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That’s a bit much yeah, she looks like a freak yeah, you mean like a man You’ve heard of fat shaming but what about fit shaming? Fitness gurus are all over social media trying to inspire others But sometimes they also attract internet trolls Even world-class athletes Serena Williams gets heat from the haters Saying she’s built like a man or too muscular I’ve been body shamed basically since I’ve been in the public sink and former MMA fighter now WWE superstar Ronda Rousey the People like say that my body looks masculine terms. Like listen, I think it’s definitely badass Why would a girl want to do that to her body she looks like she’s on steroids So if you overheard these passers-by, yeah, I would never date a woman who could bench press me. This is gross Criticizing this woman for being too fit. What would you do? This Hot Topic hits close to home for our actor Jennifer who’s a fitness trainer and competitor Jan is proud of the body She works so hard to maintain but she’s no stranger to the attitude Our actor paulina is throwing her way every day. It’s trying to be healthy Healthy and when paulina walks right up to criticize Jen, I mean you look like a mad you know that right? Think you should do it this woman steps right in and takes control of the situation That she feels good like that she feels beautiful okay do You want your little girl to look like that someday? Would you want your little girl look like? Yeah, that’s what she wants a look like she wants to look like that. She could look like that She’s gonna look fast you go look back. She went have you on the pendant because you know, sue Don’t like it. You can keep your thoughts to yourself your party. Nice to say you can keep it to yourself I love the way she looks because I want to look like that so you got a problem I mean, I don’t think it looks good. She’s got the perfect solution to Paulina’s problem. You can just walk away Ridiculous and with Paulina gone, she turns her attention to Jan Thank you so much I appreciate it We’re gonna go get her Why did you get involved? Because I didn’t think it was fair that she was telling me that she was ugly mister that she’s balk and she’s nice She’s beautiful women get a lot of criticism But you leave like you don’t have this thin body like our guys by teasing you and you’re not perfect and that’s not true Now if you’re too fit get there’s like criticism from guys We’re at it again add a little higher metrics to our push up with a burpee everybody’s favorite Right. And this time we have our fit woman pretend she’s creating a workout video for her social media followers. Do you see this? No watching. Do you know what it is? This man seems ready to join Jen’s fan club, I’m so not into it Do you think I should say something no, no, hey no one wants to watch your video and when our hater continues Someone needs to tell her. Yes, we met you look like a man I’m so excuse me. I’m just trying to make a video here for my followers. So we think you’re too manly He makes sure Jen knows he supports her level of fitness, thank you. You should keep it up. Thank you Our Opinionated beachgoer seems to find people who share her view about muscular women like a man Don’t you think she looks too bulky. She’s smaller With bigger biceps though he refuses to join in on the bullying. He later told us he was just making conversation But what about his girlfriend I want the legs This guy can’t agree with her I Just don’t like like that type of you know what I mean like thought you look too muscular Yeah, I did what’s wrong with that? Nothing’s wrong with that. It’s not my type Next we meet this mother/daughter duo And without her mother’s help this little girl tries to accentuate the positive I think it’s too much and eliminate the negative Let’s go time to meet this wise young woman and the mom who’s raising her hi there How are you? Janking yonis? Well, what would you do? She was rude, yeah very rude. That’s why I have to do something about it. Why? Because there’s a lot of people in this world. That’s very rude and I wanted to stop that So that’s one way from preventing. What should girls know about their body image? It’s about the inside It’s not what they look like It’s always about from your heart or from what you do in the inside. She’s amazing You didn’t even have to lead her to know I what did you think of the criticism from that young girl? Everyone’s in different shapes and sizes and like what she said, right? Acts of kindness is the golden rule with the golden rule is cheap people the way that you wanted to be treated Thank you the verse

100 thoughts on “Woman is harassed for being muscular: Part 1 l What Would You Do?

  1. I don’t get why people don’t realize the show is half fake and records scenario after scenario until it gets the response it wants to air on television.

  2. For all the ladies here shaming men for not wanting overly buff unnatural women… Would you date a man that was taking estrogen and therefore making his body appear more feminine with boobs and all? Just checking the hypocrisy meter here.

  3. The replies on this post illustrate and exemplify how women think it’s perfectly OK to hate men, shame men for their appearance or height… but a man shouldn’t even have an opinion about a woman or speak his own mind or have a preference. People with this mentality are certainly not aspiring to equality of genders. True feminism does not stand for open hypocrisy and sexist biases.

