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What’s up it’s Vanessa coming at you with another video and this one is gonna be my women’s best review video I have seen this all over Instagram and I was really really curious to try these products if you guys like videos like this don’t forget to give the video a huge thumbs up it does help me out tons so don’t forget to enter my giveaway guys I’m having a huge giveaway on my Instagram all the instructions will be in the description box down below and the giveaway ends May 31st and it is open internationally also don’t forget to subscribe on your way out and let’s get on with the video okay so the first thing I’m going to test out is the women’s best slim body shake I got and this is the woman’s best line is actually a German company so this is a company that overseas I am in United States according to them it’s the best-selling meal replacement shakes for weight loss days that I’m not an advocate of meal replacement shakes and I just don’t use meal replacement shakes to begin with I just used as a simple protein powder I did get the chocolate flavor and I usually get all my protein powders in chocolate just because that’s like the best one for me and I feel like it masks the protein II taste better than other flavors and I will do that when I did try it was really really sweet I am also trying to get away from eating a lot of sugar and things like that so this actually was super super sweet but if you’re a kind of person that needs up and that might work for you because of the sweetness it just kind of made me think like what the heck is in the think if it was super sweet sometimes a really strong protein taste to it so if you are someone who doesn’t like protein powders that have that kind of like after protein taste you might not like this part of either be price for this according to them it was on sale and it was $47.90 it’s about 36 servings the size of 2.6 pounds so if you’re 36 serving you’re getting about a dollar and 33 cents per serving so it’s not super expensive I have seen some other brands are way more expensive than this but I will say that it’s around the mid range for supplements a lot of the ingredients in this are vegan so P protein isolate have also the right protein isolate they also have quinoa is another sources protein that they say that they use and also soy protein isolate is another one use the claims on their websites that activates metabolism and that it promotes fat burning which no supplement can actually prove those claims are true you can’t drink something and then also in your metabolism is going to get better that’s just not how it works and also the same thing with fat burning it’s not how it works so another thing to they kind of alarm me about this was that I know that this is that this is supposed to be a weight loss supplement the instructions of website are actually telling people to replace their meals with this and I have never done that and I wouldn’t recommend people to do that either I think that just eat real food like just eat food it would be a lot better than doing this thang Davises you can even supplement two meals with two shake to have faster weight loss which is to me personally really unsafe and really irresponsible for our brands and claim those things or even to tell people to do those things I understand people really want to lose weight but I feel like that’s the unhealthy way to do things and I would not recommend people to do that I do want to say that because it was so sweet I did look up the ingredients for the protein slim body shake and it had mal toe dextran and also sucralose which a lot of our protein supplements and just supplements in general are going to have these artificial sweeteners but we should definitely just keep in mind what they’re doing to our bodies I know I’m trying to make a conscious decision to stop eating things with a bunch of artificial sweeteners whose are actually doing more harm than good to your body you think that because it has zero grams of sugar or whatever it’s claiming or variable grams of sugar that it’s good for you and that necessarily you also have to keep in mind that there are artificial sweeteners in here that actually are worse than just regular sugar okay so the next product that I want to talk about are the BCAA aminos and this one I got in Cola lime as you can see here and overall this isn’t like they’re super popular I think they’re like iced tea peach or something like that or PT peach tea is actually more popular than this this was too bad it kind of tasted like a flat so it a kind of like a coke /ic also means because that the line and actually we’re not too bad I didn’t I think again they’re very very sweet and they do also again how sucralose and I will say that you will have to dilute this a whole whole lot unless you like like that and you like things that are super sweet but just keep that in mind this is super sweet this retailed for thirty four ninety I just get the Cola line flavor and the size about 0.26 pounds which is about 30 servings per thing overall it’s not too bad being about my dollar and 34 cents per serving I actually did it in mind the BCH but then BC age and I thought they actually tasted pretty good okay so the next thing that I got and actually have to open this up guys its protein like I thought the chocolate flavors I’m not going to lie I didn’t really like to use these were only two dollars and ninety cents but I really think that they were that bad in terms of pricing I thought that was fair I got the chocolate flavor these are eight top protein bytes and they’re 10 grams each 80 grams in total and the claims are that it contains about 25 grams of protein per bite through the protein by size I’m actually going to show you what they look like that’s them in the package and then this is them outside of the package they’re not to like that’s them outside of the package don’t learn my mail route right now this is how I look like on the anti how I got 50 rolls extra very very protein they have a very strong protein taste after cake so again every not a fan of them I wouldn’t recommend these for $2.90 are not bad but our case is better start actual the next thing that I have is actually be protein cream this is in white chocolate and this one actually is really popular I thought it was really interesting there’s a lot of things on the market like phosphate in the white cream I will say flavor-wise it’s almost the best thing everything that I tried white chocolate flavor as you can see here it has the packaging is really really cute it has like that woman’s best and everything this is a glass container for the most products what it seems like is the price of $6.99 wheat nür called maltitol which I had to look it up exact I looked at the ingredients on the top kind of serious I never have seen that one before so the artificial sweetener mouth until actually shares laxative qualities like other artificial sweeteners and too much of maltitol can actually really hurt your guts and the good bacteria in your stomach too much maltitol can actually change your bowel movements as well obviously if you’re going to the bathroom and it’s diarrhea it’s going to upset your stomach it’s going to upset your bowel movements a whole lot you rage as a gift that will upset your stomach is from sixty to ninety ninety gram of maltitol and this one we serving is a hundred grams but it’s not obviously 100 grams of melted tall to contre grams or whatever all this is but if you’re consuming this on a daily basis and this is upsetting your stomach it could be the melt at all in here that’s causing the good bacteria in your gut to kind of get messed up and it could damage the inside of your stomach so heat it so overall guys I just wanted a pointed point those things out every supplement that you guys try is going to have something weird in it no supplement is going to be perfect it’s going to have all these artificial sweetener et cetera at the end of the day the best supplement is going to be just plain old food you guys want to try these or if you have tried the women’s best line feel free to leave a comment in down below I would love to hear what you guys thought about the lines I thought it was really sweet overall I didn’t think it was too bad but I will say that some of the ingredients kind of rubbed me the wrong way and I don’t know if I’ll purchase anything from them again now if you like videos like this forget to give the video a huge thumbs up as hell meal times don’t forget to subscribe on your way out and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace

