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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Im now just walking to the bus to
get a late session in on my back because I’m gonna do back today and some
deadlifts but you don’t care about what I’m doing today you all want to know
if Wobzz are any good now half 8:00 at night and ive had a busy day and a bit
tired so Mo Samuels let’s see if your stuff actually does work so I’m gonna
give you the honest review of Wobzz yeah so this is my Wobzz review outside the gym and I’ve got my wahb’s
this is the first time I’ve actually took these and capsules of the most pre
workouts are powder and so it’s gonna be weird taking a little pill like that
you’re only opposed to take one I would go through all the ingredients both come
on do any of us know what it is all does
now if you want to find out what it is I’ll put the ingredients up on the
screen now and then you can find out yourself but I’m going to tell you do
some warm-up and then I’m hitting dead lifts so we’ll see how they go can’t do a taste with you can I because
it’s just a pill doesn’t taste of anything which is a good thing so we’ll
see how it is so I’ll see you in the gym seek away me we close trust us Athena
she me well there you go Moke you did good if
you’re wondering what they’re like it’s weird if you’ve a pre-workout before you
get like ten balls you get some sort of rush at a certain point these mobs don’t
do that it’s weird it’s like you haven’t taken anything which is quite nice in a
way it’s a refreshing you have got no aftertaste young got no like where you
bring a bit of pre-work up you know be good to taste in it you know it’s just
it makes you more focused and that’s the first times on two hundred on the
deadlift since I did the deadlift and did two hundred and that’s a new PB I
thought I’ve done it yes what I did it bare hand and that is a
new PB so if you’re thinking about getting some of these and you’ve never
tried him get him trust me they work I mean they might not
give you that tingly feeling if you after that these are not for you if you
have to focus then get them because I need a lot of sets on deadlift and then
I did a few back movements and I don’t feel tired at all
I feel still like I can do more but I have to finish to get the butt home so
Mo Samuels these wobzz are worth it and hear
you’re actually making some new ones so I’ll be quite looking forward to seeing
what they like they’re about 35 quid for think fifty capsules or sixty a car
number so you throw worth of money taken you know don’t overtake it don’t be
stupid and get some anyway I will see you next time with another vlog


  1. Haha fair play. Thank you for the review man, I really appreciate it! Glad you liked it and i hope to bring out something even better in the future

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