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– Hey guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel. I know this is not the video
you were expecting today. It was suppose to be episode
four of Confidence Makeover, but I saw a video today
that really inspired me and really brought
something to my attention that I feel like I just
need to talk about. And usually when I sit down to film, I at least write down a couple of things that I wanna make sure that I touch on. This video I’m not not. This is just my complete,
unfiltered thoughts. So if it doesn’t come out super polished, I’m sorry about that. It’s just gonna be unfiltered Sierra. And Confidence Makeover
will come out on Monday. So you don’t have to
wait too long for that. But what I wanted to talk
about today is the idea that fat girls can’t be possibly be sexy. And this is honestly something that I hadn’t really thought much about before. But another YouTuber, Remi Cruz, whose channel is missremiashten, she made a video yesterday about how, now that she has lost some weight, she is getting slut-shamed. And basically the things
that she use to do and post that people
would think were funny and quirky and crazy, now it’s slutty just because
she is now a smaller size. And I really encourage you
guys to go watch her video because it’s really well done and has a really great message. So I’m gonna link that in the description. But one of the main things in her video was about how before she lost weight, and she lost a significant
amount of weight. I think she said on her channel it was like 60 or 70 pounds, so quite a bit. But before she lost weight, she would post videos or Instagram stories of her twerking or dancing in situations where you normally wouldn’t do that and people thought it was funny. And people thought it
was ridiculous and silly. But now that she’s thinner it’s slutty. And obviously, the
slut-shaming part of that is a huge issue and no one
should slut-shame anyone, but if someone thinks
that’s too risque now, why wasn’t it too risque back then when she was doing the exact same thing. And I never like using the
word fat to describe a person because I just don’t feel
like it’s empowering. I usually like to use plus size or thick, or even curvy is something
that I use for myself. But that’s the way that she
described it in her video so I am going to use that to describe the two sides of her experience. But basically, why is it funny when a fat girl dances but it’s slutty when a thin girl dances? Personally, I think it’s
funny no matter what size. That’s just my humor. I think it’s funny. I don’t think it’s any more or less funny now that she is thinner. I think it’s the same idea of “This girl is dropping
it low in situations where you normally wouldn’t do that.” She’s owning it, she’s working it. Ha ha ha. But if you’re someone who
doesn’t think it’s funny, fine. If you’re someone who’s like, “Oh, she shouldn’t be doing
that on the internet,” you’re entitled to your opinion. But, if you think it’s wrong, it shouldn’t be any less
wrong when she was bigger. You should think it’s
wrong no matter what size. Remi really touched on the
slut-shaming part of it in her video so I kind
of just wanna talk about my experience and my thoughts
on this whole idea of why fat women can’t be sexy. Tell me the last time that
you saw a plus size woman, or not even plus size, let’s just say average size. Over a size six. Tell me the last time that you
saw someone over a size six in a leading role or in a romantic role in a movie or a TV show. You don’t really. Not very often. I mean, the only one I can
think of is Amy Schumer in I Feel Pretty. But even that movie was
all about her confidence and how, how could someone
at her size possibly be that confident? Tell me the last time you saw someone who isn’t the typical
Hollywood ideal body size in a leading role that
wasn’t about their weight. If it’s not about their weight then they’re the butt of the joke. Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson, all these awesome representations of plus size women in the media. It’s great that we have that. It’s great that we have
really talented actresses giving that kind of representation. But they’re in comedy. It’s funny right? We’re suppose to laugh
because they’re fat. You never see someone
plus size as the ingénue, as the leading lady, as the snarky best friend. Those roles are reserved
for people who are thin. For people who are desirable, who are sexy, who are going
to bring in an audience. Because someone who is plus size couldn’t possibly be sexy or anything but the funny fat girl
according to Hollywood. According to media. According to the kind of
content that we usually consume. And that’s one of the reasons
that I love YouTube so much is because there’s no producer
or director on most channels saying “We need a size two,
tall, blonde, white woman for this role and that’s
all that we’ll do.” We are people. Normal people who are
creating content about us most of the time on YouTube. So there’s no one stopping
the representation which is why creators
on YouTube tend to be a lot more diverse than
creators in Hollywood. Because there’s no red line,
there’s no red tape saying “Nope. Too thin, too
fat, not good enough.” We get to choose, and you guys honestly,
more than us get to choose, who rises and who falls by who you watch and who you support. And that’s why it’s awesome that on the Internet and in digital media, you get to see people like me, like Remi, like every single other creator out there who wouldn’t necessarily be
