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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Want to know the secret to a more efficient workout. A toned sexy body that’s Beach ready in less time than you ever thought possible! Introducing WonderCore Cycle WonderCore Cycle is Thane’s innovative combination of two of the best workouts. The calorie scorching performance of cycling together with a supercharged upper body rowing workout. By doing both together you’re engaging your entire core, working your upper and lower body simultaneously. WonderCore Cycle’s secret is its fully enclosed, advanced technology, magnetic cycling resistance system. Then WonderCore Cycle has built-in adjustable progressive resistance bands for the upper body. This allows for a complete full-body workout and cardio at the same time! WonderCore Cycle puts the focus on every part of your body and blasts it like a laser. On your back, biceps, triceps, shoulders and tightens and tones your legs, butt and thighs. All while simultaneously giving you an incredible, heart pounding cardio workout! Just hop on and dial in the kind of workout that you’re looking for. Go with lower resistance and more reps for that leaner look or you can dial up the resistance and do fewer reps to really build up the tone and definition in your body. WonderCore Cycle’s upper body station also has three levels of resistance. So from beginner to advanced everyone can use it and get amazing results! WonderCore Cycle gives you two workout positions So you can mix up your workouts and keep it fun and interesting Start with recumbent mode to make the
most of your upper body workout. Then you can switch it up to upper seated mode and really pick up the pace for the heart pounding cardio workout of your life. Every inch of WonderCore Cycle is absolutely packed with features! It starts with a two position, thick gauge, full steel frame construction. Then WonderCore Cycle has a fully enclosed, advanced technology, magnetic cycling system that delivers just the right amount of smooth resistance. Adjustable pedal straps for the perfect fit of any foot size Three levels of adjustable resistance for your upper body workouts A comfortable, adjustable seat that also has built-in padded handles for recumbent cycling An adjustable dial with eight levels of
cycling resistance Plush hand grips A comprehensive information center It even has a place for your phone and a magazine or tablet! Add it all up and you have the most feature packed cycling fitness platform you could wish for. And when you’re done it quickly folds up and has wheels so you can keep it in your closet. The WonderCore Cycle fitness system from Thane! Order yours today!

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