Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet


  1. Man you are amazing and very inspiring….I follow you and Vahva fitness when it comes to calisthenics…God bless you man….Nice Work

  2. Kris you are an absolute testament to what I believe is true fitness, an ethos of being. Your consistency of silence in all of your videos speaks louder than words. I began watching your videos five years ago and was and still am impressed with your level of strength, performance, and symmetry. To me you have taken all aspects of a bodybuilder, a calisthenics master, and powerlifting, you turned it into an ultimate mix of perfection. Deep respect for your humility and character. ⚔

  3. I like how you respect your viewers enough to not blab to us all for half the video like many other fitness youtubers. Awesome approach and this video provides many awesome at-home workout ideas!

  4. I been a long time following u , watching up your whole body process and I can say your the best man , keep it up

  5. Screw DIY.. You're all we need! You have a solution for everything. Who wants something, will do it no matter what. That's why I admire you. NO EXCUSES!!

  6. Gracias por compartir tus conocimientos de la manera en que lo haces, de verdad los vídeos son estupendos, te manejas en otra liga.

  7. Thank you man! You helped inspire me to push my training further to new limits, and also to be versatile in training styles! I.e. weighlifting + calisthenics etc.

    Cheers and hope to see more soon!

  8. Thats the Halloween Video I was looking Forward to. Love It ! Because of you I started switching from a Gym to an outdoor park and love every Workout in nature there

  9. Kris seus treinos me inspiram muito, tenho obtido ótimos resultados seguindo algumas rotinas que você nos passa. Obrigado pelo Excelente trabalho. Calistenia is Life 🇧🇷

  10. I srsly like wheel pushing on the yard, very creative ! 😀 Same with one handed australian pull ups, your workouts are pure 200iq.

  11. "Well I only use Rouge gear, but the gyms always so crowed…”
    Hold my beer while I take the rims off of my Volvo station wagon…..
    Love IT!

  12. You look so different with a long hair style! Kris 🙂 Thank for making and sharing the motivation video again! I got a cold yesterday and couldn't go to gym to workout. But I'll try to be recovered soon and do some exercises at home! 🍀

  13. Привет✋👋
    Очень мотивирует и симпатизирует твои видео.
    Продолжай в том же духе, братское сердце.
    Мир и добра тебе и твоим близким.

  14. Just as great as usual. Looks like you're getting prepared for the next Thor movie 😅👍Even if you rarely post videos I've remained a subscriber as I know the content will always be top quality 👍Keep it up man !

  15. На заставке моя фотка сегодня, когда я пошёл менять колеса

  16. Hey. Please respond with something real. I HAVE TO gain weight. 10 kg or so. Im 175 cm and 58 kg. I dont look very skinny beacuse there is also muscle mass there as well. But if i where to be 65-70 kg. help

  17. Another amazing inspirational video! Could you elaborate on your weekly routine? Do you usually incorporate full body, or do you also break it up into push/ pull, upper /lower?

  18. Buen video..saludos desde argentina…Entrenamiento duro y disciplina…publica una rutina de 3 dias…por favor…muchas gracias

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