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William Bonac is definitely one of those guys that throughout his prep I have actually looked at.. How he trains, how he goes about his business. He got 8th place last year, his first Olympia he ended up in the top 8.. This is something a lot of people wasn’t able to do. We saw him make his stance in Las Vegas only 2 weeks ago at Mr. Olympia Where he was notoriously aggressive at the press conference. You guys can laugh, bullshit etc.. But I’m talking about the mother of my son. So I don’t know what the f*ck you laughing at. We saw the emotion of a guy who was on the brink of victory. Respect where respect is due. This guy has an amazing physique.. I hope he’s able to really bring it so you guys can watch it. William, what is this gonna do for you now hearing from the champ.. How much he praises you, your physique and your work ethic. What is your mindset? I’m really really really gonna do some damage.. No doubt. William Bonac comes out of the woodwork and shocks the bodybuilding world today. He just beat the entire Mr. Olympia crew, minus Phil Heath. So by this judging panel he is the second best bodybuilder in the world. Bonac takes out former Mr. Olympia, first runner up and takes out the giant Big Ramy. At this show the big shocker was prejudging. The judges call out William Bonac dead center. With Big Ramy on one side, Dexter Jackson on the other.. Lining the show up for William Bonac to win. Best package I think today.. He’s full, he’s hard.. He beat the first runner up, Shawn Rhoden, the only guy he didn’t beat at this show is Phil Heath. I would say that when he’s on, he is gonna cause big problems. When you look at Bonac from behind, that might be his most dominant area. The glutes and hamstrings, not only they’re striated but they are shaped nicely.. He’s got the wide thick back. He doesn’t have any gaps in his muscles. If I get so many setbacks that means something good is coming on my way. And that means it’s like holding on. If it’s raining today, tomorrow the sun will shine. My advice and motivation to you guys is believe in yourself.. Because if you don’t nobody else will. And keep on fighting, keep on fighting… Never give up. No matter the stuff you facing through every day.. No matter the setbacks, you gotta keep on fighting. If you ain’t willing to fight, nobody is going to fight the fight for you. We’re all born alone and we’re all gonna die alone. It’s up to you, you gotta do it. Keep on fighting and never give up. Never ever give up.

91 thoughts on “William Bonac – I’M GONNA DO DAMAGE – Bodybuilding Motivation

  1. William Bonac is on the rise, can't wait to see what he brings in 2017!
    ''Fight your own fight because no one is going to do it for you. Sometimes you have to stand alone to prove that you can still stand.''

  2. William Bonac and Dallas McCarver will be forces to be reckoned with in the coming years. You can see their dedication to the sport, drive to do well and attitude for success.

  3. William kicks ass,his documentary about his daily life and bodybuilding was and impressive.he puts in mad work and heart…💪❤👊

  4. you are awesome sir William and a truly a big fan of yours and in this video you turely motivates me a lot thanks sir William thank you so much

  5. Tiene unas separaciones increíbles pero la zona abdominal le falta acondicionamiento , akncompararla con ejemplo verter Jackson

  6. "He was notoriously aggresive at the press conference"….yea no shit you fucking idiot, if they're laughing at the mother of my son id be a little aggressive too, what a dipshit comment, had to be Shawn ray

  7. I met him in person in Cardiff Wales and hes a very real guy and has a great atmosphere around Good Positive energy for sure .

  8. Hard-work & Dedication brings out the Real Person in you. Bodybuilders truly inspires us and encourages us to get ready for the gym.

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