Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

The biggest obstacle right now for me is getting through this Arnold prep. This Arnold prep has been very difficult
because it came at a time where I had a lot of family stuff go on. I had to go to weddings and I had to go to bachelor parties and the holidays just came around. So that was like the biggest obstacle
was trying to balance my social life and also my life in competing. I had to really control the way that
I was around people and food and… You can’t just go to my grandparents house and not get a plate of food thrown
in your face. My diet’s brutal. It’s very, very, very low in carbs
very, very low in fats, if any. It’s very brutal but today
since it is a Wednesday and we’re doing back, My back day is usually the day where
I get a little bit more calories than a normal day. So today my breakfast, it’s about
12 egg whites and a cup of oats right now. But a typical day that’s not a back day would be 16 egg whites and that’s it. And all my supplements
too during breakfast. Before I do any any fasted cardio I take in my aminos. My MuscleTech
amios that have caffeine in it. So it kind of helps me get in
that mind frame. While, you know, I’m doing my cardio. One thing that I’m also putting in my
diet in the beginning of the day since I’m not… since my diet
doesn’t have a lot of dietary fat is going to be my omegas. So I’ve been taking in about maybe
two to three thousand IUs of omegas throughout the
course of the day just to get my fat intake in there. My typical refeed meal now
during the prep is, It alternates so some days if I’m
really… if my weight has plummeted throughout the week we might
refeed with us some sushi. So about four rolls of sushi and then
throughout the course of the day it’s going to be small pulses
of carbs as well. So there’s going to be kind of like an
even distribution of carbs throughout the day. Now, in the offseason my refeed meal is whatever I want. My typical refeed meals in the offseason
are going to be whatever I’m craving. And if you ask me that question right
now if it was my off-season I’d probably eat a whole pizza right now. And some ice cream. And some brownies. And some cookies. I think that’s it. That would
be fine for now. Thank you for calling U-Break I-Fix.
This is Santi speaking. You have to prioritize and
be very organized if you have a normal nine-to-five job. So I make sure that I get my
cardio early in the morning. If I can knock that out,
get that out of the way. I prepack all my meals for work. and we have a fridge and we have
a microwave there so all my meals are taken care of. And again this is planning. Planning is very key to being
successful [in] dieting when you have a normal job. Secondly is going to be meal timing. My meals are all geared towards
training after work. Everything is scheduled to meet the exact time so when I get off of work I’m ready to go
and ready to attack my second job which is the gym. So you have to be organized.
I feel like you have to be organized You have to be able to plan ahead and you have to be able to adapt. I own a cell phone store
things could happen. Things can go wrong. I may have a customer
that’s pissed off and I may have to stay there,
you know. extra hours. So having extra meals with you in case
something like that were to happen is very important to being
successful on your diet.

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