happy with how I look & wouldn't want to have an extreme physique.

  23. Hi Man. I have a question for you. Is training lateral delts on every gym day a good idea in order to get wider sholders? I mean 3-4 sets of lateral raises after the workouts. By the way goog video as always. Keep it up

  24. The roid rage is real….. And it could screw up your hormones permanently. However I heard the best way to take steroids would be to hit 100% of ur genetic potential then stop there and pct like nuts.

  25. Sean what u have said is 200% right, it effects psychological feelings a lot! Thanks for your efforts on the videos πŸ™‚

  26. I agree with a lot of what you have to say but, it bothers me when I go to the gym and I see a guy who's 60 years old and is very clearly on gear, surrounded by younger people who may look at him without even thinking about steroids and think "Wow, how'd he get that body at that age? I need to look like that or eat like him or workout like him" and I see it all the time. Little scrawny guys looking up to these bigger dudes, half-repping like no tomorrow. This actually brings me up to a question.

    Do you believe taking HGH (not having it naturally occur in your body) is, in essence, a steroid?

  27. Mr. Sean Nalewanyj can i build a healthy lean strong body 100% naturally without any kind of supplement products whatever they might be ? i hope you answer my question because you are the only youtuber that i admire and trust when it comes to bodybuilding .

  28. So fucking true. Honestly the idea has NEVER even crossed my mind lol. I even used to think taking pre workout or creatine was being on drugs. But everything you said is true. You're never satisfied, you always want more. Most people that don't understand this are people that have not really acquired anything they've desired for a long time. I remember just a year ago, just a year, i used to overstress SOOOOOOO much about details on my body. But everytime I'd improve it, I'd never even appreciate what I had done so far. Once you get it, it gets boring and you always want more and more and mooooore…to a point where it's not even heathy anymore. and that is without drugs. God damn it, I feel bad for those that keep taking cause it's kind of a never ending cycle. i think one of the benefits of staying natural as well is that at some point you really do realize that it's so much of a slow progress that the main thing is to LIVE YOUR LIFE then lift weights. Funny as it is, very few people actually reach that point. I did hopefully. There's more to life that being shredded or having a nice physique. Though it's cool to have one don't get me wrong, there's so much more to life than that.

  29. Hi Sean, great video πŸ™‚ I was wondering – how long would you say that with your actuall knowledge (using your body transformation blueprint) it would take one averge man to get into your actuall shape? With doing everything as you say and without any injuries and so.. I know it's impossible to say exactly I'm just curious for a guess πŸ™‚ thanks! πŸ™‚

  30. Good one. Most people on gear remind me of people with anorexia, bulimia and other poor self image. Speaking specifically as a guy, roids don't make you a tough guy, there's always a small guy that'll kick the shit out of you. I get it if you make money off how you look (movie star like Hugh Jackman), the risk may be worthwhile but as a gym rat using roids tends to just look like a fool.

  31. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ your positive attitude just amazing..

  32. Very similar to my own concerns, I already have a bit of a shakey mental well-being and I don't think I could trust myself to take steroids. On a side note I love your inverted glass rack thing.

  33. Great video Sean! I feel the same in terms of using gear and then when i stop, being demotivated about the return. I'm surrounded by people telling me to use but even though they train hard and eat well, i wouldn't feel i did it myself even with the hard work. It just wouldn't feel original and well deserved.

  34. Sean, I have to say when I was younger & trained harder and more consistent, it wasn't that I was afraid of anything, I honestly just didn't know where to get them… I'm glad though, I only regret that I didn't know what I know now in regards to training & nutrition. My reason now is just that I want to maintain my overall health & functionality into my older years. I was curious about HRT, but seems more a pain than anything else, very expensive, and how long would one plan to keep it up taking one thing or another to maintain balance? Forget it, am doing well enough…

  35. Amazing video I have the exact same feelings that's why I don't use them cuz I don't think I would be able to stop…

  36. Hi Sean, thanks for taking the time and effort to make this video. Besides the insightful information, it's a glimpse into your philosophy and many people would benefit from seeing this, especially the body image and psychological satisfaction part!

