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100 thoughts on “Workout Motivation – Calum von Moger | New Arnold Schwarzenegger

  1. good thing that he doesnt competing this year.he said that he needs to fix his arm,his waist and not to be to vascular

  2. only 80 lbs for a dumbell press wtf dude you are using roids be strong.. i am only 17 years old and pressing the 100 lbss

  3. Workout Motavation. Real cool to see you working out at the gym Calum von Moger. You do very extremely hard work outs. An are in grest shape. An just to wish you all the very best with compatisions coming up. Good physique.

  4. Any one can do this. You only take steroids not so hard. why would you wanne look like this guy when he cheets. Any body can do that

  5. Braço lindo😘😎😎😎😎eu vou 😎😎 emagrecer😎😎😎😎😎 de 53 kg, diminuir 6kg. Nada de cerveja, açúcar e massa. Arnold, eu vou passar a consumir o seu alimento.

  6. All pro bodybuilders and actors Arnold Schwarzenegger Sylvester Stallone Vin Diesel the rockevery actor in bodybuilder that puts on a hundred pounds of solid muscle before a show or a movie is juicier… old bulky power lifting ripped look is in now…. Oh and living the 80 is also i to
    .Arnold Schwarzenegger Sylvester Stallone The Rock they ain't going to make it past 85 if they're lucky Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone is definitely not going to make it there just because Sylvester Stallone comes on and off on and off on and off of growth hormones and testosterone don't make it any safer yeah I can understand feeling a little testosterone and growth hormones after 40 cuz you're not too low levels lower and it's good to raise them up but not doing a yearly cycle within 3 weeks….crazt

  7. His arms look to big in comparison to his chest and it makes his chest seem way to small. No comparison. 2:18

  8. dam he turned into his pops.. could do young new terminator movies now wonder if he found his dads old stash of goodies!

  9. I have damaged my spine on deadlift four years ago every attempt to the gym now ends me being on a floor in a huge pain for four-five days in a row… I wish I could get back to the gym and train as I used to 🙂 I have never looked as you do but I can easily say I was strong as you are here on this video probably a bit stronger on shoulders bit( 50KG four five sets x15reps back shoulder smith machine 4 sets x12-16 reps with 120-140 KG bar/cardio speed :)), triceps and biceps ( it was always my thing)… you have legs I always wanted to have, when I was training people used to pass me with "fuuuuucccckkk.." look; ah well… not gonna happen ;(; now I'm fat 120Kg no strength due to my lower back… f! I wish I could go back to this…

  10. Theres too many modern things about today that just makes the younger generation no comparison to the older generation. Pple use cars trains to get around all the time. A lot of pple work in offices and sitting jobs.

  11. If you want to see a Little see next to arnold stop train shoulders and hard work on the chest(be intelligent Calum )

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