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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today is a great opportunity for me in this
video to make you aware of something you may not even be aware you’re doing. You see, we talk to ourselves all day long,
right? We have internal dialogue. We have conversations. We even have arguments with ourselves through
the day. The idea is, what type of dialogue are you
using? If you’re using the stuff that’s behind me
here, you’re probably missing out on an opportunity to realize a lot more potential out of yourself
than you are. This here is called negative internal dialogue. A funny story about this was, I was going
to do this video yesterday and Dr. Phil was on in my house. Don’t ask me why. It’s a long story, but it was on, we had a
little background noise, and he happened to be on. The thing was, he actually talked all about
this. When he did I was like “I have to go Dr. Phil
on your ass for a minute here and you’ve got to let me do it on my own channel, because
the guy is right!” Negative internal dialogue applied to fitness
is the biggest road block that you ever see when realizing your goals. Think about it. “I’m too skinny”. These are the things you tell yourself throughout
the day. “I’m too skinny.” If you start saying them out loud you might
want to talk to somebody, but if you’re telling them in your head it’s completely normal. “I can’t spend enough hours in the gym.” “I’ll never lose weight.” “I can’t build big arms.” “I can’t stick to a diet.” “I have bad genetics.” “I have a slow metabolism.” “I’m a hard gainer.” “I don’t have the time or dedication.” “My chest won’t grow.” “I hate working my abs.” “I’ll never have abs.” Ironically, those two are tied together because
if you hate working your abs you’re never going to have them. It’s true. But why do we tell ourselves this stuff? Because it makes it easier to not commit,
to actually attempt it and do it. If I can’t do it then what’s the bother? Therefore “Hands off, I’m good. I don’t have to worry about it.” If you truly want to make a change the first
thing you have to do is not start doing these things. Just become aware that you’re saying this
stuff to yourself. If you’re saying these things to yourself
that’s it; you’re done. Admit it. The road block is put in place. The mental barrier is there and words are
so, so powerful. The words you tell yourself literally dictate
your actions. If you feel this you’re going to be this. If you don’t want to be this anymore then
you have to become aware that you’re saying this. More importantly, you have to think about
why you’re saying this. “I can’t build big arms”. Why? Why can’t you – the one saying this – build
big arms? Why? You can. Maybe you don’t have big arms right now,
but you could build bigger arms if you apply the right knowledge to your training and start
actually putting in the effort to do it. See, it’s not something where you’re physically
unable to do something. It’s that you’re mentally incapable of realizing
that you can do it. So start becoming mentally capable of realizing
how much more capable you are of things that you wish you could accomplish. That’s how you’re going to start doing them. This is a perfect time of year. If you’re watching this video this is timely
as we’re getting ready to get toward the New Year. A lot of people will set these goals, but
before they reach their goals all these negative thoughts will creep in and do their best to
prevent you from ever realizing it. As a matter of fact, by the second or third
week in January you’re out. You’re not going to be doing it because you
allow these thoughts to creep into your head. So do me one favor; start becoming aware of
the fact that you’re telling yourself this stuff and then get them out of your head. If you do that, do one more thing for me. Don’t allow this to allow you to take that
trip to leprechaun land that we’ve talked about before. There are no fucking leprechauns. We’ve talked about that. We agreed on that. You can’t all of a sudden say “I’m a 130lb
guy and Jeff told me to believe in everything I said. So I’m going to become Mr. Olympian without
the use of steroids.” It’s not going to happen. You’ve got to put a little bit of a cap on
your expectations of what you can accomplish. The cool thing is, when you reach for something
a little bit further than where you might think you are capable of getting, it’s at
least blowing the barriers off of this. It’s blowing the lid off this kind of internal
dialogue and talk. At least it gets you to start thinking bigger. Start thinking positively and you’re going
to see that more positive things will come to you. These changes you’ve been chasing will actually
start happening and you won’t need shortcuts to get there because you are going to become
dedicated. You are going to start liking your ab workouts. All these things will start happening because,
guess what? You believed in yourself. That’s where you have to get to and that’s
where I’m going to get you to. So start getting rid of this chatter and start
thinking more positively and at least become aware of when you do this. We still do this. I still do this, but the idea is becoming
aware and conscious of it so we can quickly change those thoughts around. All right, guys. I hope you found this video helpful. Dr. Phil, thank you very much for having the
TV on in my house and you being on it. I don’t really watch you all that often,
but maybe I should start more often because that was a good lesson that can be learned
and applied here to my viewers here in fitness. I’ll talk to you guys again soon. Let me know what you want to see on this channel
and I’ll do my best to bring it to you. In the meantime, leave your comments and thumbs
up below and I will be back here in just a couple of days. I’ll see you.

