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What’s up it’s Vanessa coming at you with another video and this one is gonna be my women’s best review video I have seen this all over Instagram and I was really really curious to try these products if you guys like videos like this don’t forget to give the video a huge thumbs up it does help me out tons so don’t forget to enter my giveaway guys I’m having a huge giveaway on my Instagram all the instructions will be in the description box down below and the giveaway ends May 31st and it is open internationally also don’t forget to subscribe on your way out and let’s get on with the video okay so the first thing I’m going to test out is the women’s best slim body shake I got and this is the woman’s best line is actually a German company so this is a company that overseas I am in United States according to them it’s the best-selling meal replacement shakes for weight loss days that I’m not an advocate of meal replacement shakes and I just don’t use meal replacement shakes to begin with I just used as a simple protein powder I did get the chocolate flavor and I usually get all my protein powders in chocolate just because that’s like the best one for me and I feel like it masks the protein II taste better than other flavors and I will do that when I did try it was really really sweet I am also trying to get away from eating a lot of sugar and things like that so this actually was super super sweet but if you’re a kind of person that needs up and that might work for you because of the sweetness it just kind of made me think like what the heck is in the think if it was super sweet sometimes a really strong protein taste to it so if you are someone who doesn’t like protein powders that have that kind of like after protein taste you might not like this part of either be price for this according to them it was on sale and it was $47.90 it’s about 36 servings the size of 2.6 pounds so if you’re 36 serving you’re getting about a dollar and 33 cents per serving so it’s not super expensive I have seen some other brands are way more expensive than this but I will say that it’s around the mid range for supplements a lot of the ingredients in this are vegan so P protein isolate have also the right protein isolate they also have quinoa is another sources protein that they say that they use and also soy protein isolate is another one use the claims on their websites that activates metabolism and that it promotes fat burning which no supplement can actually prove those claims are true you can’t drink something and then also in your metabolism is going to get better that’s just not how it works and also the same thing with fat burning it’s not how it works so another thing to they kind of alarm me about this was that I know that this is that this is supposed to be a weight loss supplement the instructions of website are actually telling people to replace their meals with this and I have never done that and I wouldn’t recommend people to do that either I think that just eat real food like just eat food it would be a lot better than doing this thang Davises you can even supplement two meals with two shake to have faster weight loss which is to me personally really unsafe and really irresponsible for our brands and claim those things or even to tell people to do those things I understand people really want to lose weight but I feel like that’s the unhealthy way to do things and I would not recommend people to do that I do want to say that because it was so sweet I did look up the ingredients for the protein slim body shake and it had mal toe dextran and also sucralose which a lot of our protein supplements and just supplements in general are going to have these artificial sweeteners but we should definitely just keep in mind what they’re doing to our bodies I know I’m trying to make a conscious decision to stop eating things with a bunch of artificial sweeteners whose are actually doing more harm than good to your body you think that because it has zero grams of sugar or whatever it’s claiming or variable grams of sugar that it’s good for you and that necessarily you also have to keep in mind that there are artificial sweeteners in here that actually are worse than just regular sugar okay so the next product that I want to talk about are the BCAA aminos and this one I got in Cola lime as you can see here and overall this isn’t like they’re super popular I think they’re like iced tea peach or something like that or PT peach tea is actually more popular than this this was too bad it kind of tasted like a flat so it a kind of like a coke /ic also means because that the line and actually we’re not too bad I didn’t I think again they’re very very sweet and they do also again how sucralose and I will say that you will have to dilute this a whole whole lot unless you like like that and you like things that are super sweet but just keep that in mind this is super sweet this retailed for thirty four ninety I just get the Cola line flavor and the size about 0.26 pounds which is about 30 servings per thing overall it’s not too bad being about my dollar and 34 cents per serving I actually did it in mind the BCH but then BC age and I thought they actually tasted pretty good okay so the next thing that I got and actually have to open this up guys its protein like I thought the chocolate flavors I’m not going to lie I didn’t really like to use these were only two dollars and ninety cents but I really think that they were that bad in terms of pricing I thought that was fair I got the chocolate flavor these are eight top protein bytes and they’re 10 grams each 80 grams in total and the claims are that it contains about 25 grams of protein per bite through the protein by size I’m actually going to show you what they look like that’s them in the package and then this is them outside of the package they’re not to like that’s them outside of the package don’t learn my mail route right now this is how I look like on the anti how I got 50 rolls extra very very protein they have a very strong protein taste after cake so again every not a fan of them I wouldn’t recommend these for $2.90 are not bad but our case is better start actual the next thing that I have is actually be protein cream this is in white chocolate and this one actually is really popular I thought it was really interesting there’s a lot of things on the market like phosphate in the white cream I will say flavor-wise it’s almost the best thing everything that I tried white chocolate flavor as you can see here it has the packaging is really really cute it has like that woman’s best and everything this is a glass container for the most products what it seems like is the price of $6.99 wheat nür called maltitol which I had to look it up exact I looked at the ingredients on the top kind of serious I never have seen that one before so the artificial sweetener mouth until actually shares laxative qualities like other artificial sweeteners and too much of maltitol can actually really hurt your guts and the good bacteria in your stomach too much maltitol can actually change your bowel movements as well obviously if you’re going to the bathroom and it’s diarrhea it’s going to upset your stomach it’s going to upset your bowel movements a whole lot you rage as a gift that will upset your stomach is from sixty to ninety ninety gram of maltitol and this one we serving is a hundred grams but it’s not obviously 100 grams of melted tall to contre grams or whatever all this is but if you’re consuming this on a daily basis and this is upsetting your stomach it could be the melt at all in here that’s causing the good bacteria in your gut to kind of get messed up and it could damage the inside of your stomach so heat it so overall guys I just wanted a pointed point those things out every supplement that you guys try is going to have something weird in it no supplement is going to be perfect it’s going to have all these artificial sweetener et cetera at the end of the day the best supplement is going to be just plain old food you guys want to try these or if you have tried the women’s best line feel free to leave a comment in down below I would love to hear what you guys thought about the lines I thought it was really sweet overall I didn’t think it was too bad but I will say that some of the ingredients kind of rubbed me the wrong way and I don’t know if I’ll purchase anything from them again now if you like videos like this forget to give the video a huge thumbs up as hell meal times don’t forget to subscribe on your way out and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace

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