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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up guys this is Santi Aragon IFBB Pro and Team MuscleTech athlete and this is why I lift. ♪ I grew up in Miami Florida. I grew up in Miami Florida. ♪ In this little place called Hialeah. Hialeah for the people that
know anything about Florida, Hialeah is very Hispanic enriched and my grandparents still live there. I moved out when I was going into
middle school. That’s why most people they ask me, “Well you will you don’t have a
Spanish accent when you speak” Yeah, that’s because I didn’t live by a
lot of Hispanics after the age of like 7. ♪ And here’s my parents right here. My childhood was very good
I can’t complain. I look back and I’m like, if I can
do half the job that my parents did, I think I’d be successful. My parents always found a way
to put me first and I’m an only child, so by whatever means possible, it was always me first. Which I look back now
and I’m very grateful that they were able to do that
and be selfless. There was a lot of times growing up
that my parents had Financial issues. But they would rather lose their house
than pull me out of private school. Oh look at that little guy. Dad: Look at that handsome guy,
holding son. Mom: What happened to him? This is when I first started
playing hockey. Dad: Your grandfather was saying you were
the smallest but you had the most spark. Spunk, I had most spunk.
That’s what I’ve heard before. I loved to fight. Sports was a big thing growing up,
hockey was my life. I grew out of love with hockey but it did show me a lot of
attributes that now I’ve taken to bodybuilding and fitness. When you’re a 10 year old kid you got to be up at 5 a.m. you got to go to the ice rink. You got to spend the whole day there. I’m waking up everybody’s eating Cheerios
and Pop-Tarts and stuff like that and I’m eating a bowl of oatmeal
with protein powder and creatine. This is a high school picture of me. I won the most school spirit. Probably because I was the mascot. Oh no! Janeece: Oh my God, what is this? Janeece: What is that on your face? That’s a moustache Dad: That’s a wanna be moustache. That was my peach fuzz. It was an interesting childhood,
you know, to say the least.

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