100 thoughts on “Workout Motivation Killer (STOP DOING THIS!!)

  1. Even if you say positive stuffs to yourself like "I will do it" the bottom-line is 'will you' do it. Some people like to procrastinate, some are simply just so full of it and are all words.

  2. This is NLP neurolinguistic programation. You say thing there aren't real in PRESENT TENSE like: I'm pretty and in time you will start to fell pretty 🙂

  3. any tips for wieght loss barriers? I started working out 3 weeks ago. I'm not looking to be a body builder I just want to be in better shape. I'm about 30 to 40 pounds overweight depending on where you look for your ideal weight. I'm relatively athletic and the first 2 weeks I lost a lot of weight quickly. The last 5 days I've been stuck at 200 lbs. I dont mind building muscle but I dont want to increase my mass so much I personally think it's unattractive and i'm not looking to be an athlete.

    I diet really well I think (lemon water in the mornings, one small portion of protein and one carb with maybe a salad at lunch, and either fruit the rest of the day or a small portion of fish with tomato and lemon)

    I do morning strength workouts and night workouts every day with sunday being my only day off, and I ride bike for cardio (around 7.2 km a day sometimes double cause of errands)

    Some people have told me to switch up my routine to keep my body guessing but currently, aside from maybe jogging, I dont have the money or the equipment to find new workout routines every other week and alternate so easily.

    so yeah any tips for someone just trying to lose weight and not become some crazy body builder? I dont mind the time it takes but I've seen people hit these walls for weeks and I dont want to be stuck at the same weight for weeks. I plan to lose those 40 pounds by april/may and I think it's very feasible with real tips. I'm really dedicated. thank you!

  4. i listen to motivational videos on a daily basis, i listen to them when i workout, walking to class, i have downloaded almost 40 of them from youtube played on shuffle/loop..and no i didnt become motivation resistant, it empowers me because everyday we experience different kinds of challenges. from achievement to setbacks, and when you listen to the motivational videos at different moments of your life, you'll notice that some words that's being uttered by the speaker when you listen means differently to you when you are feeling great vs when you feel down., you self-reflect more about and it empowers you a lot to do more in a day and not kill time. you guys should try it out, just sharing my thoughts..

  5. I've used the whole, 'I try working working out, but I don't seem to loose any weight' excuse before, I don't bother with it anymore, I do now do exercise more, though not with any frequency. I do have myself an underactive thyroid (Hypoparathyroidism), which is probably my reasons for not having any motivations and why I don't do enough. Weirdly enough, it 'is' due to bad genes, most of my family from my mother's side has the same condition, we just didn't know until I got diagnosed with it and we all started getting tested for it. I won't be using it as an excuse, I just need to try and push through it, I'm just finding it a struggle to do so, after a little exercise tonight, about 10 min, I gave up, just too tired to go on, though after watching this vid, I'm going to go back and try continue again!

  6. i am 5 foot 2, I hate my genetics so when I am sticking to a diet I always tell myself what does it matter how muscular I am I'm still going to be a shrimp. I eat crappy foods as a way of hitting myself for being crap.

  7. Great video, Jeff. Would you ever consider making a video about a lift or exercise you are most proud of? Maybe go over what it took to get there? E.g. walking handstands or 20 handstand push ups… whatever feat of strength you are most proud of.

  8. Jeff, I've completed AX-1 and as you mentioned, the New Year is approaching. Time foe those "build a better me" resolution. I'm debating whether I should purchase AX-2, or all 5 parts of the TNT series. Can you do a video on the differences between the programs so those in my position can decide which to go with?