  4. I'm a man, being muscular in my country means taking a lot of prejudice, for some reason there still is this stereotype of the narcissist superficial and overconfident guy related to it. People, expecially women, tend to not admit it but sometimes you notice it by their behaviour. Thank god not everyone are so short minded but sometimes it's frustrating dealing with them

  5. Could you imagine if the first young mother and the last little girl were mother and daughter?? They would’ve taken her down!

  6. I'm sorry but most men aren't attracted to a muscular looking woman. It's just how nature has the male brain wired. At the same time I'm not going to be a jerk and put anyone down.

  7. It’s hilarious how people assume these fit women care that their not “men’s type” as if they worked so hard just to impress men!

  8. A woman taking steroids or testosterone has an unnatural male type muscular physique. A man taking estrogen has an unnatural woman like softer physique and starts growing boobs. I’m sorry biology and reality upset some but this is just a scientific fact.

  9. That being said… It’s their body and they absolutely have the right to do it. But don’t shame guys just because most of us don’t want to pretend that it’s attractive or fit or that it’s what turns us on. You don’t see us running around telling women they should be attracted to men that have female characteristics such as breasts.

  10. And that woman does have a well-developed muscular body. It isn’t natural but it’s her body and her right and there will be certain men that find that attractive. Just not the majority. She should not be shamed for how she wants her body to look nor should any man be shamed because they don’t find her sexually attractive. Let’s be realistically fair… Do any of you ladies bash or shame other women for not wanting to date a guy 5’2” tall? I bet we know what the answer to that is 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. "She looks like a man"
    Atleast she is healthy unlike someone cough that lady cough
    Like who does that to a healthy fit person who's life will be longer since they are in shape.

  12. While in certain scenarios I do not really think people should make as much an issue out of fat shaming (of course depending on the degree of action) the most stupid thing a person could do is criticise a fit person for their body. Like.. What the hell is that even for? What do you even want them to do? Become less fit?

  13. If a girl looks like this know that’s she’s a fuckin bad ass bc girls don’t have testosterone like men. So for them to look like this means she’d snap you like the little bitch you are

  14. Ok so basically when I was in kinder I got bullied for being skinny and then I ate a lot to gain some weight then I became obese in 5th grade I got bullied and in 8th grade I became pretty buff to where I became athletic and lost weight and I still get teased like wtf what you want me to be I was skinny I became overweight and then I became athletic but you guys still can’t make up your mind🤦🏻‍♂️

  15. Wait wait one thing it's been a lean, shreeed, muscular lady and another it's looking like a man…this girl on the vídeo looks horrible. Sorry but it's a fact!!

  16. That woman is a badass, and should beat up those 2 skinny hypocrite, im skinny IRL and Im trying to get muscular, but those hypocrites are just jealous of her muscles

  17. That little girl knows more about kindness and to treat people with respect than most adults I know, she and inspiring young lady I would be very proud if she was my daughter

    lOl mEn aREnT eVen tHat hEALtHy
    sHE wOUld NEVER dAtE thEM

    yeah well nobody is shaming her lol, no guy, maybe jealous people, but like this doesnt happen

  19. Dang WWYD, your videos are getting more and more fake. There is no way in hell people would just walk up to a woman built like that and start insulting her. Hell, I'm a guy and know how to handle myself and I'd even take a breath and consider if she could beat the piss out of me or not. Then you throw on that she's a PoC…no way in hell is someone going to put her down in public. Now on Social Media…yeah…lots of people would talk smack from their keyboards…but no way in real life, unless of course she was wearing a MAGA hat while doing her pushups.

  20. These days people are body shaming people and it’s so rude she is beautiful it doesn’t matter if your fat, skinny, muscular, small, big, tall, short who cares your beautiful every way in the world

  21. Personally I think it’s fine to be like this and be muscular as a choice,fine,my preference is I wouldn’t date anyone or be sexually attracted to them in that way but then there’s people saying “ohhh insecure no wanna date big muscle woman misogynistic ohhh” fuck off it’s called preferences uninformed pricks

  22. I think it’s ok to have your preference but just don’t disrespect people and think your preference is the only definition of beauty.

  23. If i was that fit and Strong i wouldve punch her in the face Tbh and btw she looks weak ( the bully) and not that pretty shes kinda ugly she Will only dream to be beautiful.

    Omg lmao when i was trying to type btw my autocorrect turned to BTS bc i types it to much

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