Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

The bodybuilding scene in Miami is nothing short of jealousy. It’s all jealous. I’ve been to places like Detroit and all the bodybuilders
are, like together There’s a camaraderie going on. Everybody that’s a bodybuilder shows
that they want to help each other. Here in Miami, I really feel that you walk into a gym and you identify
that somebody probably competes but it turns into a competition in the gym. And that’s why I like this gym
Flex Appeal so much, because you walk in there and
everybody is just, it’s a family. That’s why I don’t mind driving 35-45
minutes over there to go train because when I go in there I feel
like it’s my home. When I first started bodybuilding,
training arms Every single day was the best thing ever. Training arms, training chest, I really didn’t know too much about
bodybuilding and training so I thought those were the two muscle
groups that were would get the girls The ones that show off you know,
how strong you are in the gym. As the years went on, I noticed that
my legs were probably my most dominant body part on stage. So I really enjoyed training those because I knew that I had an advantage
over other people on stage. More recently it’s been my back training. My back training with Carlos has been
pretty incredible the last 2 years. What’s been really awesome is that
I’ve been able to see the progress in such a short period of time with just changing up the type
of routine that I was doing I don’t like being forced to get up and to do cardio and to eat this and not eat that and you can’t…
you have to go to sleep at this … I don’t like being forced
to do something I understand that at the highest level you’re going to have to do these things
to make it to the the point to Whatever goal you want to get to. In 2014 when I got my Pro card that was the first year where I said, “You know what, I want to get into shape
because I want to.” On my own time. I want to eat healthy
because I wanted to do it. Nobody was forcing me to do it. And by the time that contest prep came
around 8 weeks before the show, I was already in shape and I didn’t
lose any type of motivation because I was already having fun
doing what I was doing. When you have to start from scratch and somebody is already telling you
from the very beginning you have to do this, you have to do this,
you have to do this… It becomes very stressful for
somebody like me because I don’t want to do it and I don’t want
to be on a machine for an hour or 2 hours. But I know what it takes.
I know that I have to do it. Do I ever… have I ever consider
quitting bodybuilding? All the time! But I keep pushing forward because
I know that I’m good at it. And I get to see what all
the hard work looks like at the very end once I’m done and it’s very rewarding.

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