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78 thoughts on “Workout Music Best of 80s Mix Hits & Dance Songs 80s Music Hits

  1. Fantastic tune. It inspires me to keep working on music. Always excellent things from you! ❣️💝❣️🎺💖🎖

  2. inbetween sweetin out to this and other mixes to this channel, i sometimes need some ITALO DISCO B) i find this guys mixes perfect for that 😀

  3. Дякую за чудовий початок робочого дня! Thanks for the great start of the day! With gratitude from Ukraine

  4. Guys give whoever did this some credit for gods sake he or she mustve spent hours or days geez

  5. I am 52 and love gaming and like to have music playing while I game. I have been searching for a long compilation that I won't get tired of. I have found it. Love the music. I will work out tomorrow……maybe. : )

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