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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey guys so today what I think we’re
gonna do….. it is freezing outside mind you it’s June 2nd June 3rd I woke up this
morning and it was 53 degrees outside! Everyone else gets to enjoy summer
apparently, where I live, we have to continue to wait
but anyway I’m freezing right now I have my coat on my dog’s racing he’s just
really cold we’re just sick of the cold but so let’s just make a video! What I am
planning on doing today I’m going to show you a little bit of the equipment
that I do have that I am using and that I do plan on using that I have in the
garage we just got to clear out some space in the garage. We’re in the process
of ….well we’ve been in the process of remodeling the home that we’re in right
now. Our goal is to within the next year, two years tops, is to get out of here get
out of the Midwest and move down we’re thinking Tennessee so that being said
we’re trying to just obviously budget and really watch what we’re spending so
we can get out of here sooner not only so we can finish fixing up this house
but so we can buy our next one and get out of here like I said but that entails
as far as budgeting goes we would need I would need personally to watch my
spending so I am not really I know that there’s some affordable gym memberships
out there like Planet Fitness I think you can get a basic membership for 10
bucks a month that’s reasonable I get it I might look into that a
little bit later and the coming months as of right now I want to just
continue to do what I can, workout using not only my body weight but the weights
that I do have because I want to get into more of a weight lifting training.
I’m learning a lot online especially through YouTube and the certified trainers
that are out there. I am NOT a certified trainer or anything of the sort
so I am learning basically from the ground up on my
macros, nutrition, weightlifting, proper form, technique, muscle confusion
everything. So what I plan on doing, I want to do some challenges coming up too….
so basically what I’m doing now I pretty much I’m gonna do a weigh-in today. I
pretty much got the… far as weight loss goes -I’m pretty much where I
want to be about 135-130 this is fine Now I want to really gear into fat loss,
losing more fat on my body. Now there is a difference between weight ….weight
loss and fat loss within the body. I’m not gonna be so concerned about counting
calories or anything like that like I was before now I’m gonna be more focused and zeroed in on my macros making sure I’m getting, you know especially with
weight lifting, you want to know that you’re getting really ample amounts of
protein and then figuring out if I need more carbs or more fat. I’m gearing what fuels my body more. I’m gearing towards a higher fat lower carb thing but everyone’s body is different so we’ll just figure that out
as we go but that’s what I’m going to start with to see how my body responds
to that. So what this video basically is I’ll do a weigh-in just to see where I’m starting at and then I’m going to start posting workout
videos. I’m gonna be doing them everyday so I just so you could see a progression
of trends progression throughout my body. And I am working out without my shirt,
obviously a sports bra on but without my shirt obviously I’m not showing off
because there’s nothing to show right now I’m pretty much mortified that I’m
even doing this but I have to keep myself accountable keep myself going so
then too at the end result when I do start getting more defined and the weight
training is really paying off I will have proof of where I’ve started where
it all started so that’s my motivation. I believe pictures is a big deal like if
you’re taking pictures before and after pictures that’s awesome I believe that’s
nothing more than a great motivator for you; me, myself included. So I’m gonna let – show you what equipment that I have laying around
here at the house, what I’m currently using, what I plan on using because I
can dust some equipment off that I do, like I said, had in the garage or I have in
the garage. I did do a quick ab workout earlier….. I believe too, because I do have
a big problem with my midsection, that instead of doing tons of cardio and tons
of crunches which I don’t believe is going to be as effective as ….Zoe…. as
lifting weights in general. I believe that’s gonna take care of all my problem
areas but I’m gonna do them nonetheless here and there whatever because I do
want to build out muscle under the fat in the meantime. So when this fat starts melting off , then I have some muscle to pop on through…at
least that’s my mindset. So yeah, so we’ll go ahead like I said do that…do the
workout and then I’m going to do another meal figure out what I’m gonna break my
fast with today and this will just be my I guess daily log for the day as far as
my continued journey through to getting fit So I’m gonna show you just what
equipment that I’m working with at the moment being that I do not go to the gym
or have any kind of gym membership or any kind of like really big fancy
equipment here it’s all pretty basic so I just wanted to kind of get it on
the record . Um let’s start over here I guess. We’re in the midst of remodeling
this home. We’re gonna flip it before we move so if you see unfinished work like
this door here it – this is why. So I promise you it’s gonna be a beautiful
house. It’s already becoming a beautiful house but I don’t live like, you know,
uh.. in a shit hole I guess. lol Okay so this is just my mat I’ve used it in my video so
far this is just a regular I guess yeah yoga mat that I have. I have… I do have
this foam roller I am new to the foam roller. I believe they might come in different sizes I just go to the TJ Maxx Home
Store, this shit is pretty cheap. So I don’t know but this is just the foam
roller that I do have that I intend to be using more often,being that I am going to focus on weight training. These are my husband’s weights
