Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I’ve been an Ambassador with
MuscleTech since 2015 MuscleTech has always been a
brand that I grew up with and bodybuilding seen
in all the magazines. You couldn’t flip a Flex magazine a
Muscular Development without seeing Jay Cutler, Melvin Anthony Darrem Charles. All the best were
with MuscleTech. When you flip these pages as an
aspiring bodybuilder I want to be them. That’s all you want. I want to
be just like these guys. I want to be sponsored by the biggest,
the best supplement company. I want to flip through the pages and
see my photos on there all jacked up. That’s what bodybuilding is all about. That’s what you grew up with.
With print ads like that. MuscleTech was my first choice. So when I reached out to them it was
kind of like, we clicked right away. And we went ahead we did photo
shoots right away and you know I’ve been with them since.
It’s 2018 now. MuscleTech allows me to be myself and that’s what I enjoy. because I can post content that is me. I think that to reach to other people
and really connect with other people is being able to open up your personal life and allow them
to understand that you’re also a normal person. I get to travel the world. Which is incredible and I get to
meet a lot of different people that are MuscleTech fans, that are fans of mine. I get to expand my brand and also Inspire other people through
the MuscleTech brand. That’s that’s the the best thing
that I can ask for. What’s next for me, is going to be the
Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. This is the first year that they have
the Classic Physique Division. And it’s an honor to be a part
of that 2018 lineup.

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