  9. Jeff I hope to make couple of episodes on diet and good exercises for people who have diabetes. We are seeking help and motivation. Happy holiday and thanks for you hard work.

  10. I can lose weight if a dedicate myself
    I can bulk if I eat right and work hard.
    I can make time on my schedule to fit in my workouts.

  11. I feel like I do the opposite it's because I look at myself in a such a high esteem I constantly tell myself "wow look at these arms there so big ,and etc but when I do that, I tell myself I'm fine if I skip working out today then today turns into tomorrow and next thing I know I miss working out for most most of the week. so now I'm very little motivated to keep exercising and I try pre workout drinks like c4 to get me pumped but there still not doing it for me does anybody have any suggestions to get that boost back up because now I see myself and I am losing some serious tone & muscle and I would like to start exercising again but most days I don't feel like I have the energy. can somebody please help me?

  12. I disagree with the "you have to have a cap" statement. You don't need a cap. If Warren Buffet put a cap on himself he wouldn't be where he is today. If the Wright brother's put caps on themselves we wouldn't have aircrafts. Many accomplishments of the greatest people in our history were told their goals were "unrealistic," "insane," or to "put a cap on" them [their dreams, goals, desires,etc]. Don't put caps on any of your dreams, the only limits you have are the ones you tell yourself.
    Thanks for the motivation Jeff, your videos changed my life last year, and I've never been the same!

  13. just think that when you're working out do it for yourself, even if its only 10 sit-ups you are closer to your goal than you were yesterday.

  14. I try to work out every muscle group with every workout (30-40mins) should I stop doing this and focus more on working out certain muscle groups each day?

  15. This has never really been a problem for me cause im really skinny but workout just because i enjoy, and ive become pretty strong(for me)

  16. This is useful advice for any part of your life.

    Something I heard a long time ago always stuck with me: Take the word "can't" out of your vocabulary, and replace it with "How CAN I" do x or y. It's a simple psychological trick. The moment the word "can't" pops into your head or speech– your mind instantly turns OFF. It stops working. By using the phrase "How CAN I", it engages your mind. Putting the most powerful tool you have to work FOR you instead of lying dormant. The world of possibilities opens up as your mind starts spinning away thinking of ways to do it.

  17. Jeff, you're just awesome! I had most of these things preventing me from devoting myself. But now I have a 6 pack! am losing it now, but will get back to if after watching this vid. Many thanks Coach!

  18. there is more than just self talk or not being able todo something like I have an eating disorder and i was way skinny before training and eating normaly i still struggle but jeff has helped me but I mean if a person is mentally ill nd negative self talk you cant control it as well as someone who is not mentally ill its harder some people can stop the negative self talk nd others cant

  19. Jeff. I am really inspired and I watch you all the time. But I am 16 and can't drive yet and am in the process of getting a job so I don't have any money to buy super healthy food and kind of have to deal with whatever my parents buy. I am trying to lose weight but my diet is not in check. Do you know any foods that maybe I already have that I don't know is good? I don't know what I can eat to help me with my goals.

  20. I was very determined, then I got injured… Golfers elbow in both arms, i haven't been lifiting for months. Injuries are motivation killers

  21. My workout motivation killer is having to wait 10 minutes to use equipment at the gym. I feel like I need to leave when I have to wait more than a few minutes for people to get off the equipment. One day, I ran into a guy doing a whole workout regimen inside a squat rack.

  22. well said. As a personal trainer I always tell my clients that I am training their thoughts before I can help them change their bodies. The clients who stop verbally abusing them selves make the biggest changes. But it is not always easy.

  23. I can because I want. I'm handicapped and have been working out for many years now. "I can't get good gains because of the limited exercises that I can do" was the biggest excuse I was guilty of… until I changed it to: "Well, then better get damn good at your limited exercises. You'll get ahead slow, but you'll get ahead."

  24. Everything…literally everything (even physical)…is Psychological. It's entirely in your head. Everything else is just the reactions to what is going on in your MIND. The mind is so much more than just a brain. Wish that was taught to the masses. Science knows little about the brain and even less about the mind. Work out the mind first and everything else will fall into place. Great video. Good luck people.