the ideal standard of beauty. Because you guys are getting
to choose who you wanna watch and you guys don’t wanna see
the same person 1000 times over because that’s what Hollywood
tells you is pretty. And I just need to clarify, there’s absolutely
nothing wrong with being the tall, thin, blonde, white girl. There’s nothing wrong with that. That person is just as beautiful. But they shouldn’t be the only ones who are allowed to be sexy. Why does someone like Remi, losing 50, 60, 70 pounds whatever it is, why does that suddenly bring her from the fat, funny girl
to the slutty, thin girl? It’s this whole idea that has
been shoved down our throats. That overweight women, plus size women, anyone who’s not a size two can’t be sexy. They have to just be the funny girl. That’s all that they
can be boiled down to. Like with talented comedy actresses like Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy, even if the jokes aren’t
about their weight, even if they’re not
directly making fun of them, that is part of why
we’re suppose to laugh. They’re big, they’re
different than everyone else. Ha ha ha. Let’s all laugh about it. And that’s so messed up. And I just hate that. And I just feel really bad for plus size actresses in Hollywood because that is the trope that they are being boiled down to and those are the jobs
that they’re gonna get. I am an actress. I don’t even know if I can qualify myself as an actress anymore cause I
haven’t worked in two years. But I use to do acting. I use to do musical theater. I was trying to get into TV
and film for a little while and I knew that if I
wanted to be successful I had to embrace the funny fat girl. That that’s what I was destined to. And that’s one of the big reasons that as soon as I found YouTube, I threw my acting career to the side because I don’t have to be
that on my YouTube channel. You guys don’t expect me to be that trope and that archetype. I can just be Sierra. Yeah I’m curvy but that’s
not all of who I am. I’m not just the funny fat girl. You guys get to see all
the different parts of me. That I’m open to sharing and I don’t have to be
boiled down to one thing, which is what would’ve happened if I would have tried to pursue a career in traditional media. It’s this whole idea of fat women can’t be anything but funny. They can’t be anything but
something for us to laugh at. They couldn’t possibly
be complex characters. They couldn’t possibly be
anything more than that. And I think Remi’s struggle with being slut-shamed after losing weight is a really terrible and
perfect real life representation of what happens when you
boil down plus size women to just being one thing. That they couldn’t possibly be sexy. The only complex plus size character that I can think of off
the top of my brain, and I’m sure there’s others, leave them down in the comments. The only I can think of right now is Kate from This is Us. And I’ve only gotten up to season two, but her whole arc so far has been about weight loss. And about how she isn’t
comfortable with herself and she wants to lose weight. And that’s not a bad story to tell and I think This is Us
does a wonderful job of telling that story and building her to be a complex character and they do have a love interest for her. But it still is about her weight. You never get to see
a confident, beautiful plus size woman who is happy
with the way that she is. Maybe they’re telling a different story that’s not based on their weight. It always comes down to either a story or a joke about their weight or let’s just all laugh
cause this person is big. I think it really, really sucks that Remi has lost this weight and gone through a weight loss journey and now she’s just getting
shamed for something else. Instead of getting
shamed about her weight, now it’s shamed about
being too scandalous. Being slutty. And I hate that word but that’s
the word that we’re using cause that’s the way she
referred to it in her video. So I have no idea if this made any sense. Maybe it was just
completely incomprehensible but I just felt like it’s
something I needed to talk about. I was driving yesterday
with my friend Skylar and we were talking about Remi’s video because it had just come out and we both had watched it. And there were so many
things that I was saying that I was like man, I feel like I need to talk about this on the Internet to you guys. Also, I would love to
hear some of your thoughts on how we can fix this problem. Obviously having more
complex plus size characters in Hollywood and in traditional
media would be great but that’s probably not
gonna happen any time soon. So I would say just supporting creators who are being a voice
for something different, that maybe you don’t see in Hollywood. And I just wanna say nothing but love and support to Remi. Like I said, she did focus more on
the slut-shaming angle in her video which I
think is super important and just terrible that
she has to deal with that. So yeah. Let me know in the comments
what you guys think of this. What you thought of her video. And I will see you on
Monday with episode four of Sierra Schultzzie’s
Confidence Makeover. I hope you have a wonderful day and don’t forget you are beautiful and confident and you have every
reason to love your curves. I’ll see you on Monday. Bye!

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