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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up guys, Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM So not sure if you’re keeping up with the
news, but the New York Times released an article back on February 3rd entitled ‘What’s in those supplements’ that sort of
made a big story and it should for a very big reason. You see the New York State Attorney General
went in a purchased herbal supplements from four big retail outlets, Walmart, Walgreens,
Target and GNC. And guess what they found? They found nothing,
seriously they found nothing. Because they didn’t find any of the active
ingredients in these formulas. Instead they found things like ground up houseplants,
rice fillers even christmas decorations. They had some spruce that was used for christmas
decorations that someone ground up and threw in these formulas. That’s not what you should be getting if you
go to a trusted retail outlet like Walgreens, Target, Walmart or GNC. But you know what, the target here were these
four retail stores. And I’ve got to tell you, in the past I’ve actually kind of, targeted
these stores and said that, ‘If you’re a supplement store and you don’t
stock your supplement store with people that are knowledgeable about the product, then
you’re not being a responsible brand. You’re not being a responsible store. In this
case, these are major retailers. Ok, especially the Walmart, Walgreens and Target. They’ve got so many things, they can’t be
experts in everything. At some point, as the consumer, you have to be able to trust the
brand, ok. And in this case, these brands are no longer
trustworthy. And sadly I can say that, these brands are not alone. You see the standards here for supplementations
are not where it needs to be. We know that FDA does not step in here and tell you what
you should and shouldn’t take. They don’t even regulate what you should and
shouldn’t take. They only step in if something becomes dangerous. And I’ve talked about, many years ago, the
dangers of certain supplement ingredients like 1-3 Dimethyl Dialamine, that they had
to eventually step in with because people were dying. They don’t step in until it’s too late. We’ve also heard about, more recently, some
other supplement brands that have fallen by the wayside because of the things that they’ve chosen
to put into their formulas, that wound up being dangerous. If we have to sit here and worry about whether
or not the things that we’re taking are going to kill us? Then we’re not in a very powerful position
as consumers when it comes to taking supplements. And I can tell you this, here’s the scary
part. These ingredients right here, these herbal ingredients, as a supplement manufacturer
myself, this is the cheap shit. This is the stuff
that doesn’t cost that much. They’re skipping out on these things, what about when you start
to get to the Protein Supplements. There’s no way your Protein Supplement would
ever be cheap. Protein is not cheap. High Grade, High Quality Protein is not cheap,
as a bulk ingredient. Doesn’t matter how much of it you buy, it’s not cheap. So if your supplements are cheap and you’re
finding Protein cheap, look elsewhere. Because you’re going to run into the same situation
that’s happening here. And there is no regulation about the quality
of those supplements that’s going into those bottles. We on the other hand here at ATHLEANRX, and
this is not a commercial guys. Whoever says it’s a commercial, offer his products, Don’t
buy my stuff. Do Not Buy My Stuff! I just want to illustrate here, that as someone
who is experienced in this industry, who has seen some of the scary things, you should see how much we go through, just
to get our supplements to the part where we put our label around the bottle. Because we actually have our supplements tested
as food products. And by going down the whole food product route, now we become susceptible
to FDA involvement. So we have to make sure that what’s on that
label matches up as a food product. Not a supplement. If it’s just a supplement product, FDA doesn’t
get involved. If it’s a food product, FDA wants to know. We make sure that everything we put on our
labels matches up with what we say is in our bottles. And sadly, that puts us in another level,
that puts in another category. And it shouldn’t. It shouldn’t. Everybody
should be doing that. If you put what’s on the bottle, it should be in the bottle. See you guys this stuff kind of just gets
me, you know, riled up, as I said. And it’s not the fact that, oh we do it right
and they do it wrong, NO. We do it right and everybody else should do it right. Where is this even an option of taking the
wrong road when you’re talking about things that people are put in their bodies. So guys again, if you haven’t seen it, it’s
not all that long ago, go take a look at it. And I’m not faulting these retailers, like
I said, there’s too much that they have to manage to be experts in everything. But you have to be the expert. You have to
rely on brands you trust, not retail outlets that you trust. I trust Walgreens, I go in there all the time.
Whenever I need a prescription that’s where I go. But you can’t be responsible for trusting
everything they put out, you have to know your brands. And if you trust ATHLEANRX, buy it. If you don’t trust me, if you don’t trust
our brands, don’t buy it. If you trust someone else, go buy their stuff. But at least be aware of what’s going on. Alright guys, a little bit of a rant here
but I hope you found it helpful. In the meantime, if you found this eye opening,
if you found it a little bit aggravating, leave your comments below guys, let me know, I want to rant along with you. And if you want more videos make sure and
subscribe and I’ll be back here again in just a couple days
with some more stuff. Alright guys, see you later.