100 thoughts on “Women’s Best Review | Slim Body Shake, BCAA’s & More

  1. Thanks for your emphasis on looking at ingredients. Eating real food is definitely the best advice 👍

  2. Thanks for reminding people that just because it claims to be vegan, doesn't make it healthy. It is just a plant based alternative. It is like making vegan muffins, it still has a bunch of sugar in it, it just doesn't use dairy.

  3. Thank you for telling about artificial sugars and some weird ingredients . We need to pay more attention to what we put in our bodies

  4. i love that you shared the weird shady ingredients. nobody else does. i wanted to get this brand because its so hyped but i want to stay away from really artificial stuff. so imma just stick with my plant protein. what brand do u like for creatine and bcaas that isnt so shady & overly sweet?

  5. loveee your videos! my insta is nava.hojreh and i wanna see more legging reviews they are my favorites❤❤❤

  6. jc_1inamill would love to see a how to get rid of back fat (the side back fat and love handles)

  7. Woah girl, I'm a huge fan of your legging reviews, that's why I subscribed, but PLEASE do more of these! So so informative and helpful!!

  8. Thanks for noting the type of sugar. I'm also trying to lower how much sugar I eat and I never really paid attention to the glycemic index!

  9. Can you review Slap Nutriotion products? I believe they supposed to be all natural no artificial sweeteners, food dyes etc. Its a smaller brand but they've been getting more and more popular

  10. What's your favorite protein powder that isn't super sweet? I'm so picky and find most protein powders taste way too sweet for my taste.

  11. I always feel blessed watching your videos because you keep it real and you research the ingredients of the supplements you review. I really appreciate that 😄.

