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this video is gonna be awesome because
we’re talking about the health benefits of fortnite and we’re starting right
now what is going on my friends this is mark from superhuman fitness and before
I do get into this video on all the health benefits (of fortnite) im gonna tell you guys a
story about how games were kind of invented so games were invented about
like 2,500 years ago I believe in the kingdom of Lydia during a famine right
and this famine was going on for such a long time and it was such a bad of a
famine it was so bad of a famine the king
wanted to come up with some crazy idea that would fix it so he came up with was
a dice game throughout the kingdom right and the way this would work is one day
everyone would eat the next day everyone would play one day everyone would eat
the next day they would play right and they did this for eighteen years because
it worked and then after eighteen years they were
still in a famine so what the king decided to do is make a really big
really big dice game they split the kingdom in half and whoever won one side
of the kingdom the winners would go on an epic adventure and they would like go
and try to find a new place to stay and at the same time when they were moving
to find a new place to stay and stuff to like so the kingdom could thrive the
kingdom that was there like the other half had enough food now the first
health benefit of for Knight is when you guys get like an epic win you’re like
you get an impulse in a twin or something you blast someone in the face
of the shotty it feels good you’re like oh my god I actually did that and it
just reinforces positive thought now it’s one thing playing games for like an
hour a day maybe versus playing you’re like the whole day I mean you guys
obviously know that so we’re just talking about the health benefits now
the next benefit is great optimism so now you already won your game or
whatever it is that you did and now you’re like confident and now you have
optimism you’re like okay for me at least when I’m winning I like I like
loot Lake or something like dude I want someone to land on me I’m a blast then
like it reinforces positive thought another benefit is you guys can actually
get more lucid dreams if you guys don’t know what lucid dreaming is it’s when
you actually control your dreams so instead of just dreaming and having to
do whatever you want you can actually say okay I’m gonna fly right now and you
flying in your dream you know I mean it’s actually really cool I don’t
know if you guys have done it and if you have and you play video games I mean
video games is probably one of the reasons that helped you do that because
in video games you’re like manipulating like a reality in the game which helps
you kind of prepare for your own mental reality if that makes sense
the next benefit is it actually improves your vision so for example you could be
sitting for like on top of the hill with a sniper scoped in and then as soon as
you see somebody’s like head kind of come from the side of a tree you know
there’s somebody there so it kind of improves your vision and it also
improves your focus so that can transfer over to real life as well and it also
improves your reaction time as soon as you see somebody you click that keeps
improving your reaction time the more you do it practice makes perfect or not
perfect in this case but something else is games actually improve your memory
and it actually can help slow aging because it can help improve memory in
other parts of your brain problem-solving reaction timing all that
it can actually help slow aging so if you’re actually like a parent or grandma
grandpa anything like that um you can play a game or two a day you probably
still see some benefits would be pretty cool to be honest so like I said it does
improve your reaction time and it reinforces you to think faster say
you’re getting shot at you build walls you’re saying what should I do next
should I run around or should I kill him like you gotta think faster you’re
getting you’re gonna get blasted get your booty blasted with a shot eCourse
sniper or an RPG if you guys enjoyed this video and enjoyed learning about
the health benefits of Fortnight make sure you drop me a sub and turn on post
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enjoy and leave a comment on what games or your favorable games to love playing
let me know in the comments peace out

9 thoughts on “Why Playing FORTNITE Is Good For YOU (TOP Benefits)

  1. Gaming does not have any benefit if it is not controlled. The problem is you cannot control it once you are into it. You will fat, lazy, aggressive, disrespectful, bully, and so many disadvantaged. Your life is/will be miserable. You think about the game the day and night and loss concentration in your actual life, you live in the game life which is a dream or you will lose your good grade at school if you are one of the genius you will go down.
    You lose your your future life for the temporary happiness.
    I know you are young and want many by doing this video but you should think making better videos which encourage the young generation like yourself to achieve something better for yourself, family and you country.

    The best game in the world is outdoor games, if the weather is bad you can play a lot brain games at home.
    So thing better. Good luck for all young

  2. Tbh havent seen an amazing vid like this in a while. Really appreciate u thought of this topic because now i really now how to reply when my parents be screaming to me for playing video-games lol. Thanks for the vid . Defently deserved the like and my sub . Hope u come with some other content .

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