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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Workout Supplement Cheat Sheet Are you feeling as if you’re maybe not getting
everything you want out of your supplements? It could be not what’s in the bottle, but
what you’re mixing it with. What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, As I mentioned in the open, if you are a supplement
user and you’re not getting the results from your supplements that you may have thought
you should it may not necessarily be what’s coming out of the bottles, but it’s what you’re
mixing it with. Now, guys, as I mentioned a few weeks back,
I covered, in depth, my AthleanRX supplements. I also tried to show you guys that the supplement
industry can be a tricky one, to say it kindly. Now, this is not about pushing the AthleanRX
supplements on you. You are free to take anything that you feel
works best for you. I am the biggest advocate of telling guys
to do what works for you. However, all I can do is tell you that the
research and the science that went into the creation of these 3 supplements, is what makes
me as confident in wanting to recommend it to you because I feel like they are giving
to give you the best that you can possibly get. That is why I make these videos. But the good thing about this video is it’s
not about what’s actually in these bottles, it’s about, again, what we’re going to put
them with. So, as we covered here, guys, 3 supplements
from me is what we’re really sort of talking about in terms of categories. A pre-workout supplement, a post-workout supplement,
and the one that most people seem to forget or overlook, and I think is just as important
as these two, is our overnight recovery supplement. Overnight is when you repair muscle and experience
regrowth because of what you are putting into your body that sets the stage of recovery. Three options for mixing, generally. We have milk, it can be non-fat or whole milk,
juice, or water. So, what I did was I figured, let me put together
a little chart to show you each one of the supplement categories pre-workout, post-workout,
and overnight recovery and then the things that you can mix them. So, let’s take a look at that chart. Alright. So, on this chart here guys we’re going to
see again, like I said, down the side here, pre-workout, post-workout, and recovery. The mixer is up here. Water, juice, skim milk, whole milk. I know you guys, St. Patrick’s Day, beer is
not on this list. Ok. These four categories. Now we’re talking about pre-workout, for me,
the clear choice is water. Why? Because we want to hydrate pre-workout. We want to make sure that we are not dehydrated
at any point in the workout, especially if your preworkout has caffeine in it. We want to make sure that we are providing
adequate dehydration. So, we do have other options here for hydration,
but if we move to the far end of the spectrum, milk is not going to be that great of a choice. Sure, you can do it, I said, but I don’t know
if you guys are mixing most pre-workout supplements with milk. They taste like crap. It’s not really meant to be there. It should be more in a watery consistency. That’s why I go with water. Whole milk? Actually, it’s a no-no. Why? Because when we add the fat in from whole
milk, we’re going to get a slow emptying of the pre-workout into your system. So, that’s going to actually delay the effects
that you are trying to get from the supplement in the first place. And it’s also going to interfere with blood
flow to your muscles when you need that the most during your workout. So, even if you are a hardgainer, whole milk? NOT the time for your pre-workout. As far as juice goes, you have to be careful
here because with juice you can actually overload carbohydrates, actually interfere with the
release of the carbohydrates to your muscles. Sort of the way we try to do with Excite is
to stagger them, to give you the carbohydrates in both slow and then more rapidly digestible
form so that you can get a more sustained energy release. If you overload on your carbohydrates in your
pre-workout, you can overload and overdo that, interfere with that effect and also give yourself
cramps or some gastric discomfort. So, NOT what you are looking for especially
if you are heading out to competition. Moving on, we’re going to go to the post-workout
category, and I think this is the most interesting because one thing that everybody always talks
about is, You gotta load up on your carbs after your
workout. And I actually disagree with that advice. When we are looking at our post-workout, we
want to make sure that we have one thing primarily and that’s PROTEIN. See, when we get finished working out, we
actually have an increase in insulin sensitivity. Now, I’m not saying insulin levels, guys,
I’m talking about insulin sensitivity, because there are 2 big differences there. Insulin levels, if you increase your insulin
levels, which you’re going to do if you actually overload on sugar after your workout, you’re
actually going to decrease your growth hormone secretion and IGF-1, which is another growth
factor. And that’s something that you DON’T want to
do! And, also, if you’re a guy who’s actually
looking to burn some fat, if you take in your glucose or your high sugar carb after your
workout, you’re actually going to interfere with the normal fat oxidation that was going
on after your workout. You actually turn that process off. So, it’s better to limit the amount of carbohydrates