  12. All of those sweeteners are the same sweeteners they put in gum. I think any supplements should be used sparingly, eating whole food and use supplements as needed.

  13. Thanks for your honest review. Something to also look out for in a lot of BCAAs are artificial dyes (red #40, yellow #5, etc). Quite harmful.

  14. 😱. Vanessa, I'm currently using Gold optimum whey protein' what do you think about that supplement ?

  15. Unfortunately today people want a quick fix and forget that natural foods does the same thing that that all these supplements/"meal replacements" claim to do – without actually messing with our hormones 😏. Great vid. I'd love to see a vid of you sharing some of your fav/go to fitness gear so far.

  16. This is by far my most favorite video of yours! I love that you actually looked into the ingredients and didn't let the hype make you biased. Keep up the good work and I'm happy to say that I've subscribed! <3

  17. I love that you do your research and really explain everything very helpful! I know you said you don't use supplements but what about preworkout? any you recommend?

  18. Great review as always. I've been eying this brand for a while now but after this review i guess i will stick to my Gold standard shake. much love

  19. Have you tried Miss Fit? I've been curious about them as I usually just take/drink stuff thats not catered to women.

  20. Vanessa I love you! I stumbled upon your page and it inspired me to lose weight and lose it in a healthy way. I use to eat protein bars instead of food and yes it does work for a little bit but they make you feel like crap because you're not getting the nutrients you need.

  21. hey Vanessa how are you liked this review I've wondered about this brand can you make a video going into more detail of what these ingredients do to our body?

  22. So true!! NOTHING replaces good food, it's not sustainable to maintain weight loss with no food, will gain back the weight if not double..
    Most supps are just full of shit and are like lollies just all a money making industry… nothing beats a short black coffee and actually having food after training not much else needed…
    Not many have scientific evidence to prove these supps work…

  23. Just stumbled on your channel a couple weeks ago and I already love you. Thanks for the thorough and honest reviews… never change. 👏🏾🤗

  24. IG: Gypsieflowerlove, I love to see next on your Channel what are you favorite songs 🙂 and How to grow your hair longer and thick or a skin care routine 🙂

  25. My Instagram user is Bubbie0816. Honestly the content you put out currently is really good. I guess I'd like to see more videos about meals, meal prepping, or stuff like that. My favorite videos from you are the videos where you try on work out wear!!

  26. I'm glad I saw this. I was gonna buy some stuff but now I've changed my mind. It's just like all these other companies w all this fit girls promoting a bunch of junk. In my opinion anyway

  27. I love watching your try on videos!!! They are so helpful😍 you should do more of those because i love how honest you are and it's nice to see the products on all body types!❤️ my instagram is: hgcanfit ❤️❤️

  28. thank u for another video 😀 Yeah I have been seeing this protein everywhere and it has been driving me crazy :p

    and ur hair looks super nice in this video 😄

  29. the chocolate wafers and the protein cookies are supposed to be super good if yoj want to give it a go 😀

  30. I agree with you 100 percent !! I purchased the slim body bundle deal and the slim body shake actually caused me to have a really bad allergic reaction because of the amount of iodine that they put into the snake be very careful with this stuff guys if your thinking about purchasing it . Oh an I also reached out to them and they told me it was nothing they could do about it and that I should read the ingredient label before purchase

  31. I love how informative this video was! I'm trying as well to eat food instead of relying on protein for my macros! I would love to see what I eat in a day!

  32. This is the best review I've seen on this shady company. Besides them sending me a half empty container, you can never get the nasty grittiness of it. I hate this stuff.

  33. ordered June 6th have not recived my product now got to fight with my credit card company to get my money back

  34. Actually, I think if you dig a bit deeper into maltodextrin, you'll see it's not THAT bad. They use it in infant formula as a sweetener and thickener. It is made from corn starch using partial hydrolysis and is essentially just a carbon, hydrogen, oxygen chain (like most things). It actually has a glycemic index of 85-105 making it almost equivalent to the standard (normal sugar) However, they make this product and assume that you will be using it pre and post workout in which case a quick digesting carbohydrate that spikes your blood sugar quickly is not necessarily a bad thing.