100 thoughts on “Workout Supplement Review (LABEL LIES)

  1. I respect you and I appreciate all your videos, They have helped me a lot. But I wish you would have mentioned other brands or at least a website that scientifically tests supplements for label accuracy and quality. Otherwise this does kind of seem like self promoting.

  2. Not in my case. I bought a $64 dollar worth protein called Vega for only $23. They put the tubs on clearance only cuz the brand came out with a new formulation. I've gotten tons of proteins for 75% off the regular price at Sprouts farmers market. Their clearance is the best. Also I work there so I get an additional 15% off. So no, good quality protein doesnt have to be expensive if you know where to look. I also know a site that sells raw, grassfed whey protein for only 56.99 for 5 whole pounds

  3. I live in United Arab Emirates, i heard – researched afterwards the Dymatize – ISO 100, and so one of the best in the market, so i buy it. Tested my self afterwards, results came back ok thank God.

    The thing is though, you never know if this is the original or no, based on your video.
    How can i guarantee that anything that reaches me is the real deal?

  4. I really enjoy your rants. They show how much passion you have about what you do. Which to me is a big part of it. It's easy to say you're passionate about, something. Harder to show it.

  5. Thank you for the information Jeff! I am very near to the body building circuit and the President of a huge "U.S._" supplement company said he could put sugar in his tablets, call it a test builder and not be able to keep up with demand! Love your passion for keeping it real.  P.S. – Please find better flavors for your supp's. The Orange creamsicle is rough.

  6. Wanna know what my supplements are? Tuna and chicken breasts and fish. I don't believe in pills or powder 🙂

  7. You don't need any supplements when you first start lifting weights or working out just eat right and get your rest and work hard it is too east to get into the magic pill or protein garbage I'll grow over night  mentality. Just do the work there is no fast or easy way to make it happen.

  8. great vid jeff!
    can you make a vid about training to failure vs training with progressive overload? i now that you always train to failure but Omarisuf made a video about progressive overload and it got me wondering.

  9. I never buy GNC brand supplements i only buy the Name brand supplements, but I often wonder whats in there proprietary blends.

  10. I always new supplements were fairly unregulated but how the hell can this be allowed, this is basically a con. FDA needs to step up there game and regulate this shit.

  11. Please give me your opinion and thought. I really need it and appreciate it. Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensation 93 vs Dymatize Iso 100 Hydrolized? Which is one is better? And why? Thank you

  12. Hello Jeff, agree 100% on this, and specially that quality products are not cheap, people trust the brand and the label, nobody would buy stuff without a label, but it feels like thats what we do, there is no certainty or serious warranty that whatever the label says, is what is inside really. This kind of article how ever, i feel like it should be accompanied by a bionutritionist study saying which are the products that comply to their labels and are trustworthy. I wish i could use your products but unfortunately for me in the country i live i'm required to have permits and licenses to import even for personal use, on my future travels i will try to bring some along! Best regards! hope you keep this awesome video program going, thanks!

  13. I always hear the mantra, "eat clean." Yet finding clean supplements is near impossible, even in higher price categories. Shelf life and other issues force chemical additions. On a small scale, no big deal. But I have friends who eat three or four servings a day, rather than eating well.
    Scary stuff for the kidneys and liver down the road.

  14. I have not looked at Jeff's Sups yet, but I do understand some of the major ingredients in a pre work out include Creatine, L-Citrulline Malate, Caffeine, and Beta Alanine. If anyone has add'l info on core pre work out ingredients and quantities, please post. I just bought GNC Gold Standard pre.

  15. I do concur that a clean workout diet is key. I also bought the 6 lb bag of Cytosport Whey from Costco. If anyone would like to elucidate regarding information or recommendations for or against, please post.
    Thank you.

  16. is it good for me to buy some LeanFit Whey protein? im searching for the good whey protein to take! price is not an issue, i search for good quality!

  17. Those people that decide to put dangerous/shitty ingredients in their products so that they can make a bigger profit deserve to go to hell.

  18. Yeah I agree I trust Jeff a lot but the supplements are expensive. $99.99 would be a great price. 🐸☕️

  19. That is so messed up.  People just want to get healthier and stronger and companies grind up house plants and basically shit and put it in a pill… Ugh! 

