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Hey Jeff, how are you? Hey again thanks for
everything you do for us. A question for you. Just went in for X Ray
yesterday, potential Inguinal Hernia. I’ll find out next week if I need to go in
and have surgery. Wonder if you or any of your subscribers have
had experience with it and what I am going to be looking forward to over the next 4 to
6 weeks. Everything I’ve read looks like it’s pretty
uncomfortable, so I’m not looking forward to it. But it is the only way to repair these things. So any help on that would be great. My name is Doug Goldstein out here in El Dorado
Hills California and this is my AX JEFF question. Thanks. Hey Doug thanks for your AX JEFF question. So when it comes to Hernias, I’m actually
the expert here on staff of ATHLEAN-X because I’ve actually had one and unfortunately
I’m on my way to another. And yes, you should get them repaired. A lot of people will wait a long period of
time. I know people have waited years to get those done. My first one I waited about 3 or 4 years. But progressively the pain gets more and more
and you run the risk of causing more and more complications, serious complications that will not only become a lot more life
threatening, believe it or not, but they’ll increase the time that it’s going to take
you to recover from your Hernia surgery. So if you go in there electively as it seems
like you are now, that’s a good start. As far as what you’re going to have to do
after, it’s actually not that bad. There’ll be some pain, you’re obviously getting
an abdominal surgery so you’re going to have some pain and discomfort in that area. But because of the way that they do this,
if you’re able to get the mesh surgery that they do laparoscopically, all they’re doing is basically placing a mesh
on the inside of your abdominal cavity that pushes out and covers the hole. If you were to bear down or try to do some
sort of, even an Ab exercise itself, all you’re doing is pushing the mesh further
in place with the intra abdominal pressure that you’re generating. So you’re actually not running the risk of
damaging the repair. So it’s always good to know that, ok the only
thing I’m limited by possibly is pain or discomfort. The old way they used to do it, is they used
to put it on the outside so that if you did push any further, the sutures that were holding the mesh in
place did run the risk of actually breaking and you damaging the repair. So what did I do, 2 to 3 days after I was
done with my surgery, I was down on the ground doing very very basic limited Core movements. I knew that if I could get my Core active
just trying to re engage and get things woken up down there that I’d have a better chance of speeding
up my recovery and I firmly believe I did. I will say though, anything hanging like a
pullup or forget any type of hanging Ab exercises, that took me the longest. Because we know that as soon as we hold the
bar you better have really good Core strength to be able to hold yourself steady, that was just misery for me. So it took me probably about 4 to 5 weeks
before I could even somewhat hang on a bar. And before I could start cranking out pull
ups again probably about 6 to 7 weeks. But there’s no stopping you if you can get
in there, do this thing electively and start doing some of these more conservative Ab exercises
after you’re done. Doug thanks for the question. Guys remember this is now a new feature that
we have here on this channel. Ask me your question and I’ll make sure I
get your answer, if it’s good enough. Alright, I’ll be back here again in just a
few days.

One thought on “Working Out after Hernia Surgery (AX JEFF!)

  1. Hi. I had 6 months ago a hiatal hernia surgery a nissen fundoplication who let me more dead than alive, i lost alot of weight (after 6 years of gym). Was the worst decision of my life. I was suspected of vagus nerve damage by surgery. 10 days ago i had takedown this fundoplication (first surgery) so another one. I don't feel well, i have muscle spasm, my stomach it seems is dead, i hope to God to not have gastroparesys. In 6 months i had ruin my life. I look and i feel horrible. I eat, but i cannot put any weight back, like all the food it goes somewhere else. I'm feeling dehydrated, muscular spasm, confusion, weakness, etc. I am in a bad depression. Working out was part of my life and now is gone. Those traumas changed me in a worst way posible. Can you tell me how can i manage that? Some tips for recovery, i want to workout again but losing weight affect me, level of energy is down. I eat protein, meat at blender, eggs, milk, oat and nothing. Cannot put any weight. It seems my gastro system it is in colaps after those surgeries. I don't know what to do.

  2. Basic core exercises after two days? Dude, I was using a cane to go from my bed to the bathroom for a week.

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