  35. What you're saying IS true. NO ONE should ever replace a meal to achieve their goal. I just started to try this product and I just want to say that it's not like you're actually replacing a meal, you're just drinking it. You are still getting the stuff you need in a healthy meal. I wouldnt recommend doing this everyday but it really does help with sugar cravings or any other cravings. Depending on your body it wouldn't hurt to give a try. And it's great that you listed what's in it, I appreciate what you've said, but for some people it wouldn't hurt to be open minded a little. Thanks for the video! 🙂

  36. I think the products are great from there, and you're just judging them off your biased opinion. This product line is meant to empower women to do what they want. Not to starve them. The meal replacements are to get your body used to losing weight. They only recommend two if you want to LOOSE weight. Its one to maintain a healthy weight. The snacks are just used to help people kick the habit of eating junk food all the time. It helped me stop, now whenever I have a craving I just reach for one of the WB snacks. I think you should do a bit more research on the product line instead of making a biased opinion.

  37. Hi I'm a new subscriber! Have you considered doing a review of Protein World supplements/products? It's another super hyped brand (I'm pretty sure Khloe Kardashian has endorsed it). I would love to hear your thoughts on their products

  38. For the crap ingredient list of this company's products j don't get why so pricy, way to expensive in my opinion. They could of used safer sweeter options that don't hurt the stomach or worse. ALSO they could if used better protein options and higher concentration of "good diet supplement" some ingredients are just too low to do any good at all. Women's Best gives out tons of free products to many many youtubers alot of those fitness gurus to promote their products instead they need to lower their prices for ppl who actually care to pay for their pruducts filled with cancer causing and gut irritating sweetners OR if they gonna charge so much for way below standard at least use better sweeter options like Stevia or similar natural non chemical sweetner also use natural options for food coloring…. I bought cheaper vegan products fro Australian companies and Optimum nutrition has better ingredient list and ppl say ON is expensive but it's cheaper than womens best products and you get more also their bcaa has natural sweetner with beet juice or other food coloring used vs chemical dyes….

  39. I tried this protein shake with regular exercise and i was shocked how my fat loss escalated which never happened before with same amount of exercise and diet but not this slim shake.

  40. Great review, thank you! I've cut sugars and artificial sweeteners are so bad for us. Thank you for specifying this information cause I can't handle that sweetness.

  41. Amo los productos de Womens best, he escuchado muy buenas referencias y me encanataria probarlas!!! Quisiera poder ganar muchas gracias!

  42. You need to get your facts correct. Yes you should still eat food but this is a great way to get more protein. It hasn't got too much sugar.. there are a lot more protein shakes that have a lot of sugar. Chocolate flavour in protein powder taste worse than other flavours. Women best is a really good tasting pp and a lot of good benefits, if you're a fitness and nutrition focused person you'll know brands and a lot more facts about supplements and the brand

  43. It’s definitely not unsafe or irresponsible of the company to state that you can replace 1-2 meals with the shake if it’s a “meal replacement” product. Lol if a physician will put a patient on a liquid diet for 3 months before surgery, there is nothing wrong with replacing two meals with a protein shake for weight loss.. Herbal life does the same thing. People do it all the time and it’s completely safe. From my experience with herbal life, it keeps me full for like 4-5 hours and curbs my hunger cravings. But then again it all depends on what type of product you are dealing with. However you are entitled to your own opinion ! I’m not tryna take that from you, but many people replace meals with shakes all the time. As long as it has the right amount of nutrients and proteins it WILL work and you will get results fast. Slim fast, boost, etc all have meal replacement shakes. I just had to put that out there. Other than that great review! I was going to go with the new shake it baby program with flat tummy tea or stick with my herbal life but I’m looking for something a little less expensive so I will be trying this company out

  44. I can confirm that i was not charged ANY customs and I live in QC Canada. I ordered 1 whey protein approx $35 CDN

  45. Doe's anyone know where I can find good evidence (science-backed) that there is a problem using artificial sweeteners? I see a lot of it may cause this, that and the other but no verified claims?