  20. I've only purchased cheap protein once, and never again will I. I'd rather have spent that money on a case of eggs. That cheap shit taste bad and didn't feel good while I digested it. I keep my supplements pretty simple, BCAA's, Whey form Optimum Nutrition and I'll cycle ZMA from Universal and Creatine from BSN every once in a while. My staples are bcaa's and whey other then that I just eat health and frequently, been doing so for over a decade and I feel great. I'm no professional trainer so u can take my advice with a grain of salt but I'd rather spend my money on actual food then cheap supps.

  21. Thank the alternative medicine wackos and the supplement industry for this sad state of affairs. Oh, and Mel Gibson,thank him too since he became the public face of the "stop regulating supplements" movement that lead to the passing of the DSHEA in '94.

  22. I'm having a hard time figuring out who to trust when it comes to supplements. But seeing the passion that Jeff here has for this subject really makes me believe in the product that he himself is a part of. Thanks for the video bro.

  23. What kind of third world shitty country doesn't require the products that people consume be tested for safety and only step in when people start dieing?

  24. You can sell ANYTHING to a f*cking bodybuilder , ANYTHING ….  im going with real foods , not processed product that i dont know what the hell are in it 

  25. Thank you, Jeff. There aren't to many people willing to make quality products over making money. You sir are a spectacular human being and i wish you all the best.

  26. Truth, I've tried all kinds of shit n nothing works but creatine n protein ,,,,IMA try this stuff out I like the honesty thanks its how it should be 🙂

  27. Is it true that protein powder companies add stanozolol or other steroids & steroids are " Unlisted Ingredients" of protein powders..

    Please guide……

  28. Thanks very much, Jeff!
    It's great to see someone in the industry that is concerned about true health and proper business practices "first."
    Also, I have found every video of yours I've watched to be very helpful in one way or another. They are all no nonsense and extremely informative. I'm grateful that you are looking out.

  29. Very disturbing, and very informative… come to think of it, I always wondered if what's on the supplements list of ingredients is actually in there for real.

  30. hey Jeff ,I was watching the Hall of Fame for WWE.I heard Sting personally mention you (and show you with his family).Thats a great testimony of how much you bring you to the table!Great going Jeff!

  31. 1,3 dimethylamine worked great. Stupid idiots took like 20 scoops and died. Same idiots that overdose on drugs.

  32. Glad we ave higher standards ere in the UK.

    We have legal highs witch are the same. Just add 'not for human consumption' sell as a suppliment and get away with it.

  33. Guys, I am a bit late to the party, I just ordered my COR-Performance Whey a week ago and now I found Athlean products, I will definitely buy his stuff up next. I just wanted to know if anyone else is using the Cellucor Whey and C4? Thanks!

  34. All supplements are just chemical, even if they claimed that it is natural or organic because how can the manufacturer got so much of the organic fruits to produce their supplements…I have seen people living in poverty-stricken villagers and many survived over 100 years old…so it is really questionable concerning all these supplements…take Natural food in varieties is the answer, and not popping pills into your mouth…

  35. I fuck with Jeff. It's always good to have a person you can go to for the real. This man isn't getting paid to do what he does on these uploads. And he definitely doesn't upload shit just to hear himself talk or for propaganda purposes. That man knows his shit. I'm getting wayyyyyy bigger and way stronger fucking with his exercises.

  36. 1- see's this video
    2- "this could be something", checks his product from the link in the description
    3- clicks on his protein powder ingredient list
    4- reads it contains soy
    6- closes the tab


  37. Maybe you should go and buy some of these products and have them tested. The bigger brands like muscle tech, GNC brands, Nutrex, Pre-Jym, BSN, and down the line.. it also may provide you with more business showing the public what's actually in or NoT in these brands that have heavy claims.

  38. Hey Jeff, What do you think about the studies that came out this past summer about B-6 and B-12 vitamins that are directly causing cancer in men? With these new findings, will you be changing the pre-workout formula in the near future? I attached one of the links below.

  39. hey Jeff, my computer was build by my nephew and the sound isn`t so great!! i have it turned up as high as it will go, and i can barely hear you!! is there any chance you can redo this one with the volume up a little higher on your end? i`d really appreciate it!! thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  40. hey Jeff, i would like to see a more in depth video on supplements!! i know absolutely nothing about them. i don`t know what to take for my workouts, nor do i know what they do!! thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  41. That stuff sounds pretty lit lmao I reviewed the world's strong preworkout before plus more, peep it if you want, I also just subbed to you

  42. Hey christmas decorations have alot of protein in them,i always make sure i eat at least one five foot spruce after each workout!

  43. How is this got under 100k views? It is really important and informative video, I do not underastand this at all.

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