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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Sit down at the pulldown
machine with the bar attached to the top pulley. Make sure you adjust the knee
pad to fit snug against your legs. Grip the bar with the palms
of your hands facing forward. Both of your arms should be
extended above you, holding on to the bar. Lean your torso back slightly to
create a small curvature in your back and stick your chest out. This will be your
starting position. Now exhale and bring the bar
down until it lightly touches your upper chest. As you pull the bar down,
squeeze your shoulder blades back and down. Your upper torso should remain
stationary during this movement and only your arms should move. After a brief pause at the
bottom contracted position, exhale and slowly raise the bar
back to the starting position with your arms fully extended
and your lats stretched.

5 thoughts on “Wide Grip Lat Pulldown – Back Exercise –

  1. Was dealing with biceps tendinitis for a bit so had to switch to straight arm pulldowns but will get back to this one soon.

  2. My favourite exercise of all. My lats are beginning to really spread after doing these for a couple of months. I don't like how in these instructional videos they're all super-strict form (for safety reasons), when in reality there are better ways to do them. For example, you'll find most/if not all pro bodybuilders actually bring their body back a bit and do not leave it stationary when bringing the bar down. It's OKAY to have momentum.

  3. Yea thats all well and good until you really add on sm heavy weight.even the pros cheat with this exercise. . Ijs

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