that you ingest after your workout if you are going to try to get the most muscle-building,
and simultaneously fat-burning effort. So, for me, we look at this category now. We say No, which is shocking to some, but
we say No. We say No again to the fat in the whole milk
because we don’t want to delay the absorption again in this post-workout window, which leaves
us with 2 options here. We have water or skim milk. I made 2 notes here guys. Yes, if it’s late within your post-workout
window for water. Or, yes if it’s soon after for skim milk. Why is that? Skim milk actually can conglomerate with the
whey protein in your post-workout. So, that will actually slow down the digestion
of your whey protein in the absorption. So, if it’s early in the post-workout window,
so you just finished your workout and you want to get the best benefits of your whey
protein, it’s ok if it’s slowed down a little bit with the mixing of the milk because you
still have that window time frame to be able to absorb that. If it’s late in the window, an hour, hour
and 15 minutes after you’re done and you’ve completed your workout, you might want to
get that in a little bit sooner and benefit from the fast absorption of the whey so that
in that case, I would probably mix it with water. Moving on to that final category that I mentioned
before OVERNIGHT RECOVERY. Now, again, same 4 options guys…water, juice,
skim milk,and whole milk. This, ironically, is a point in time where
your whole milk, especially if you’re a hardgainer, not if you’re a guy who needs to lean out
and gain muscle but get to the lean at the same time, I wouldn’t recommend it. But if you’re looking to put on some muscle
and you need to put on size because you’re a hardgainer, this is the time when it works
the best because what the extra fat does is, it actually does a couple of things. Number 1. It’s going to slow the digestion, again, which
was the reason why we didn’t use it earlier, overnight so you’re going to get a prolonged
release of what you put in your body. So that helps. Now, the other thing it does is, it actually
has a protein sparing effect, so that we can preferably use the triglycerides in the fat
for energy, a preferred source of fuel as we’re breaking down overnight to allow the
protein to be used more for synthesis and regrowth. So, in that sense, it works. It’s actually why, in RX3, we include medium-chain
triglycerides, for that very reason, to try to allow for those benefits. Now, if you look at the other options here
– water. Water is great, and especially at nighttime
if you’re trying to lose weight, again, if you’re trying to stay lean, because it’s non-caloric. But, for me, I prefer the skim milk because
I like the added benefit. And here’s a great tip, too. If you’re a guy that is taking a pure whey
protein, which means you’re not taking RX3, and that’s totally fine, as I said before,
RX3 has both casein protein and whey protein in it. If you’re just taking a whey protein, and
you mix it, that with milk, you’re going to get the benefits of some casein as well. So you’re getting a little bit of the benefit
of the combined protein. And again, I like that dual 1-2 punch because
you’re getting the more immediate effects of the whey protein and you’re getting the
more delayed effects from the casein protein. We don’t really have to talk about juice too
much here guys. All that sugar prior to bed when you don’t
need any of it, when you’re going to be doing nothing but laying down, ya’ know, doing nothing
but dreaming, you don’t need all that and it’s going to help you to just get fat. So, what we don’t want to do is use juice. That’s sort of our breakdown here of everything,
guys, in terms of what you should be putting in your body, and what you should be mixing
it with. Alright, guys, so there you have it. Hopefully a bit more clarity on the things
you should be mixing your supplements with. If you still have questions about what you
actually should be taking, though, guys, again, I recommend that you check out the AthleanRX
supplements. As I said before, you can put in your body
whatever it is that you feel is working best for you, but if you haven’t tried the AthleanRX
supplements yet, then I don’t think you really have that answer. Guys, the AthleanRX supplements, as I said
in here, we included the science behind the nutrition. Even the things that we mentioned in here. The importance for not going so carb heavy
after our workouts, we have a low-carb post-workout. Their inclusion of fats in your nighttime
recovery and why that’s important, and those are in here too. But it’s all those things combined, guys,
that I feel makes these as good as they possibly are. Again, I always say, It’s everything that
you need, exactly when you need it. And that was what AthleanRX was supposed to
be about. Creating everything, just what you need, and
avoiding all the crap that you don’t. Guys, if you haven’t already, head over to Go check out and join me on Team Athlean. And you haven’t already started the AthleanRX
supplement stack, guys, I encourage you to give it a shot. Because, again, your choice, not me forcing
it on you, just recommending what I feel is going to benefit you guys the most as I do
here each and every week. I’ll be back here next week with another workout
video. In the meantime, leave your comment below
and let me know if this little chart helps you in making your decisions on what you should
be mixing your supplements with. I’ll see you guys back here in 7 days.

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