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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Hey everyone, its Marcy with Wild Foods. – And Jamie. Today we’re going to show you guys how we use our wild creamy
vanilla whey protein. I would say it’s the best tasting vanilla protein I’ve ever had. I mean I’ve had quite a few. It’s literally so good. It’s from grass-fed cows. Our vanilla whey is special
because it’s from happy cows that graze on grass all day long. They’re free from hormones and pesticides, and fillers and corn and grain. All of the bad stuff. They are the best highest
quality cows possible. The vanilla flavor gives
it such a nice touch. So, today we’re just
going to use a little bit of organic cashew milk,
plain, unsweetened. We’ll use our whey and then we’re going to add
a little dash of beet powder just to help with extra antioxidants and it might make it a
pretty little pink color. (upbeat music) – It literally tastes so good. I’ve had whey protein
before that only tasted good because it had a ton of sugar in it, but this has none.
– Yeah, no sugar. – It tastes better than
any of the ones with sugar. – It does, it’s pink
because we obviously added the little beet powder but
you can do no beet powder, you can add in anything
you want virtually. It’s just great because you can do so many different variations. – Whey is really good
post-workout and pre-workout also. Alright, guys, that’s all for today. If you liked this video,
make sure to subscribe, share and go wild on that like button. – Bye! – Bye!

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