  46. Very very good review! Wish more people can get straight to the point on reviews. Thankyou for not rambling in the beginning and not have a long intro!!!! Because of that, I'm subscribing. 🙂

  47. I love how everyone in the comments are so pressed, it's hilarious. Protein powders aren't even good for your intestines. Love you girl.

  48. ur kinda annoying haha… lots of people replace meals w their shakes… that is why they're called "meal replacements"

  49. Thank you for putting so much effort into this. So nice to actually have research in a review. Consider me subscribed!

  50. Wow, women's supplements are such crap. Why do women buy 'womens products'? Because the package is pink? Try "Garden of Life" organic plant based powder (healthiest supplement I've ever found). It's unisex. Or support the patriarchy and buy from athleanxx. Honestly if you don't work out, you won't lose weight, but taking a supplement gets you better results in the gym. Think drinking powdered sweet additives will help you lose weight? Stop buying things just because they are pink. Advertising folks know they can sell you Bull$hit as long as it's in a pink box you will buy it.

  51. Oh wow this explains why I always get an upset stomach with the protein cream. Thank you for the research !

  52. Just bought a huge pack from them which s why im wathcing your video – but you have AMAZING HAIR!

  53. Can you just make protein shake because you seem like you know what's best. It would not be a waste of money either. I would be all over that shake👍👍

  54. It’s a slim body shake AKA meal replacement shake, not a protein shake so you’re not supposed to use it as a protein shake AT ALL. And if you don’t believe in meal replacement shakes you shouldn’t really have used it because that’s what it is meant to be. NOT a protein shake.

  55. Love love your review!! You said things reallyyyyy important aboutttt the ingredientes!! Thksss👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍😍😍😍

  56. I actually really love their slim shake. You should try the cookies and cream – I make a shake with with two scoops of the powder, 1 cup of almond milk, 1/4 cup of yogurt, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and 1 teaspoon of nutella. Blend it with a handful of ice cubes and you'll get the tastiest protein smoothie ever. I was looking to gain weight since i'm strength training and gained about 15 lbs combining this with my high protein/fat diet. I'm at 135 lbs – with a 27" waist so I actually trimmed down my measurements. I've never loved my body more than I do now.

  57. I am glad I came across your review! I tend to buy things because of the hype and sometimes loving it, only to realize the ingredients wasn't the best for me. I love how you gave us your opinion without totally bashing the products. I am definitely a new subbie

  58. Honestly if you have too much of anything it’s gonna ruin the balance in your body. I feel like it was a biased review. Biased in the sense that you have your views and slam other companies for not sharing them.

  59. I think I’ll stick with their bcaa and preworkout booster. Their shakes give me Herbalife vibes and i didn’t have a good experience with that company and their products. My protein shake i take now after workouts or alongside what i have for breakfast is Vega and their ingredients are minimal and words I can read. And they don’t stress meal replacing. I’m weary of a company that puts in their directions to replace more than 1 meal per day with their shakes rather than saying it’s an option to drink alongside post workout

  60. Nie polecam białka slimbody shake , kupiłam je ze względu na jak mniemam fałszywe dobre opinie w Internecie że jest świetny i smakowo pyszny, mam częsty problem z piciem tego typu preparatów, a ten akurat miał dobre opinie co do smaku. 160zl smak orzech , smakuje jakbym piła rozwodniony papier . Nie polecam !

  61. If the protein has amino acids of course is gonna boost your metabolism. BCAA is proved that helps you with burning fat.

  62. My doctor told me surculose is only bad for your body when you abuse of supplements. I drink only 1 scoop of protein a day and I get the rest of my protein out of chicken/fish I love women’s best I just don’t depend on it . people stop getting scared you can drink supplements as long as you don’t abuse of them you should be fine it’s not like a scoop is going to kill you.

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