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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Hey, the title says it all. I am going to show you today how to start
getting some shit done! Now, if language offends you, I have a lot
of other videos that I’ve done where the language is not a little bit on the dark side. The fact of the matter is, this is something
I’m very passionate about, and yes, I am a coach. Sometimes coaches have to tell you what you
don’t want to hear. You know what? It’s usually that advice that gives you the
biggest kick in the ass that you actually need to hear. So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to talk about the one, most important
thing to getting results no matter what it is that you’re trying to achieve. Obviously, here, if you’re watching this channel,
you’re probably trying to change your body. You’re probably trying to get to another level
of fitness. You’d better be consistent, because consistency
is the key. Now, I know you’ve probably heard that before,
but I’m going to show you exactly how to be consistent. To do that, you have to first breakdown the
two types of consistency. There’s a voluntary consistency and then there’s
an involuntary consistency. Now, being consistent with bad advice is going
to make you consistently bad. So you have to understand whether the advice
that you’re being given, or the advice that you’re following is good advice, or bad advice. But we can almost take care of that with involuntary
consistency. What I’m talking about there is either being
sick, or being injured when it comes to training. If you are sick, or injured, you’re not going
to be able to be consistently. Involuntarily. You can’t do anything about it. Your head might be there. Your heart might be in it. You want to train. Your body says “Screw you! You aren’t going to train.” What happens is then you can’t get to the
gym, you can’t get your results, and you can’t be consistent. If your program that you’re following right
now – I’m going to talk about programs in a second – if it’s leaving you feeling run
down, beat up, sore, to the point where you can’t even get to the gym, or find the motivation
to get there – because you hate the whole process – and it’s causing you to miss workouts;
you’re following bad advice. So you can pretty much ensure that you can
detect when you’re on a bad path and when you’re on a good path. If involuntarily you’re getting shut down
before you can start and play, you’re following bad advice. So let’s assume now that you’re following
good advice. If you’re here on this channel I hope you
agree that you’re following good advice. Voluntarily, there are a few things I need
you to do. Just a few. It’s going to work if you do this. The first thing you’ve got to do is stop making
freaking goals, okay? Listen to what I’m telling you. Goals are the “what”. Without the “why” they don’t mean shit. A goal could be “I want to get ripped. I want to get jacked.” Even specific goals. I tell you here all the time “Follow specific
goals. You make specific goals, you will get there.” I want to be 195lbs by December 12th. Good for you. Why are you doing it? If you don’t know what I’m talking about,
watch this video that I put up over here that explains all about the “why” and how important
the “why” is because the “why” will drive you to your goal if you listen to it and you
let it drive you from within. The “what” is just a fantasy. The “why” is what drives you toward that “what”. So stop making fucking goals until you’ve
done the “why” first. Promise me. Number two: a famous quote by Steven Covey
“Don’t prioritize your schedule. Schedule your priorities.” Think about the difference there. What do we always do? How are you going to make the time to stay
consistent? You’re going to take your schedule and you’re
going to figure out where in your schedule you can fit in what you’re trying to do. Where you can fit in your workout. That’s not going to work. If you want to be consistent you have to schedule
your priorities. In this case your priority is to workout. So, you’re going to put that in and start
there, and work the rest of your schedule around that. Schedule some time during every day that you’re
going to train. I will tell you this: ask your friends. All the friends that you know that workout
all the time. Ask them one question. “When do you train?” Almost 99% of them will tell you the same
thing. “I always train in the morning, first thing
when I wake up. I always train at night, after the kids go
to bed. I always train right before I get home, when
I get out of work.” They stay consistent that way because they’re
scheduled in at a very specific time every day, and it’s a lot easier to maintain that. The next thing I want you to do – again,
contrary to a lot of the advice that you’ve been given, but I’m not going to bullshit
you – take away your freaking feelings, guys. This is not a whole emotional love fest between
you and your goal. It can’t be if you want to get there. You’ve got to remove all of your feelings. If I told you to start having feelings about
brushing your teeth, or taking a shower that’ would be the most ridiculous advice I’ve ever
given you. “How do you feel when you’re brushing your
teeth? Are you sad? Are you happy about it?” You don’t think about it. You just do it. Every day. You know you’ve got to do it. You have to become a lot more pragmatic about
your workouts. This is not a “feelings” thing. This is an “I’m doing it. Period. End of story. I said I’m going to do it before work when
I wake up. I’m going to get out of bed, I’m going to
get my ass to the gym, and I’m going to do it. When it’s over, it’s over.” Be pragmatic about it. I’m not saying “No.” What happens – so this leads me to the next
point – what happens if you miss a workout? Some people, because they attach feelings
to it they go “Oh, I’m a loser. I’m a loser. I didn’t make it to the gym. I knew I couldn’t stick with this. I always give up before I start.” No, now you’re attaching feelings to that. If you weren’t attaching feelings you’d say
“Fuck it. It’s gone. Tomorrow I’m going to be at the gym. I’m going to do it all over again. Tomorrow – I’ll make tomorrow my day. Today I didn’t do it.” No feelings attached. You don’t have to be perfect to achieve your
goals. Listen to me. You do not have to be perfect to achieve them. You just have to be pretty damn good. If you’re consistently following good advice,
perfection will never be needed, and you’re going to get to where you want to be. So never get so beat up on yourself because
of that. If you remove those feelings you’ll be good. Finally, some of you guys are going to love
what I say here. Remove your options. Too many options are killing your progress. “I’m going to do ATHLEANX, but I just heard
about this other program. Let me see what this one is like first and
maybe – no. you know what? I think there’s another – what if this style’s
good? I like training like an athlete, but maybe
this style.” All you’re doing is intentionally delaying
the inevitable. You want to do something, but you’re looking
for ways to continue to stall your progress and give you a reason to not start. You know you’re doing it, too. You’re constantly looking for options to confuse
you, to load your plate up. Remove your options and you know what? If I’m the one you remove, so be it. So be it. At least the one that you adopt: do it! Adopt a method that you’re going to believe
in. The only thing that you need to do is know
that you’re following good advice. We talked about that in the beginning. And make sure that it’s something that you
believe in and knows they can take you to where you want to be. Now, I stand up here each and every day and
do a video for you guys each and every week, multiple videos because I know I can take
you where you want to be. You wouldn’t be following this channel if
you didn’t believe in me. So if you do want to follow ATHLEANX, let
me – work with me. Let me show you how I do it. I will show you how to stay consistent because
I will tell you what to do every, single day. I will give you a plan. You won’t have to think. You’ve just got to show up. You have to take away the emotion. You have to stop with your goals and understand
why you want to find – why do you want to train like an athlete? Why do you want to let me help you do it? Because it’s really important for you to understand
that. When you have it all in place, then serious
freaking things get done. I promise you they do. Serious results are standing right in front
of you if you start getting shit done and stop making excuses for not doing them. Guys, I know this has been a little bit of
an earmuff video, and that’s fine. I know some people will tell me “Jeff, easy
with the cursing. You shouldn’t curse. It’s not professional.” That’s bullshit. As a coach sometimes passion is what drives
people, and sometimes the things that they don’t want to hear are, again, going to
be the things that drive them to finally achieve them because they’re hearing it from the heart. That’s how I want to speak to you guys, always. If you’re looking for a program – as I’ve
said many times – head to You don’t want this one? Find a program somewhere. There’s plenty out there. But do it. In the meantime, guys, I’ll be back here in
just a couple days. Leave your comments below. I know there’s a lot of honesty here on this
channel. Tell me, what are you struggling with? If you start applying what I showed you, maybe
things will be changing starting today. All right, guys. I’ll see you soon.

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