  25. Thank you. My back hurts a lot once in a while, but I know this was due to me putting on weight (I have a gut). I need to shut up and work out, work with the pain or I'll just be complaining my whole life.

    Thanks. I'll start believing in myself.

  26. We say those things because they're true. This is a bunch of hogwash, we all know you're on a bunch of drugs because that's the only way to get anywhere with bodybuilding, drugs. The human body is worthless, and all those things (arm and chest size, metabolism, etc.) are out of your control.

  27. "I'm too old". No you're not. I'm 58 with nearly 6 decades of accumulated sports and work injuries. I'm making fine gains every week without injury. Be careful, be wise. Push for you, not for anyone else. Track your improvement and be pleased with whatever rate you improve. If you work and reach a plateau, be happy that your hard work took you to a plateau far above where you started! Will I ever look like Jeff? No! Do I care at age 58? No! But I enjoy the feeling of that workout, the weights, the swimming, the cycling. You're never too old to make reasonable gains at something.

  28. I really like your channel and the advice that you give. But, I really wish there were videos like this for women too. I know the concept is generally the same. But it would be cool to have a female speak about these topics  and about injuries from weightlifting and how to fix them or prevent them, like you have on this channel. I saw the women's Athlean channel, but it looked like it was mostly home workout videos and hacks to losing weight. They looked helpful but I wish there was more resources and stuff out there for women, like this video.

  29. This is true, i stopped telling myself that I cannot do the full pushups in plank position, i made myself fake it till i make it 🙂 and now i can do them !!

  30. I train abs with jeffs six pack promise app 4-5 days every weak. I do sprint walk jog intervals that are short and intense for 10 minutes and eat healthy except for maybe some dessert or something that I just have to eat like whatever i get for school. Im 14 and have added muscle by training since the last few months and have made progression with abs but seem to have hit a fat loss plateau and am stuck on a point where im close to getting a six pack but just cant seem to get there. Tips anyone?

  31. hey jeff, start watching dr. oz. he does healthy living. he's great. maybe you can incorporate him into your videos. 🙂

  32. Athlean-x, been watching your videos for a bit, not wanting to start yet because I don't have allot of money coming in but I'd like to begin this program after the new year (already on a program at the moment worth mentioning, so continuing that until after) I live in the UK, will this be an issue? Will the plan account for this in the food section part and measurement conventions to metric system? Also we lift weights in kg instead of pounds. Please answer as soon as possible. Also will payment be an issue?

  33. What about if you've been working out for a while and actually are in pretty good shape but you're just starting to get bored with working out

  34. I want to add more killer lines ..

    All truth …

    I just stopped lifting for some days now actually …Anyway , my lines r like :

    I am feeling headaches the next day
    I keep sleeping the next day
    My arms are flat , for years and years

  35. Athlean-x. I use to train 6 days a week 2 hours a day. Loved the hell out of it. My motivation for training and sticking with a diet which I did for years was coming from a insecurity about being bigger so I could always defend myself in places and also to look good for women. Once I got over this insecurity I had which was knowing im still able to defend myself and get women without having a good body. I find it so hard to find a reason to go back to the weights. I want to go back but I just dont have that same drive like I did when I was younger. Sticking to diets and a training lasts a week maybe 2 then I fall off again. I dunno I hope this makes sense but yeah any advice on around this would be awesome.


  36. Thanks, Jeff for the great tips on how we're killing our own motivation. It's so crucial to understand our self- dialogue – it can make or break us. Often we're psyching our own selves out of doing the very things we want to achieve, but we blame it on other people!

  37. I wanna be skinny, but it takes so damn time😩😩it makes me disappointed and lose my motivation after a while, i just see myself with perfect body in my dream… I want to do ittttttt

  38. Some way to "motivate" yourself I found in another video which was about studying. Is, when you don't want to do something, like don't feel like it or can't etc. then just say "So what" I did try that kind of thing and it does work. It's kind of like when you do homework or such and you are at some point where you get distracted. And realize you should continue, you then still don't continue but eventually you are like "Screw it" and do it, you just suddenly get into it again and get focused. Also watching 1 small motivational video even like 3 minutes and then saying So what does help aswell.

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