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Before anything great is really achieve Your comfort zone must be disturbed! Something new has to be birth inside of you to say ” I am a conqueror!” There is nothing I can achive It must become a lifestyle! Changing who you are must become a priority! It’s the only way it works! It’s the only way it works! No matter what you say I can not do I have to do! I must do! This is a new identity! I am king! I live as king! It’s time to re-adjust my comfort zones

100 thoughts on “WOLVERINE in Real Life?Shredded Bodybuilder – Motivational Video

  1. A lot of you guys were asking me to make a video about real life superhero and tell about his journey. ENJOY WATCHING!

  2. Winkler is 100 times better then him uska aadha bhi nah he how can he win Mr universe its totally scripted win …..the same strategy mera Bharat Mahan.. …

  3. I know u juice and shit but dont claim urself to be wolverine, there is only one wolverine. This video makes u look like a wannabe

  4. The reaper in real life works with food. All facets even with the vehicles matince. Jack of trades. Death is not the Reaper but he knows her.

  5. And for the people who are saying he doesn’t come close to wolverine have obviously haven’t seen how wolverine looks in his own comic series the dude is ripped af with veins everywhere now whatever this guy is on steroids or some other performance enhancer I say he qualifies as wolverine even the hair is on point, put the wolverine mask and it’s perfect! Hugh Jackman will always be the original but this guy comes close as well

  6. This guy is no wolverine, neither is Hugh Jackman as he is too tall and muscular. A good wolverine would have been a young Misfits Glenn Danzig. He was short, not too tall and hairy. Too bad he was not wolverine.

  7. This is nice and all, but realistically, not everyone can go way beyond their comfort zone, especially physically. In fact, this is literally a natural human instinct to protect itself from harm and death.

    Well then, I guess it depends on the situation, depends on how bad you want something, contingent on whether your life literally depends on it or not. It makes sense that, If a person's well being or even their LIFE depends on the success of something, then they are more likely to go past their own comfort zone and succeed gloriously. That's how the human mind works.

    I don't blame anyone for not being able to succeed a ludicrously difficult goal, or even a moderately difficult one.

  8. small body and hella steroids he looks bad to be honest, abs are weak and small and the biceps barely got size , he is funny lol, sarcasm of the fitness , seriously big fail for this ugly body style

  9. Yeah that’s right if Wolverine did not have a dick and was transsexual wolverine be chinese korean japanese or any asian but here wolverine is buff Indian man strong not pussy asians…..

  10. Is he a mutant that can heal and re grow lims in just a couple of hourse or minuts? No? Is he about 300 years old? No?! Have he lost his memoris a couple of times?! No?!?! Than he is not wolverine!!!! Stop the goddamn clickbite!!!!!!!

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