  37. A+ you are easy to listen to. A great speaking voice and you are right on target. Keep sharing them. Thanks

  38. The insane increase in sex drive is what keeps me taking gear… I hit the juice so I can fuck like a superhero and the bitches love it. I guess for me that's a good enough reason.

  39. Sean, what you said here makes a lot of sense. Question: would you still feel the same, or consider TRT when you are in your 60s? Nice traps BTW! Are you blessed with good genetics or do you hit them with a favorite trap exercise?

  40. Steroids definitely give results. Only reason I wouldn't jump on them is because I'd be too dependent on them.

  41. Thanks man. Great vid. One question, Do you think it is possible to gain muscle naturally after you've used steroids?

  42. Do you think someone can compete and win in 'Men's Physique' competitions and win a pro-card without the use of steroids ?

  43. hey great video Sean, I believe you're absolutely right about being better off in the long run. i was on test for 2 years and coming off sucks even with the care of a doctor. the worst side effect of coming off is ,loss of sex start turning into a chick for a bit lol. I actually said to my wife one time …'s not what you said it's the way you said it. wtfπŸ’ͺ

  44. some times i wonder if i should follow professional bodybuilder's advice, since they all take roids to compete in mr olympia, so maybe their advice work for them because of the roids… for instance jay cutler promotes high volume, light weight, short rest training style to mainly focus on the pump, but what if it worked for him because of the roids, but wouldnt work on a normal guy? what does sean nalewanyj suggest to get huge? for instance when you got 190lbs, how were you training in general? high rep (8-12) ? short rest period? high volume? seeked pump? or did you prioritize something like a 6 reps with heavier weight, higher rest period? i feel like sean nalewanyj is legit, im so fed up of roid heads on youtube trying to give advice to natural bodybuilders… i mean theyre not even on the same page, their body isn't functioning normaly so how is that their advice could apply to us normal guys. maybe to a certain extent it would, but still i want to optimize my time and energy so i can't rely too much on roid heads advices… it pisses me off seeing these juiced fucks claiming to be fitness gurus and giving advices lol. and it pisses me off that they got huge with roids. at least sean nalewanyj is huge but natural so respect to him for that and for giving proper info you can clearly see he is very analytical in his approach which makes him also more trustworthy

  45. Yup. I came to the realisation very early that there'll always be someone bigger, stronger, more muscular then you (by you I mean me) . . . I just strive to be the best me I can be.

  46. Addictive it's why I stayed away from prohormone product's besides I like being strong not pretty the vanity is just a bonus great vid!

  47. A candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long. Not worth it to sacrifice your long term health just for instant gratification.

  48. You did the best thing not taking steroid rubbish. some of the reason you gave are similar to the reason i did not take the stuff.
    Also if you take it and get to some amazing shape which will still be hard work. after being in shredded shape back of my mind i will know i cheated a little. Naturally achieving a good physic is more satisfying mentally and even if it's not as good as the guys on gear you know it's all natural.

  49. Thanks. I have seen men who've taken gear and seen the effects when they come off them. The muscle loss is DRAMATIC. Also, long term use leads to chronic testosterone deficiency, needing supplementation long term to just have normal levels. To me, it is a no brainer.

  50. Bro, you have to be one of the smartest YouTubers out there, and I'm so glad you take in the mental aspect of fitness. Keep it up Nalewanyj, you da man.

  51. Its all very true…

    If your considering taking steroids…

    Really research it…its not worth it…

    And you will defently attract the stupid stupid type girls for sure..

    Only 16 year old girls see nothing but muscle I know That's not what all you guys are into…

  52. What cocaine is to the brain, steroids are to the body. Fake mental state, fake muscle. Both are addictive and ultimately self defeating.

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