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100 thoughts on “Why You CAN’T Muscle Up | THENX


  2. The most genuine and accurate fitness channel on youtube. You give excellent elaborate advice that even outright beginners who have never worked out can understand. You're quite honestly the only one of your kind. Everyone else is so focused on their brand and it seems you're the only one focused on being informative

  3. Professional athletes don't waste time with ineffective or high-risk exercises. Muscle-ups are both ineffective and high-risk. Don't waste your time with them.

    Don't believe me? Find me an olympic athlete who incorporates muscle-ups into their training. I'll wait…

  4. You left out one thing, the hand shift. This is where he is getting stuck, not shifting his hand to a higher palm position at the top of the swing approach to the bar.

  5. Not being critical, just accurate. The explosive pushup needs the hand shift to execute. However, Chris is great! And I am spreading the word.

  6. Fiz hoje meu primeiro MUSCLE UP! Tô Muito Feliz Mano, já são 2 meses tentando, finalmente esse dia chegou! Assisti várias vezes esse vídeo, me ajudou demais! Muito Obrigado!! ✌

  7. strangely i never was able to do a muslce up untill i learned how to do a snatch ( ….literally tried it one day after a long pause and a lot of dedication towards olympic lifts
    and i just easily cranked out 12 strict muscle ups no momentum no swing and before the power/oly lifts fase i couldnt even do one

    NOT to trol or anything but if you train whit weights the right way they can really help your calisthenics training
    just saying this cause a lot of bodyweight trainees badmouth weightlifters when both are actually equally benficial if dun right
    a good bench can help you do a better muscle up
    and a good muscle up can augment your benchpress
    and i know for sure cause i like lifting just as much as calisthenics
    and use both to create the best version of me
    and i look a lot more ripped the these two dudes and i have leggs i can show in shorts

    if you only do calisthenics your missing out
    but same goes for weight training if you only focus on that you get monstrously strong but you'd be missing out asswell .
    and dont stop ther engage in different activities like running swimming, bouldering , even hiking , and anything else you can think
    thats what makes you really strong on all levels

  8. I've only heard one other person say, "perfect practice makes perfect." I used to train in Taekwondo and one of our instructors would say, "Practice makes permanent. Only perfect practice makes perfect." I enjoy watching your videos all the way from Los Angeles.

  9. Wish i was fitter so i could try this. Working my way down from 130 kg doing 100 pushups a day and doing cardio with a high protein low carb diet. Seeing results but I wish it was faster

  10. Today I did my first muscle up after watching this video. My L-sit to dip is a bit of a struggle though rather than a smooth transition, any tips to improve that?

  11. This work out need to lose weight first..I think because the bar cant handle your weight😅😅😅then boom..slap your Face ON the floor..🤦‍♀️

  12. Really loving how he goes into detail when explaining unlike other videos where the guys just show you how to do it, but you're not sure if you're doing it properly cause they don't go into detail like this. I'm really glad my brother told me about this channel, I'm watching this at 2am lol. Kinda excited cause now I got a bunch of new workouts to do that seems way more effective

  13. I just find this amazing chanel and cant thank you enough for how professional d way explaining every move and how to do well the movement. so humble sharing your knowledge and how the detail in explain the move helps to not hurt. Thank you! Suscribed.

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