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Hello. I am doctor Shikha Sharma. I am a nutrition
and wellness consultant. Today I will be discussing with you that does potato or does rice make
us fat or does it make us gain weight. Now it’s a yes and a no. Meaning thereby that
on its own rice and potatoes does not make people put on weight. But we always eat rice
and potatoes with a combination. So what are those combinations which will lead to weight
gain? For example when you consume a lot of dairy products which is milk, cheese, paneer
curd and then with rice, that combination leads to weight gain. The reason is that there
is a potentiating effect of dairy product and rice which leads to weight gain. So for
example kheer would lead to weight gain because it has rice it has dairy it has sugar. All
three together… come together to increase weight. Similarly rice and khajoor which is
dates and milk is also one of the ways how weight gain was advised in Ayurveda. Now rice
taken on its own, for example rice with vegetables does not lead to weight gain because rice
on its own cannot lead to weight gain. But when it combines with another strong potentiating
like it could be dairy, it could be non vegetarian items. It could be a heavy dal that is the
time rice leads to weight gain. But rice and vegetables on their own would not lead to
weight gain. Similarly potato. Now potato on it’s own on only starch. If you bake potato
or if you sauté potato it will not lead to weight gain. But when we deep fry potatoes
or for example when we mix potato with some oily vegetable or some cream or butter or
ghee that is the time when combination leads to weight gain. For example if you want to
say enjoy a potato. You can have it as a baked potato chaat. So you bake a potato and then
you add chaat masaala, you add other, like tomatoes onions then make it into a chaat.
That will not lead to weight gain. But when we deep fry a potato or have it in any other
form combined with something which is oily or greasy that combination changes the post
digestive effect of potato and makes the people put on weight. So most people wonder that
if I give up potato will I lose weight. Yes if you are only eating potato in the wrong
combination. But if you change the way you cook potato or change the way you cook rice,
for example Idlis. Idlis are not fattening by themselves. But when we have idlis with
other oily foods that’s the time it becomes fattening. Similarly rice and vegetables are
not fattening on their own. World over lots of geographies and countries people are rice
eaters. But they don’t put on weight. But when you combine dairy and non veg that’s
the time rice becomes fattening and the same way if you have meat and potatoes it’s very
fattening. You have dairy paneer and potato, very fattening. But if you have like a baked
potato chaat or even a sautéed it is not that fattening. So don’t worry about if you
love potatoes and rice go ahead and eat it but make sure the combinations are right and
you are eating it the right way. So enjoy your food and keep watching us for more health
tips. You can write to me if you have any questions or clarifications. My email id is
[email protected]

33 thoughts on “Will Rice And Potato Make You Gain Weight

  1. Weight gain has something to do with insulin production in the body! Nothing else can make you gain weight.
    It depends on how your body reacts to the food. (By insulin production)

  2. How many thanks for the information in this Video! Greatly appreciated because there are no women Ayurvedic consultants where I live….this COMBINATION is the key word!

  3. I agree rice or potato's aren't unhealthy or don't make your insillin spike high but meat and animal products do this another reason why many are fat after meat does have growth hormones saturate fats and toxins that our body can't digest properally which causes weight gain.

  4. In simple words- be a low fat Vegan with no added fat . I take a lot of boiled potatoes to lose weight infact..dairy is history for me and boiled food is the way i eat . too much fun really .

  5. I've added a little bit of coconut oil to rice and corn and my weight has gone up. Yesterday, I ate chickpeas with tomato sauce and spinach in a curry sauce. I've eaten no meat or dairy products. What is going on? I've also been very active. I'd hoped to lose weight, not gain it.

  6. Eating rice with healthy foods , such as steam veggies and non oily foods will make your body good. You can eat as much as you can and not gaining the unwanted fats. Is the ways we human should be eating since early days of mankind.

  7. thank you so much dr. sikha..its so kind of you. 🙂 🙂 actually i love eating potatoes and rice :* :*

  8. I dont take weight or health advice from fat people…idc if shes a doctor. Shes fat….and will get fatter noew that shes older.
    She should STFU and go run a few miles and stop stuffing her big mouth. Bla bla bla…

  9. Dr. Mam can eat boil rice flour if mix with veg boil, or idappam, idli, dal quatity what must for each time, reply me

  10. Mam I'm very very skinny…. I've heard that eating white rice and potatoes everyday can cause type 2 diabetes….then what should i eat😢😢😢

  11. I agree with half, but don't agree with some things like rice lead to weight gain or loss, it depends on quantity and calories. I eat rice every day and combine with chicken an all, i weight gain or lose depending on my gym goal, diet remains same, but quantity changes, that's all. SO much half knowledge

  12. i'm a vegetarian and also i face financial crisis so please suggest me some basic diet to gain weight because I'm very skinny

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