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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Hi my name is Wendy Ida and I can’t
tell you how many times people ask me what I do to stay fit. Well, today’s your
lucky day because I’m going to show you what I do in the gym while lifting
weights. It’s a three-step process. First you got
to warm up properly to avoid injury. Second you’ve got to have the right form
also to avoid injury. Third you got to have intensity! Intensity is going to
take you to your goal. So why don’t we get started. We’re going to
do a little warm-up with the whole body you’re going to get your muscles and
your blood flowing throughout your body so you avoid injury. Even though you’re
just lifting weights, say doing a bicep curl, you’ve got to get all the muscles going.
Want to do something like so, this will get your upper body going, this will get your arms warmed up, your
whole body needs to get into the picture. And that way when you continue doing
something like that then, your whole body is ready to perform the exercise safely.
Okay, so now we’re going to do tricep extensions. That needs the correct form
so, I want you to come down support yourself in the front, with the bench,
also the most important thing is having a flat back. I see people all the time in the gym
like this, no round back that creates injury, bring it up and extend, pulled and
pause, and come back, extend, pause and come back. That’s where you get the most bang for
your buck by extending and pausing and bringing it back, keeping that flat back
and you’re good to go. Ok, so now here’s my favorite intensity,
that means what weight is best for you? If you can do curls all day long 10, 20,
30 well that’s probably the wrong weight to
use, right? What you really want to do is lift at least 10 reps, starting off and a
weight that you can hardly lift, on that very last one. Getting that up really
tough, squeezing up and if that last rep you can barely make it up, now baby
you’ve got the right one. So that’s your workout tip for today. Keep coming
back to Wendy for more tips on how to stay fit and young.

47 thoughts on “Working Out at the Gym – Workout Tips with Wendy Ida – Triceps Extensions

  1. Great Lady with beauty and class! She looks a little like Donna Summers and Venus Williams. If I did not know her true age, I would have guessed that she is in her early forties. Amazing!

  2. Great TIP, realy, thank you so much Wendy.
    And what are your exercises for face,I'm asking seriously, some yoga face? what makes your face muscles in so good condition and young shape? And your skin… is so firm.Please give some tip for face too. Thank you in advance, much love for you for sharing :))

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  7. Beautiful at 59 yrs old! & HEALTHY!!? Amazing Body!!  Im about to start working out with my mom who is mid 40's…I need some tips for working out with older people, or older females?  Its hard for me because I love High intense hard core cardio/ I run daily and I lift 5 pound dumbbells, im really petite and tiny with a high metabolism and still rather young, so I don't want to over do it with her…I need tips for starting a regimen for the older people 

  8. I love you!!!  You are awesome!!!  I have to say, I saw you on Walk away pounds express super challenge dvd.  and when Leslie said you were spunky, I had to see what you were up to.  I just hit 52 yrs. old on the first, and I used to be skinny and fit, but hypothyroidism took over.  I'm not going to give up though.  Do you have any tips for people who have hypothyroidism?  I can exercise a couple of hours a day, and still have problems keeping weight off. Thank you…God Bless

  9. Get a trainer. Get a trainer. If you can't get a trainer, get a trainer. And if that's impossible try to smooth talk the better looking gym bodies into being your gym partner. Can waste a lot of time at the gym if you have no clue what you're doing, or how hard you should push yourself.

  10. Nice to a black queen so fit for a change, we don't see that often. Damn 60 years old, she looks half of it.

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