Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

♪ Personally my role models:
100% they’re my parents. I’ve never seen two people, go
through the worst of the worst and then kind of find their
way out of a mess. And again this is mostly
financially growing up. There was always ups and
downs financially growing up. Somehow they managed to pick up
the the pieces and restore everything And then come back even stronger
than the last time. I always see this and I always kind of
reflect on myself that if anything in my life I think things are going bad, that there’s always gonna be
that bottom that you hit and you got to pick yourself up and
pull yourself out of that hole. My parents really showed me that it’s
very possible to do that multiple times Not just once. The best advice and the
message that I can give to upcoming bodybuilders or to anybody
that has a fitness related type goal is Take your time. Really
just take your time this is not a race. This is a lifestyle. This is something that you want to
look at in the big picture. Okay? You don’t want to
take this and say, “I want to look like this by this time.” Take your time, there’s no rush. It’s not a race. And I think that by taking your time
you really get to know your body. And you really get to appreciate all the
accomplishments physically and mentally that you get from changing
your lifestyle. From, you know, whatever it is.
To now, a healthier lifestyle.

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