these are the blocks that he uses I don’t use these they’re power blocks I
guess but I do have the women’s one over here that I’m obviously using now. I’m
not a big fan of these. I see that they’re pretty expensive. My husband got
these awhile ago at some auction or whatnot but…. I like the ones- I mean
they’re nice and all but I prefer the barbell ones just because I don’t like
having to adjust these all the time for my weight. So like if I want to do some
super sets or whatnot you know I have to stop adjust the weight and then lift
again. So I don’t know I’m still kind of getting used to it. I have these- there not
barbells but I guess they’re um what are they… kettlebells! This is a 15 pounder
again, my husband got these. I’ve had them around the house forever before I
decided I wanted to start working out. 10 and then I have a five in the garage,
these are awesome… especially when we do legs. These are
just from Amazon I believe it like 20 bucks or something like that. It’s just a
five three and two pounder, nothing special here. Sometimes I take the five
and three and and put them in one hand and use them because again I’m not a
huge fan of this but I’m getting used to it. I’m getting used to the whole weight
lifting thing anyway. Over here I do have a bike . Again, I don’t really use it -the
stationary bike. I used it a little bit this winter when I was starting to get
my motivation back up… not bad. I do have an awesome mountain bike that
I’m -being that it’s getting- becoming nicer outside. I’m just starting to ride
outside um I do live in Chicago its like 53 degrees! it’s June 2nd or 3rd its 53
degrees HA But anyway that is that and then I will
show you what I… Oh, before I do I do here’s my exercise ball in here.
So I have um stabilizer ball – oh and I do have let’s see some resistance bands in here
that I am using. I have I just ordered these from Amazon. Amazon is like my best friend – and it gives you little exercises on them too – you wanna, so I have a light, this is like a heavy duty, extremely light, what does it say on here
okay so heavy. This one should be like extra heavy yeah extra heavy and it
gives you little exercises on here that you could do with these which is nice if
your new. Light and then this is medium I believe …yeah medium. Cool so I got those I’m working with, not really using the bike, doing the weights and then I’ll
show you what I have in the garage. Alright so let’s head out to the garage
here. Turn on the light..let’s go out here. We are straightening this up too
obviously we use our garage for a wood shop right now being that my husband
is pretty handy with the wood. But I do have some stuff out here we want to
clear out -myself a corner for again working out. So we have this bar here for
chin-ups and stuff. I think I need to use it the other way. I tried to just see some work
lifting gloves here yeah so this is for the bar. A bar and chin up bar this
little contraption here which is nice. I do have a weight bench yeah gotta dust that off. Um with a bell, another bar so I can do some inclines and whatnot again I
have to -here’s all my weights back here or all thee weights back here -shouldn’t call them mine till I start using them. There’s that five pounder was talking about. Oh and here’s
my bike -so here’s my freaking bike again my husband bought me. Yes I have the best husband ever! It’s got all these dang gears on it and I
don’t even know why cuz I don’t not you saw his fancy stuff but no it’s cool
there’s my husband’s bike it’s my son’s little cart that we just got and here’s
my daughter’s bike oh there’s her water bottle I was looking for. So again we have
all our weights back there I plan on using this bar hopefully within the next
week we can clear this little section out back here for…. none existent
roller blades- yeah we haven’t used those in forever…. and I can start using this
corner to work out a bit being that I do have this equipment and I want to start
weight training. Okay off to the scale- Zoe’s sock she
plays with. I know it’s Monday… I usually do weigh-ins on Friday but I don’t weigh
myself this past Friday. Let’s take off some extra clothes here- I always feel
like it helps even though I know my jacket that I have on, or the sweater that I
have around my waist doesn’t weigh a pound so (LOL) but… I even have socks on but we’re gonna go ahead and just weigh it. Anyway all right… 138.4!!!! Now see let’s take off the
socks and see what I weigh because that’s bullshit I weighed 135 three days
ago (more like a week ago) Yeah 138.4- women fluctuate though…
so alright- that’s our weigh-in so now… let’s go on!

One thought on “Workout at home for women / beginners home gym tour

  1. In today's video I will be discussing my future workout plans, all of which will be done from home. I workout completely from home using dumbbells, kettle bells, & resistance bands. I also provided clips of one of my ab workouts I started this week.

    My current goals are as follows:

    1) To lose body fat around my mid-section, arm pits, & waist

    2) To tone up my arms & legs

    3) To lose 10 more lbs in the process, however I will be focusing more on my macro-nutrient intake rather than my actual calorie intake in order to retain muscle.

    4) To have goals 1-3 achieved within 8 weeks time. Of course I will need to continue the toning & leaning (bulking) process as it is a lifestyle, however I would like to start seeing results within this time frame.

    I also decided to give up sugar for the next week or two to see how my body responds in conjunction with my daily workouts. I will be logging my progress (my detox off of sugar) on here as well. Wish me luck!

    Please subscribe if you would like to follow me along this journey to a more healthier lifestyle. I'm constantly learning new things everyday in terms of nutrition and health. I am a work in progress but I have the determination and drive in order to achieve the results I am looking for. Anyone can do it, it just depends on how bad you want it!

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